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    Writing is so hard. why is it so hard. why can’t it be as easy as design and art for me whyyyyyyyyy mehhhh hope everyone’s all good x

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    2021 plans, and addressing my absence

    Witch life has not been easy for me, but I believe that everyone who has a spiritual road can agree with the journey being challenging at times. However, Luna’s Grimoire has been challenging me for many reasons, some of...

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  • Hey guys, I’ve just migrated the site to a new server so things should be faster and smoother around here now.

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  • I don’t know if anyone can see this…I hope so though! I am currently in the process of learning how to use my crystals and have used my pendulum for the first times in the past couple of weeks which has been an amazing experience so far. I was gifted an obsidian one by a good friend not long ago and I finally cleansed and used it!

    • That’s amazing! I love the newbies because I remember the process of learning all of this stuff like it was yesterday. there’s so much to learn, just enjoy the process and follow your intuition and you’ll be right as rain 🙂

      • I just need some help mostly! Since I was a child but more often over the past few years, I have really had a few unsettling experiences where I “feel” people passing away. It’s happened with a boy who I dreamed was in my old room, bleeding but calm. He said I was kind as I offered him help, but that he had to go. He got up and left, and the next…Read More

        • The last one is from last week. My cousin’s girlfriend had suffered with her mental health in the past few years. It came to a head last Tuesday when I was in work, getting on with it as I do, when all of a sudden her name just flashed into my mind. I couldn’t work out who it was to begin with, but then my cousin flashed into my mind with it. I…Read More

  • Hey guys, I’m running some updates in case you find anything moved or broken. message me here if you see anything weird or out of sorts. also I’ll reply to everyone’s posts soon, just have to run some more critical updates before I get to that stuff. I’ve not been on here for a few months so the work has only piled up lol #chronicprocrastinator

  • Hello y’all.

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  • Hi everyone! Hope all is well! Just to introduce myself mostly, I’m a box fresh newbie with no experience of anything witchy. I’ve been drawn to Wicca since I was young, somehow it just “feels” right if that makes sense? I would love to learn spells to bring positivity to the world around me but really what brought me here is that I have had a f…Read More

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