Adder: Shedding something in favor of something better. Wisdom, cunning, reincarnation. When needing to get rid of a person, situation, or attitude that is holding you back.

Chant for Adder

“I watch you shed old for the new,
Little adder, as you renew your skin.
Like you, I shed old things for new,
Another cycle to begin.”

Ant: group mind, patience, action. Patience, stamina, planning. Working with a group. Planning and building with a plan in your life. Energy and determination needed to complete work. Building and storing energy for a later project.

Chant for Ant

” Building, storing, patiently working,
Shaping my life with an ultimate plan,
Determination, completing my goals,
Give the confidence to know that I can.”

Antelope: action, agility and sacrifice. Swiftness, gentleness, being in touch with the Earth. Strength, dangerousness. Caution when approaching something new. A strong survival instinct through understanding yourself and the cycle of life. Sometimes a message that you should seek a higher purpose instead of dwelling totally on the physical. Developing a strong survival instinct in yourself or another, especially if living in an abusive or threatening circumstances.

Chant for Antelope

“Swift-footed antelope, teach me survival instincts.
Make me aware of intuitive warnings.
Let the aggressor be brought low by his or her own actions.
Dispel his or her anger to harm others.
Show me the path to safety, peace, and harmony.”

Ape or Monkey: Ingenuity when dealing with problems. Care and protection of family. Don’t “monkey” around, but get on with what you have to do. Putting a “monkey wrench” into a situation or plans where the outcome would be harmful in some way.

Ape or Monkey Chant

“Help me to see truth in all situations
with my spiritual eyes.
Teach me to hear Otherworld messages
with my spiritual ears.
Bring me food for the soul from the gods
That my spiritual body may be nourished.”

Armadillo: safety, boundaries, medicine shield

Ass or Donkey: Use with caution! Finding the means to provide for physical needs even in the most trying circumstances. extreme stubbornness; obstinacy; digging in your heels when others are trying to push you into something you don’t want. Doing the opposite of what you know you should. Pretending to know or be something you are not. Use if you are indecisive or never seem to take a stand, but need to.

Chant for Ass or Donkey

“Muscles tight, feet dug in,
A stubbornness to fight and win.
Right or wrong these traits may be
The choice, of course, belongs to me.
May I be true to the light within
When determination shows the need to win.”

Badger: Can teach you to fight for your rights and spiritual ideas. Revenge, wisdom, cunning, perseverance. When faced with a crisis, don’t panic but act, even get angry, in a creative, productive way. Earth magick and wisdom. For knowledge in how to protect yourself in a specific situation.

Chant for Badger

“Cunning badger of the forest,
Guide me to wisdom, truth and light.
All injustices against me,
Wipe clean the slate and set them right.”

Basilisk (mythical): Revenge, retribution, protection. Setting up a reflective protection to return dark magick.

Chant for Basilisk

“In a mirror, bright not dark,
An awesome figure reflects its form
Into a barrier, protective, fierce.
I stand behind it safe from harm.
No threats can reach me, here behind.
No magick reaches to my heart.
The mirror sends evil back to source.
O evil powers, now depart!”

Bat: rebirth, secrets and initiation. The knowledge to avoid obstacles, barriers, and troublesome people. Undergoing a shamanistic death, which is learning to transform the old self into a new being. Releasing habits and personality patterns that keep you from progressing. Viewing past lives in order to learn how death occurred each time; using this knowledge to make you more comfortable with the life and death cycle of all life. Especially helpful when facing the death of a loved one or a close friend.

Chant for Bat

“Dark night flyer, lift me higher,
Realms of life where loved ones go,
That I might find joy mind to mind,
My heart hurt less. I miss them so.
Teach me that death can hurt much less
If I accept it as no end,
But see it true, just another view
Of life continuing around a bend.”

Bear: power, healing. Bears hibernate in the winter, which may explain their association with “dreaming the Great Spirit” or retrospection. The symbolism of Bear’s cave is returning to the womb of Mother Earth. It also suggests a strong feminine aspect, one of nurturing and protection. Bear cubs, born in the early spring, can spend as many as seven years with their mother before reaching maturity. People with Bear Medicine are considered by many as self-sufficient, and would rather stand on their own two feet than rely on others. They are often considered dreamers. Many have developed the skill of visualizing new things, but as a result can get caught up in the dreaming, making little progress in waking reality. Bear’s medicine includes introspection, healing, solitude, wisdom, change, communication with Spirit, death and rebirth, transformation, astral travel, creature of dreams, shamans and mystics. Strength and stamina; can help you to find balance and harmony in your life. Patience defense, revenge, wisdom, dreams, intuition, listening, introspection, death and rebirth, transformation. Seek quiet places for answers and harmony in your life. A creature of dreams, astral travel, visionaries, mystics, and shamans. To bring balance and harmony.

Chant for Bear

“Deep in slumber, dreams unending,
Wise old bear, patient, strong,
Send me dreams of transformation.
Grant me intuition along
With introspection of my life,
Inner listening, no more strife.”

Bear paw: power and direction

Beaver: builder, protector. Concentrating your energies into a job that needs doing. Being persistent. Using available resources to make your life more pleasant. Team work, sense of achievement. Have alternative solutions planed. For harmony in group work. To get a job.

Chant for Beaver

“Busy, busy, as the beaver,
Persistent in my work and fun,
I plan and labor toward my goals
Until appointed tasks are done.
Beaver, show me how to use
The things at hand to reach my goal,
Balancing my work and pleasure,
My mind and body, and my soul.”

Bee: Concentration necessary to carry out tasks. Planning and saving for the future. Prosperity. Astral traveling to the realm of the Goddess to better understand the cycle of reincarnation. Talking to a deceased person. Helping an Earth-bound spirit move on to its proper place.

Chant for Bee

“You have lost your way, Earth spirit.
Tell me what you still seek,
What keeps you bound to this place.
I will call upon your loved ones in spirit.
They will guide you to realms of peace and healing.
Follow them to the pathway of Light.”

Beetle or Scarab Beetle: Vitality, new life. Learning to pace yourself through the seasonal changes of the year. Learning about past lives. Seeking spiritual enlightenment.

Chant for Beetle or Scarab Beetle

“Open the door to lives long gone.
Show me the door with the spiritual key,
The door to my past, to the lives I have lived.
My Spiritual pattern I need to see.”

Blackbird: The learning of mystic secrets while in meditation. Learning trance. Doing deep, purposeful meditations.

Chant for Blackbird

“Sing me a song of sleep
That I may sink deep within.
Within I seek the Sacred Center,
That mystic place of age-old knowledge,
Where dwell the divine powers of the universe.
Sing me a song of peace
While I walk the spiral inward,
Inward to the cauldron-well of mighty visions,
The ancient spring of renewing life,
That place which silently calls me.”

Blue Jay: Courage, warning, eloquence. Divination to check on future trouble spots in your life.

Chant for Blue Jay

“Your cry of warning breaks the silence.
Warn me, friend, of coming disturbances.
Teach me eloquence of speech
And the courage to say what is needed.”

Boar: One of the most important totem animals of the Gaelic Celts; the South and the element of Fire; The life giving power of the sun. The ability to set up an ambush for an attacker and not give up until the aggressor has been sent on his way; concealing oneself when in danger; cunning, intelligence. A symbol of the spiritual food necessary for the developing magician.

Boar: Courage and protection, the Earth Lord.

Sow: Crone Goddess, deep Earth magick, knowledge of past lives.

Chant for Boar

Boar ~

Golden bristles, friend of Freyr,
Expose the traps laid at my feet
By cunning aggressors secretly
Join me in their total defeat.
Boar of courage, Earth Lord guide,
Protect me always,. Be at my side.”

Sow ~

“Battle-sow, companion of Freyja,
Lead me to knowledge of lives long past.
Instruct me in the Deep Earth Magick
That strong may be the spells I cast.”

Buffalo: sacredness, life, abundance. Buffalo is considered by many tribes as a symbol of abundance: its meat fed the people, skins were used for clothing and covering, bones and sinew were crafted as survival tools, hooves were converted into glue. According to Lakota tradition, White Buffalo Calf Woman gave them the Sacred Pipe, promising abundance as long as they prayed to the Great Spirit and honored All Their Relations, that is, all other creations of nature. Buffalo’s Medicine symbolizes an honor, reverence or special love for all the things that Mother Earth offers her children. It is also knowing that abundance is present when all relations are honored as sacred, and when gratitude is expressed to every living part of Creation. Buffalo signals a moment to reconnect with the meaning of life and the value of peace, to praise the gifts you already have, and to recognize and honor the sacredness in all paths, though they may be different than yours. Social life, fertility, courage, abundance, prosperity, knowledge, sharing, work, challenge, survival. Visions of a buffalo show that prayers are heard, reminding you that nothing is achieved without the help of spirit. Formulating plans that will benefit you.

Chant for Buffalo

“Rumbling like thunder o’er the prairie,
Great herd of abundance, sharing with man,
I need you knowledge to meet life’s challenges,
To survive and move on with my plans.”

Bull ~ See Cattle.

Butterfly: metamorphosis and transformation. Scientific research has shown that the butterfly is the only living being capable of changing entirely its genetic structure during the process of transformation: the caterpillar’s DNA is totally different from the butterfly’s. Thus, it is the symbol of total transformation. Butterfly represents a need for change and greater freedom, and at the same time it represents courage: one requires courage to carry out the changes necessary in the process of growth. Its Medicine is related to the air and the mental powers. It teaches us to find clarity in the mental processes, to organize projects or to figure out the next step in our internal growth. If Butterfly is your Power Animal or if you feel in any way attracted to it, this means you are ready to undergo some kind of transformation. Examine which stage calls your attention the most: the egg is the beginning, the birth of some project or idea. The larva is de decision to manifest something in the physical world. The cocoon has to do with “going inside”, either through insight or the development of the project or idea. The breaking of the cocoon deals with sharing the splendor of your creation with the whole world. Once you understand the stage you are on, you can discover which is the next step. Reincarnation, magick, beauty, love. Transformation of personality and life. Understanding where you are in the cycle of your life and using it to the fullest. Divination concerning future events that have a bearing on your cycle of life and rebirth.

Chant for Butterfly

“Beautiful creature, wings lit by the Sun,
Help me to know when this life is done
A new life awaits from the Spirit above,
My soul shall renew through the magick of love.”

Carp: Courage, prosperity, endurance. Accepting what you are given in life and working to make it better. Courage to tackle difficult circumstances. Perseverance to endure through a trying time.

Chant for Carp

“The goldfish lives its life with confidence,
never believing in negativity.
Like the goldfish, I trust in the Gods.
I shall endure and be successful.

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