Beth Luis Nuin (or 13 Lunar Trees) is a major component of the belief structure of the Faerie Faith. It is based on the Celtic Lunar Tree Calendar, which begins on the Winter Solstice and ends after the turn of the year on the next Winter Solstice. Each moon has a tree correlation, which in turn is associated with an energy or mood. Each tree is also believed to be a life’s lesson that needs to be learned before the start of the next moon.

Celtic Birth Signs

Birch Dec 24-Jan 20

You have an intense love energy. You dislike pretence, but enjoy the company of others different to yourself. This sign is associated with earth and fertility.

Rowan Jan 21-Feb 17

You’ll do anything for those you love, but u may forget to look after yourself. You seek challenges and need a dynamic partner.

Ash Feb 18-Mar 17

Your nature is sensual and romantic, but very ethical. You seek out those with whom you can communicate with and share your insights and ideals.

Alder Mar 18-Apr 14

You are a leader. You have an abundance of sex appeal and have it in your nature to be flirtatious and fiery.

Willow Apr 15-May 12

You love mystery and have a gift for premonitions. Humour is important to you. You are most content when residing near water.

Hawthorn May 13-Jun 9

You are creative and vibrant and seek equality in your relationships. You attract extroverts who tend to be protective of you.

Oak Jun 10-Jul 7

The oak is a powerful sacred sign. You are strong willed and demand respect. You are generous when you are happy, but can be vengeful when you feel slighted.

Holly Jul 8-Aug 4

Ruled by the wise woman, you have a compassionate and intellect. You are serious and do not suffer fools! You love or hate – nothing in between.

Hazel Aug 5-Sep 1

You are unconventional and find many relationships restrictive. You love freedom and enjoy a challenge.

Vine Sep 2-Sep 29

Ruled by love, you are gentle, sensitive and a hopeless romantic. You may appear self sufficient due to your reserved nature.

Ivy Sep 30-Oct 27

This sign is associated with freedom. You have a charming manner, which can be very helpful as you thrive on getting your own way.

Reed Oct 28-Nov 24

You are a deep thinker and feel every emotion intensely. You especially dislike superficiality. You give your all in everything and love to be noticed.

Elder Nov 25-Dec 23

This sign is associated with the Goddess and powerful feminine energy. You have a very charismatic nature. The Elder is linked with maturity and you will enjoy the benefit of wisdom with age.

A basic run down of the Trees and their lessons are as follows:

First moon
Birch – sensitivity, compassion, awareness, communication, self-authority, and self- discipline

Second moon
Rowan – build upon what we learned in Birch; compassion, awareness,sensitivity, and communication, being able to communicate clearly with ourselves and our low self, in order to bring our prayers and wishes to fruition

Third moon
Ash – patience and control over unconscious urgings

Fourth moon
Alder – balance of yin and yang, male and female, fire and water

Fifth moon
Willow – learn from our experiences, both past and future, release ourselves from burdens of the past which will hinder our future growth

Sixth moon
Hawthorn – time of fasting, spiritual healing, cleaning out the body,abstinence, restraint, a time to clear away both the spiritual and physical deadwood and old habits; a time of clarity in which you can strengthen your dedication and focus

Seventh moon
Oak – this is the “gateway” between the 2 halves of the year. If you haven’t learned your “lessons” by this point, the upcoming half will be rocky and difficult.

Eight moon
Holly – the lessons for Holly are the same for Birch although they are much more important during the second half of the year as this is considered the “dark” half.

Ninth moon
Hazel – time of rest and reflection

Tenth moon
Vine – healing through creativity, inspiration

Eleventh moon
Ivy – emotional release, renewed hope, light at the end of the tunnel

Twelfth moon
Reed – discipline, security

Thirteenth moon
Elder – sacrifice, renewal of spiritual self

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