Balancing Fire

“Whatever you think you can do, or believe you can do, begin in; for action has magic and grace in it.” Goethe

The Zodiac signs of the fire element are Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. The fire element is expressed through inspired acts that are led by intuitive impulses. It’s the surge forward into new ground, often without restraint.

The spark of fire creates warmth from the inside out. It’s the natural urge that’s associated with being inspired, dynamic, animated, engaged, alive and motivated. It’s the fire in the belly or mind that overcomes stagnation. We fan the flames of fire in our charts by taking risks. This creates its own momentum, as our cheeks flush with the excitement of being at the edge.

Fire is one of the four elements — the others are earth, air and water — and each one is important for your sense of well-being. Fire is enthusiasm that’s bursting at the seams. It’s growth itself. Itkindlesthe joy for living. Its currents carry us to play, exploration, and self-expression.

The spark of fire is contagious, and fire sign people act as catalysts for others. We need fire to feel passionate about what we’re doing. It helps us burn through self-doubt and karma. It’s the conduit for acting on what makes us feel alive.

When there’s too much fire, you are in danger of burn out. You take careless risks and miss the nuances of a situation. You open yourself to backlash, if you surge forward without consideration for others. You start many projects, but have trouble finishing them. It’s hard to sustain your enthusiasm past the initial stage.

When there’s too little fire, it’s hard to see the point of life. You can feel without joy. You’re caught up in the repetitive, mundane, heavy, or superficial. Nothing rouses you from boredom. You are listless, uninspired, half-dead.

Fire is joy. From Per Henrik Gullfoss, in The Complete Book of Spiritual Astrology: “The essence of the element of fire is joy. You may wonder how so many religions lost track of what really matters and became lost in fear, guilt and the notion that life on Earth is nothing but an experience of limitation and suffering.” Fire, says Gullfoss, is the pure joy of living and growing. It’s living in the present moment. Planets in fire, he says, are “to reach for and hold a state of eternal ecstasy and bliss.”

Ways to ignite fire:

  • Encourage someone whose spirits are low.
  • Get the blood pumping with more oxygen, through exercise and fresh air.
  • Stop talking about your dreams and take one small step to make it real.
  • Go on a brisk walk when you feel mentally fatigued.
  • Give in to fantasy about where you’d like to travel.
  • Make time for creative self-expression.
  • Find healthy ways to burn off nervous energy.

Ways toBringFire Balance into Your Life:

  • Use candles in your meditation.
  • Tell stories round the fire.
  • Sign up for a class that scares you, because you know it’ll change you.
  • Spend more time with inspired people.
  • Dare to drop the cynicism and train yourself to see the bright side.
  • Seek out funny angles or entertainment for one heart-healthy laugh per day.
  • Wear more warm colors — reds, oranges, yellows.
  • Bring warm lighting and colors into your home.
  • Speak your truth, even though you know it’s going to rile people up.
  • Take a risk and present yourself in a bold way.

Other ideas:

  • Try Hot Yoga, like “Kick your Asana” or Bikram.
  • Throw a festive party.
  • Plan a trip (can be a day trip or weekend excursion).
  • Pursue activities just for the fun of it.
  • Reclaim something that made you joyful as a child.
  • Leave the schedule open for spontaneous desires.
  • Do what makes you feel free.


Balancing Water

The Zodiac signs of the water element are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. But all of us have a relationship via intuition, emotion, the heart, intimacy, nurturance, compassion and so on. Too much water and we’re waterlogged unable to see with any detachment and heavy with emo baggage. Too little water and we’re dry, brittle, deserty, harsh with ourselves and others, despairing of finding consolation.

We need a balance of all the elements to live with a feeling of wholeness. Water purifies and cleanses — it’s used to baptize, sanctify and bless. We feel its power when tears well up unexpectedly, and we experience the great release. That’s why it’s called a “good cry” — we are feeling the full depths of the heart, and letting go. Opening to the water element means tuning in to ALL your emotions and discoveringwaysto honor them. This is how you come out of stagnation and lethargy. Water balance is also about seeking out the succulent, the refreshing — it’s finding our own pathways to bliss.

The first season of water is the first of Summer (Cancer), when there’s lots of splashy fun going on. We sit poolside or by the ocean, go to family reunions or be with close friends. Next comes the dying time of fall, in Oct/November (Scorpio, a psychically rich time when the veil is thin and dreams seem so real. The wet leaves are decomposing, even as they provide shelter against the cold, for the new growth to come. Finally we have the end of the astrological year (Pisces), the dreamy pre-Spring lull before the launch of Aries rebirth. Nature is beginning to come alive, and enchantment is in the air.

Ways to Bring Water Balance into Your Life:

  • Eat Juicy Fruits and Vegetables. Some are watermelon, honeydew melon, cucumber, tomatoes, grapes, strawberries, peaches, plums, pineapple, coconut….I’m sure you can add to this list!
  • Start an Aquarium in your home. The movements of the fish can be soothing to watch.
  • Take the time to soak. Long baths are made special with herbs like relaxing lavender or chamomile.
  • Do Hot Yoga! Ok, this one combines fire (heat) and water (sweat) for a steamy workout. You really feel wrung out afterwards!
  • Waterfalls and waterwalls. Consider a small design feature that brings the sound of running water into your home.
  • A water garden or koi pond. Perfect spot to daydream.

Other ideas:

  • Plan a kayak or canoe trip, or boat excursion.
  • Start swimming or doing water aerobics forexercise.It’s easy on the joints and you don’t sweat.
  • Sit in the sauna – make sure it’s the wet one! Steamrooms are heavenly, too.
  • Have your partner wash your hair. I do this for my husband and he loves it! Add sliced cukes on the eyes for an added touch.
  • Keep an aromatherapy Mister on hand. I like Aura Cacia brand the best.
  • Add cool tones of blue and green to your palette. Accents like a scarf or new throw pillow does the trick

And then there’s always:

  • Making sure you get plenty of unscheduled time for relaxing.
  • Listening to your emotional needs, and learning to say “No” when you need to.
  • Knowing when you’ve had enough togetherness, and need some solitude.
  • Doing what it takes to self-soothe, comfort and get to the heart of your emotions….so you can live in harmony with them.


Balancing Air 

The Zodiac signs of the air element are Libra, Aquarius and Gemini. The air element is expressed through thoughts, currents and the nervous system. It’s associated with synapses firing in the brain, and Oxygen flowing into the lungs and blood stream. This element is about the breath, and seeking inspiration, a word that means “breathing in.” It’s home territory is the vast mental field, where “thoughts are things” that creates the tangible outline of our lives.

Air is one of the four elements — the others are fire, water and earth — and each one is important for your sense of well-being. Air lifts us up to seeing with new eyes. When air is in balance, your mind is free and flexible. You mentally travel andexplore,allowing new ideas to widen your horizon. It’s exhilarating to breakthrough old ways of thinking, because that sets real external change in motion. Air brings emotional detachment, and that helps you make good decisions. When the air is moving, it makes for lively sociability, and keeps you curious and always learning.

When there’s too much air, it’s hard to feel grounded and in your body. You can be lost with your head in the clouds. You find it hard to tie down your free-floating ideas to tangible, daily effort. Your busy mind keeps you awake with insomnia. You are high-strung with erratic breathing (possibly a smoker). You dissipate your energy by talking, texting, emailing, etc. You feel like you can’t organize your thoughts. There’s too much static and not enough space…room to breathe.

When there’s too little air, it’s hard to see yourself with any objectivity. You’re apathetic, bored. You don’t see a point to what you’re doing.

Ways to ground Air:

  • Don’t skip a meal and take time to eat slowly.
  • Cut back on caffeine and other stimulants.
  • Take a break from the information deluge.
  • Turn off your cell phone for awhile.
  • Give yourself time to wind down before bedtime.
  • Steer clear of anxiety-inducing images and news.
  • Find healthy ways to burn off nervous energy.

Ways to Bring Air Balance into Your Life:

  • Spend some time watching clouds.
  • Plant flowers or visit a butterfly garden.
  • Flyakite.
  • Spend some time bird watching, draw them to your home.
  • Sage your space.
  • Open the windows on fresh air days.
  • Seek out a high perch with a view to the horizon.
  • Breathing meditation (following the breath)
  • Make a wish and blow out a candle.
  • Work out, bringing Oxygen to the cells
  • take a beginner’s course in something that fascinates you.
  • Keep a journal as a tangible record of your thoughts.
  • Bring wind chimes into your garden or home.

Other ideas:

  • Try Tai Chi or Qigong, two flowy meditative martial art practices.
  • Experiment with aromatherapy.
  • Experience wind surfing or hang gliding.
  • Parachute out of an airplane.
  • Making sure you get plenty of time with no set agenda.

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