Coffee and Water

If you are a coffee drinker, you can use the movement of the cream as it mixes with the brown liquid to help you enter your trance state. As you gaze into the cup, let your eyes go out of focus and become aware of your holographic psychic image as it emerges from the mixture. Once you have done this, you can contemplate the information you received as you sip your coffee. It is always a good idea to keep a notepad handy to help you remember your psychic information.

If you want to abstain from coffee or tea, you can also use a bowl of water and add some oil to float on the surface. As the oil forms swirls, gaze into the bowl and let your eyes go out of focus. Drift into your psychic trance and collect the information that is given to you. When you are finished, take a deep breath, feel the peace and love of the Universal Mind, and slowly come back to the surface of your conscious mind.

Nostradamus used a ritual of gazing into a bowl of water. Before he started his trance, he would dip a wand into the water and anoint himself. Then he would enter a trance that would let him see into the future.

Smoke and Steam

Smoke and steam can help induce psychic trances as well. Some psychics prefer to gaze into boiling water that has both steam and bubbles. Native Americans use sweat lodges to help them create trance visions. The dimness of the light and the feeling of the heat help create altered states in the participants.

Gazing into fog, mist, and clouds are also excellent ways to produce psychic images. Another benefit to using these elements is that you have the opportunity to go to a special place and experience the positive feelings and energy that are there to amplify your intuitive images. Once you have had a positive experience at a special location that may have had clouds, mist, or fog, develop an anchor that will help put you there in your mind anytime you want to connect to your psychic imagery. You can then use your special place as a tool and go there any time you want.

Mirror Images

A mirror is another tool that can help you enter into your psychic zone. You can certainly use a stationary mirror; another option is to find one that is rotated by a small motor. A black mirror is an excellent object to gaze into. To make one, find a picture frame that has a good piece of glass in it. Paint both the frame and the back side of the glass black. Assemble, and try using it as a psychic tool.

Gaze into the mirror and let your mind go out of focus. Reflect on the images that you are intuitively experiencing. As you define your imagery and practice going out of focus, it will be easier for you to enter your intuitive trance state.

Have you ever looked out through a window that has old glass panes?
The view is very wavy and a natural way to help your eyes go out of focus. Try getting comfortable and staring out through the window. As you enter a trance, let yourself become open to a hologram of psychic knowing.

The Ouija Board

The Ouija board is one of the more controversial kinds of psychic tools. This is largely due to the belief that the players are contacting dead spirits or other entities from the Other Side who help guide the participants’ hands over the board as a means of communication. Many Christians believe that those who use the Ouija board are communicating with the devil. Others believe that it is only the players’ unconscious minds that are providing the answers.

The word “Ouija” is a combination of oui and ja, the words for “yes” in French and German. The game board includes all the letters of the alphabet and the numbers zero through nine, plus the words “yes,” “no,” and “goodbye.” The roots of Ouija go back to ancient China, but it was Elijah Bond who created the current game in 1892. Ouija boards became very popular after World War I, when relatives of soldiers who died in the war would make an attempt to contact them through the Ouija board.

To use the Ouija board, two or more players place their fingertips on a heart-shaped planchette that has three felt-tipped legs. The planchette glides over the surface of the board and spells out the answers to the question asked. Sometimes the spirits have a mind of their own and take over the game.

If you use the Ouija board, always make sure that you are very grounded and protected by the Golden Light of the Universe.

Many people have played the game for fun, only to find out that the Other Side is very serious.

The Art of Palmistry

The ancient art of telling your future by reading your palms is thought to have originated in China or India as early as 3000 B.C. In Europe, it was practiced by witches and gypsies, and its popularity rose in the late nineteenth century as the public became more interested in spiritualism and the occult.

According to palmistry, the shape of your hands carries information about your physical and artistic traits. Lines, creases, and bumps found on the palms contain information about the past events of your life as well as the future; there is also information about your life map and soul’s purpose. Some readers compare palmistry with astrology. They look for a relationship formed in the patterns in your palms to the signs of the zodiac.

Is there a difference between reading the right and the left palm? If you are right-handed, your left hand indicates your life map while your right hand reveals how you have followed your soul’s purpose. If you are left-handed, the roles of your hands are reversed.

Changing the Patterns

The lines and markings in your palms may actually change over time to reflect the changes in your life. However, you can also actively work to change your palm patterns — thus changing the potential of your future — through the practice of Zen or yoga. Both of these practices, and yoga in particular, are spiritual belief systems that seek to liberate the spirit from physical matter for the purpose of becoming one with the Universal Mind.

Tools That Entrance Your Senses

It’s fun to cast runes, look into coffee grounds, or try your hand at the crystal ball, but you don’t need fancy paraphernalia to work with your psychic powers. Your senses can be effective tools as well — see if you can rely on sounds, smells, touching, or emotions to gather psychic information.

Playing by Ear

Sound can be a very important element in helping to create a psychic trance. Try playing soft music in the background, or get a small fountain, sit by a stream or the ocean, and listen! Another alternative is to use a recording of natural sounds. The sound of drums, bells, or chimes is also an effective way to put yourself in touch with your intuitive mind. Even a verbalized tone, such as chanting or humming “ohm,” can help.

An Emotional Connection

You can also try to establish an emotional connection; for instance, you could visit a place that has certain meaning for you. If your emotion is deep, it can help you enter a trance state. Maybe you feel deep calm when you visit a special place in the woods, or when you come to the beach. You could have special associations with visiting a church, synagogue, or temple, especially if these places can put you closer in touch with your Belief System. For some people, the simple action of staring at the full moon will give them a feeling that they can use psychically.

Many cultures use sound to help induce trance states. Australian Aborigines use the didgeridoo to produce a constant drone. Native Americans and Africans use drumbeats. Tibetans use bells and horns to help establish connections to the Universal Mind.

Special Scents

Certain smells may also help induce a trance — it’s common to use incense, a candle with a special fragrance, fragrant oils, or herbs. You might want to burn some sage as a way of clearing old energies out of your present location.

Even a memory of a particular smell may affect you deeply enough to induce the trance state. Whenever you want to connect, take a deep breath and experience the feeling of something special.

The Magic Touch

The touch or feel of an object, such as a stone or perhaps something old that already has the experience of ancient wisdom in its energy, can help produce a psychic trance. It could be the clothes you choose to wear, the temperature of the room, a baby’s blanket, or a piece of soft fleece — any such object may create the right feel to help you enter a trance.

Create Your Own Method

Once you try out various sensory techniques described here, you can go ahead and create your own method. For a moment, let yourself go into your relaxed trance state and think back over your life to times, places, and/or events that induced you into a spontaneous trance. It might have been a time when you looked into a steamy mirror after stepping out of a bath or shower. You were already in a relaxed state, and as you looked into the unclear image in front of you, your eyes suddenly saw something entirely different. It might have been on a foggy night when something seemed to materialize out of the mist.

It might have been a sound that induced you into a state of trance, such as the monotonous drone of an engine or a machine. It could have been the sound of many voices talking at once. It could have been while you were listening to a certain piece of music. It could have been an emotion that suddenly took over your conscious mind. As you think back, let your unconscious mind release your memories to you.

You may get an idea that you had not considered before. Make a note to try it out for helping you enter and enhance your psychic trance state. Some ideas may come to you later on in either a waking or a dream state. Once you have opened yourself to the possibility that you already have used naturally psychic tools in the past, all you have to do is wait for your internal and external guidance systems to remind you of them. These reminders may come from outside of yourself, so be aware at all times.

Whenever you open your psychic abilities in order to receive information about the future, make sure you know what you are requesting. If you are not sure right from the very beginning, you may open yourself to knowledge that is not necessary for you to know at the current time.

You may even have knowledge of psychic tools that are waiting in your unconscious mind from a past life. Now is the time to let them be updated to your present lifetime so that they may be used again to help you become and stay in tune with your life map. If you believe that you are letting your intuitive gifts be used for the greater good of others, you will be amazed at how you will become confident in and learn to rely on your own special psychic gifts. They are already there, no matter what tools you decide to work with.

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