Founded in 1976 Norristown, PA by Frank Dufner (“the Wizard”) and Tzipora Katz, who later moved to Manhattan, where they trained and initiated a number of people. Early rituals were based on Alexandrian and Greco-Roman Traditions. After Frank and Tzipora’s divorce, in the early 1980′s, Kenny Klein became high priest, steering the Tradition towards a more traditional British form, discarding Alexandrian and ceremonial rituals and replacing them with British Isles folkloric Craft practices, including the 8 Paths of Power, the 7 Tenets of Faith, and the Drawing Down of the Moon and Sun. Touring the country from 1983-1992 performing music, Kenny and Tzipora taught Blue Star, initiated many people, and founded many covens, recording and distributing lessons on cassette tapes. The rigorous training may take 2-3 years before initiation.


Blue Star Witchcraft is one of many traditions formed in the United States that is modelled upon the Gardnerian tradition. Blue Star members tend to reject the term “Wicca,” and refer to themselves as witches. The group is initiatory, and some of their material is oathbound. Unlike many Wiccan trads which have a three-degree system, Blue Star Witchcraft has a five-level initiatory system.

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