You will need:

  • Sandalwood Incense
  • Lapis Lazuli Crystal

To be performed by a waxing moon on a Wednesday and/or at dawn.

Ground and Centre.

Cast a circle

Invoke the Element of Air either by visualizing the feel of wind in your face or by calling the element in a traditional way.

Light the Sandalwood Incense. Or the charcoal block and then sprinkle with sandlewood chips.

Allow the incense and the elemental energy to surround you. Breathe in these energies. Feel yourself being filled with wisdom and understanding and yellow light. Hold the Lapis Crystal in your hands over the incense smoke and feel these combined forces filling you.


Strength through Wisdom is what I seek,
Misunderstandings make me weak,
Power through Knowledge is what I need,
Give me that power so I’ll succeed.

Build the energies then release.


My Will be done, So Mote it Be!

Open the circle
Ground and centre

Keep the crystal with you when you need knowledge and logic and a clear memory.

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