The following are various forms of aphrodisiacs, herbs and foods that have natural romantic effects. Some increase sexual forces, attraction, potency, fertility. Make sure you check with your physician if you are pregnant or may be.

Africa Evergreen Tree: A tree native to Cameroon has a powerful aphrodisiac in its bark.

Cinnamon: Sticks can be chewed like tobacco, or grated cinnamon can be put in eggs as an aphrodisiac that arouses women.

Cloves: Edible or aromatic aphrodisiac.

Cockroach: Many cultures say this is an edible aphrodisiac, grind one common cockroach and mix with cinnamon, add to coffee for a powerful love potion. Yuck.

Damiana: A plant from Mexico which is used to stimulate sex drives. The leaves and heads of the plant are mixed with minor amounts of plantain or pennywort and mixed with food three to four times a day.

Deer Antler: Chinese herbal remedy for male impotence.

Eggplant: A common edible aphrodisiac.

Eggs: Chicken eggs are said to be a good aphrodisiac if eaten raw before sex.

Fo-ti-tieng: Chinese herb for sustaining sexual stamina.

Frankincense: Another popular aromatic aphrodisiac. Not for ingestion.

Garlic: Edible aphrodisiac, cook or use in salad.

Ginseng: A well-known chinese herb for sexual stamina, can be used through traditional methods or by ginseng vitamin pills.

Goto Kolo: Chinese herbal aphrodisiac.

Gypsyweed: An aphrodisiac for creating romantic thoughts, best taken heavily distilled (diluted at least three times) thrice a day, ten drops each time.

Jasmine: An aromatic aphrodisiac. Women can place jasmine essential oil on the back of the neck or behind the ears to stimulate their partner. Jasmine incense can be burned in the bedroom as well.

Licorice: Edible and aromatic, excellent aphrodisiac.

Mushrooms: Considered a powerful aphrodisiac, cook mushrooms bought raw into food or serve them raw in a salad to stimulate and arouse.

Milk: Some say it is “does the body good” in more ways than one. Edible aphrodisiac.

Oysters: Often considered a great addition to a romantic meal, this shellfish is a popular edible aphrodisiac.

Okra: Prepare and serve with lemon juice as an effective aphrodisiac.

Onions: Vadalia onions are known for their aphrodisiac properties, can be served fried or preferably raw, very sweet unlike other types of onions.

Rosemary: An easy to find kitchen herb that can be used in a meal for a lover, or in the form of an essential oil can be rubbed along the back of the neck or stomach as an aromatic aphrodisiac.

Sage: Aphrodisiacal kitchen herb, edible or effective as a topical aphrodisiac (placed on the skin or used in bath water).

Sandalwood: Aromatic aphrodisiac. Sandalwood essential oil is a popular aphrodisiac that women often use around men.

Truffles: The fruit of a fungus that is found at the base of Oak and Beech groves in France, Italy and throughout Europe. If you are fortunate enough to obtain a supply of fresh Truffles, choose them firm, undamaged and medium sized. Eat them with a lover as an edible aphrodisiac.

Wild Asparagus Root – A difficult to obtain aphrodisiac. The raw root is soft and has a jelly bean consistency that is sweet tasting.

Ylang Ylang: The essential oil of ylang ylang is considered a good aromatic aphrodisiac

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