psychic3Aligning your haric level will align you with your life purpose. The exercise that follows will help you to align your hara line and heal any distortions in it or in the points along it. It will align you with your greater purpose. I suggest you do it each day in the morning to heal yourself and each time you set about accomplishing something. You will be amazed at the results you get. As you get used to holding the hara alignment, you will be able to stay aligned with your greater life task in any small thing that you are doing in the moment. It is very applicable to your task of healing yourself. [Source]

An Exercise to Align Your will with your life purpose

Imagine a sphere of energy inside your body on the midline of your body, located about one and one-half inches below your navel. This point is the centre of the gravity of the physical body. It is known as the tan tein. It is the one note that holds your body in the physical manifestation. The hara line and tan tien are usually gold. In this exercise, you will make the tan tein red.

Hara Line Technique

hara Stand with your feet about three feet apart, and bend your knees deeply, as shown here. Let your feet splay outward so that you do not twist your knees. Align your spine. Pick up a piece of hair that is directly on the top of your head. Pull it so that you can feel the very center top of your head. Now pretend that you are hanging from this piece of hair. This will align your body on a plumb line with the earth.
hara Place the very tips of the fingers of both hands into the tan tein, As shown here. Keep your fingers together. Feel the tan tein within your body , and make it hot. Make it red hot. If you connect to it, soon your whole body will be warm. If your body does not get warm you have not connected to it. Try again. Practice till you succeed. Once you have succeeded, move your awareness to the molten core of the earth.
hara Now place your hands in a triangle position, with your finger tips pointing down into the earth directly in front of the tan tien. Just like in the image here. feel the connection between the earth’s core and your tan tein. Now you will really feel the heat, burning heat, so much that you will start sweating. You may even hear a sound similar to that the one martial artists use as a cry when they are about to strike. If your Higher Sense Perception is open, you will be able to see the red colour in your tan tein. You will also see a laser line of light connecting the tan tein with the molten core of the earth. This is called the hara laser line. If you don’t see it, imagine it. You don’t have to see it to make it work.
hara Now place the fingertips of your right hand into the tan tein, and point the left palm to the right side of your body with the fingers down. Hold the left hand directly in front of the tan tein. like in the image here. Hold this configuration until you are stable.
hara Now bring your awareness to your upper chest area, about three inches below the hollow in your throat and again on the midline of your body. Here is a sphere of diffuse light. This light carries the song of your soul, your unique note that you bring to the universal symphony. It carries longing that leads you through life to accomplish your soul’s purpose for your life. Place the fingertips of both hands into the soul seat in the upper chest, as you did before in the tan tien.
When you connect to it, it may feel like a balloon is being blown up inside your chest. It may feel very safe and sweet there. Feel that sweet sacred longing as it rests within you. It may remain nameless, but you can still feel it. It looks like diffuse light around a candle, but it is purple-blue in colour. Expand the purple-blue light in your chest.
Next place the fingertips of the right hand into the soul seat and the fingertips of the left hand pointed down to the earth, over the tan tien. The flat open palm of the left hand faces the right side of your own body. Feel the hara line running directly down from the soul seat through your tan tien and down into the centre of the earth. When you can feel this very strongly, then move on to the next step.
hara Leaving your left hand where it is, raise the fingers of the right hand over your head. Let the middle finger of your right hand point up to the ID point, three and one-half feet above your head.
Feel the hara line, which extends from the soul seat up through your head to the small upside down funnel opening of the ID point. This small opening is really a small vortex, its open end facing downward. It is the hardest to feel. Try it. It may take some time. This vortex represents the first point of individuation out of the godhead, or is-ness. It represents the first point of individuation from the oneness of god. When you are able to got the hara line through the ID point, it suddenly disappears into formlessness. When it goes through the funnel, it may make an HSP sound like a cork coming out of a bottle. You will instantly feel the difference, because as soon as you connect it, you will have thousands of times more power. Suddenly everything will get quiet inside, and you will feel like a bridge of power. You have aligned your hara line.
hara Wait for several minutes until the hara line is stable.
Then lower your right hand, with fingers pointed up and palm to the left side of your body, so that it is over your soul seat. That will be more comfortable for you.
Keep the left hand pointed down, palm to the right side of your body, held over the tan tien.
Feel the hara line and the three points. Make it straight with your intention. Intend for it to be straight, bright, and strong. Keep your intention until you feel it get straight bright and strong.
Straighten your body again so that it is as if you were hanging from a hair on the middle top of your head. Tuck your buttocks under a bit, and deeply bend your knees, keeping your feet three feet apart and splayed out a bit to protect your knees. As you bend your knees they should come down directly over your feet. Check to see, feel, and hear if the points are strong, firm, and charged. If there is weakness in any area, note which area it is. This is an area that needs healing work. Concentrate on it longer. Align the hara line and enhance the points the best you can.
When you have aligned your first point of individuation from the godhead with your soul’s sacred longing and with the one note with which you have drawn your body up from your mother the earth, you have aligned yourself with your life purpose. You may not even know what it is, but you are aligned with it, and your actions will automatically be synchronistic with it as long as you remain aligned.

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