A powerful binding and compelling agent, sacred to Hecate. It can be used to cause another to strongly desire you, or it can be used to create a barrier, warding off curses and undoing hexes and jinxes.

3 hairs from an all-black cat
3 threads of steel wool
pinch of magnetic dust (iron fillings)
1 tsp. white sage
1 tsp. myrrh gum
2 tsp. bay laurel
1 tsp. kosher salt
1 cup corn starch dyed black

Begin with the bay leaves. Fresh ones are best, of course, but not always easy to find. Most supermarkets carry whole dried leaves, however. Take the bundle of leaves, and warm them with your hands. Crumble the leaves in to your mortar once they are warmed by your body heat. Next, do the same with the sage. Again, fresh whole leaves are best. You may not be able to find whole sage, even dried, depending on your circumstances. Powdered will have to do, if nothing better is available.

Add the myrrh and salt to the mix in the mortar, and grind thoroughly.

Add the cat hairs, steel wool, and iron fillings. Grind thoroughly once again.

Pour this mix into a mason jar along with the corn starch, screw the lid on tight, and then combine everything by shaking the jar vigorously.

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