Astrology is not superstition. Superstition is more akin to: “If I break a mirror, I will have 7 years bad luck.” or “If a bird flies into my house, someone will die,” or “If I step on a sidewalk crack, I will break my mother’s back,” or “When the weather is warm at Christmas, we will freeze at Easter.”

Those are superstitions. Astrology is not superstition. Not even close. Astrology is a language. It exists. Like Estonian or French. It just plain exists. Like hard boiled eggs or chutney. For some people, languages that they are unable to read or converse in, constitute a discomfiting threat. When we hear friends chatting in a language that we don’t know and we are present, we are wont to imagine they are talking about us. This is a kind of natural paranoia. We cannot understand. So we feel left out and perhaps even targeted – a victim.

Astrology, like any language, does have to be learned in order to be used. That’s why some people are astrologers and other have other learnèd professions such as doctors or butchers or space engineers.

An astrologer might tell you that your Sun in Leo means that you tend to want to be in the spotlight, but if your rising sign is Pisces, that Leo need for the spotlight might be mitigated. That’s part of the “language” of Astrology.

This sort of Astro diagnosis — “You’re a Leo but you have Pisces rising” — is not dissimilar to when a doctor tells you that the lump on your wrist looks like a cyst, but if the tests come out positive, it might be something more serious. He looks at the cystic physical evidence, but he also digs further to find out if it might be something more dangerous.

The language of Astrology has been much shushed and derided by a sector of the population we refer to as “scientists”. These are people who believe that science (another language) is the pathway to understanding every human ill, including mental, emotional and physical ailments – and to conquering and refining and owning whatever commodity is available to man (Spaceflightfor example or improved hard boiled eggs.)

But squelching a language doesn’t always put it out of existence. Breton and Basque and Catalan do thrive and are now taught in schools. Astrology has survived the great science squelch. It remains a means of communication among peoples as well as a method of both diagnosing and better understanding the human condition. It is also now taught at La Sorbonne in Paris and at other universities worldwide.

Astrology is not in competition with science. It’s just there alongside it the way that TV is there alongside the Internet. The two media must co-exist. They cannot afford to be at war. The Internet will win. It’s bigger. And younger. TV knows that fact the way that Astrology knows that it must coexist with science because if there was a war between them Science would win. It’s bigger. And younger.

We know there is often wisdom in what is ancient. Astrology has been around a long time and continues to exist. Some people study it and are able to use it in their work and daily lives. Other people don’t study it sufficiently to become astrologers. But they dabble and they enjoy dabbling. Other people (most people) consult astrologers. They are the clients or the patients or the “consulters” who come to people like me for advice and information about their astrological charts: Who am I? What should I do about my mother-in-law’s interfering in my marriage? How can I get a divorce and keep my children? Why do I not have self-confidence? Where am I making my mistakes and why do I keep making them over and over again?

What some skeptical people (the science-blinded or otherwise prejudiced) don’t know is that the answers to all of those questions are sitting right there in peoples’ astrological charts. Moreover, the fact that most of us don’t know how to read our charts and don’t speak the language of Astrology or know how to interpret the symbols, doesn’t mean that the answers are not there. They are.

Astrology never lies. I have seen Astrology tell me and my clients the truth about themselves over and over again – thousands of times. A client writes and asks me why she cannot seem to get a husband. She’s young and beautiful and accomplished and owns her own home. Yet, she has nobody to share it with. What should she do?

I find out her birth date, time and place (sometimes she sends me a photo as well) and then I do her chart. First thing I note is that she is more accomplished than she let on in her query letter. She is president of her own company. But she is also an Aries with Leo rising and she was born in a Rooster year. This woman is what my mother used to call “a tough cookie” and a multi-talented cookie at that!

She doesn’t bend easily. She is not soulful and won’t listen to whining – even her own. She wants to be in the spotlight (Leo rising) and she is indeed in her own spotlight all the time. She’s also a Rooster which is one of the most successfully inflexible signs out there. Rigidity lurks everywhere in this woman’s chart and has already done some damage to her private life.

But… I look further and…Eureka! This young woman has the Moon in Cancer. No wonder she is longing for a home and children and a man to share it with. But, because the Aries and the Rooster and the Leo got a hold on her soul (Moon) when she was still very young, she followed them to her own multimillion dollar successful oblivion. She learned how NOT to share and she made her fortune by being ruthless and firm in her opinions. (Aries/Rooster w Leo rising)

It gets better. I dig a bit deeper and what do I find? This woman has Venus in Taurus!

I know. I know. Your ears flap shut when we tell you that there’s a planet in some sign or other about which you know less than zero. Why? Because we are speaking to you in a language which is foreign to you. And this time it is about YOU. But we are not trying to hide anything. You can learn the language too. Nobody is stopping you.

So our bereft young executive woman has Venus in Taurus. Whatdoesthis mean? For some astrologers, and just like doctors, it’s important to get a second opinion, it means that she equates love with sensuality and earthiness and possession. So, she is hunting for sensuality, earthiness and ownership and she is only finding pin stripe suits and striped ties and executive trappings. Why?

Because here she is, the president of a thriving software company, owner of her own 3000 sq ft. house and two luxury cars, 35 years old and beautiful and she cannot find a husband — someone to love and be loved by and make a family and a life with.

She’s too strong by half. And she is moreover “attracted” to the wrong kind of suitor. She has always thought she needed “someone like me.” A major player. A boss person. A leader of men (and women). Balderdash! Two bosses in the same household? Ouch.

She needs either a steadying, long-suffering Ox or a lovely, languorous Snake or even a tempestuous Tiger — born in Gemini or Leo or perhaps Sagittarius because she has Mercury (her communication planet) in Sagittarius. And those guys she should be looking for are not necessarily world beaters. They might be teachers or poets or musicians or even weedy scientists who leave their brains in the laboratories when they come home at night. They should not be head honchos. She is the head honcho. She needs soul. So she should find someone with extra soul to share.

Need I say more? Astrology simply never lies!

P.S. Following her personal astro consultation, our heroine started looking for Mr. Right in all the “right” places. She is now successfully married to a brilliant Gemini/Ox (a laid back communicator type) who writes books for a living. He loves to cook and help with the kids. They have a nanny and some household help. Madame goes to her job every morning after taking the children to school. Papa pipes and slippers into his office and hits the computer for a few hours before dressing and driving to the supermarket to do the family shopping. You see? Astrology works!

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