1. We are not new to the world. We have been coming since the beginning of time. Christ was a Crystal child. We continue to incarnate today.

2. We are highly psychic.

3. We have a natural lie detector.

4. You can spot us by our eyes. We have large eyes that look wise beyond our years. We are old souls and even as children, we look like an old spirit in a young body.

5. When we look at you, it feels as if we are looking into you rather that at you. This is because we are looking into you. We are reading you.

6. We are often called ‘serious’ children. We are not. We are very playful. Our old soul shines through making people think we are serious. We just haven’t decided if we will let you in.

7. We are smarter than you. We just don’t need to prove it.

8. We will tolerate authority as it is the Indigo job to buck the leaders. We know that any authority we must endure is only temporary. The Indigos will succeed.

9. We believe in Universal Love.

10. We are gentle in temperament. (We are the exact opposite of the Indigos)

11. We love to give spontaneous hugs.

12. We teach forgiveness and Oneness.

13. We embody the Christ Consciousness.

14. We are here to share the same message as Christ: Peace, Love, Forgiveness and Oneness.

15. We are Empaths.

16. We are highly telepathic.

17. We are often misdiagnosed as having Autism or Asperger’s Disorder.

18. We do not begin to speak until 3 or 4 years of age. We do not need to. We only speak because YOU need us to speak.

19. When we do decide to talk, we will usually need speech therapy as physical words are foreign to us.

20. We can read your thoughts.

21. We cannot determine between general thoughts and private thoughts. To us, there are no private thoughts.

22. Because we cannot comprehend private thoughts, we have no understanding for personal space.

23. Since we are all One, there is no such thing as personal space to us.

24. Our aura is crystalline. It has soft pastel colors.

25. We are natural caretakers.

26. We have natural healing abilities.

27. We love to play and work with crystals.

28. We are natural vegetarians. If we eat any meat at all, it will not be red meat.

29. We prefer the company of animals to people.

30. As children, we prefer adults to other children.

31. As children, we will interact with other kids if they have a matching vibration.

32. If other children do not match our vibration, we can only play for a limited time. Then, we must go back to our parents or animals to recharge.

33. We are distrustful of strangers.

34. Once we determine a person trustworthy, we show them love through hugs, kisses and words.

35. We bring Crown chakra energy to the world.

36. We are here to teach the world how to reconnect to their Divine Sacred Source.

37. We will show you your inner divinity if you will listen.

38. We are here to open the door to telepathy which will one day be the sole source of communication to the world.

39. We will incarnate into dysfunctional homes; however, we overcome karma better than most.

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