Biokinesis is the use of kinetic energy to rearrange, or control genes inside of the body. If Biokinesis were mastered, wouldn’t it be possible to genetically reprogram yourself? The answer, in theory, is yes.

By genetically reprogramming yourself, you could become a possible super human. Anything would be possible. For example, if you were to reprogram the genes in your eyes, you could make them see further and better. You’d also be able to see motions so fast, that they would normally not be possible to see. For super human, the reprogramming process would include things like lack of pain sensing, or something like that.

But there would be more to it that that! Yes, way more. It would take months for that type of evolution to take place. All the necessary things to be changed would include eyes, muscles, reflexes, nervous systems, epidemic sections, and vulnerable spots on the body (pressure points) would all have to be changed and equipped to their max. The idea is to become indestructible.

Now for the more wanted part of the process. The only reason people die and get old, is because of dead and dying cells in your body. If you reprogrammed yourself to remake the cells that have died, then would you ever get old? And because you never got old, would you ever die? Supposedly, the answer is no.

Yes, I’m talking about immortality. It could be achieved through this state, but no one has done it yet. Which leaves doubt that it’s possible. But immortality doesn’t make you invincible. So you could still die in a car accident or something.

There has been a technique that seems to work for minor things. For example, cold doesn’t seem cold, harder to loose stamina, things like that. But anyway, here’s what to do:

Meditate for about half an hour. Once you’ve reached a meditative state of relaxation, Start letting your psi flow through you. Create a small needle of energy in your body. Make it very thin and sharp. Now visualize your genes flowing through your body in small tubes. Tell the needle in your mind it’s purpose and what it is you want to change in your genes. Use will power to send the needle of psi piercing in to the gene stream. It’s very important that you use psi to cover the hole made, otherwise, you’ll start ot loose the character that made you who you are. Once the needle is in, let it form back in to a small mass of psi and drift in your genes until it dissolves.

At this point, you can “wake up” out of the meditation and continue your day as usual. Walk around with the thought “I am (what you wanted to change)” in your head all day. Keep that attitude. After about a week, you will start to see, and feel results. Don’t play with this, it is very dangerous and should only be attempted by an experienced psi or ki practitioner.

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