One of the oldest, simplest and most effective forms of magic, is candle magic. Candles have been used a long time in association with magic and have also been adopted by other religious in their ceremonies and worship. Many of us have been performing candle magic from as long as we can remember. Blowing out candles on your birthday cake while making a wish is a form of magic.

Before you start, you should think about what type of spell you want to perform. Will it require the candle to burn to the ground, or can you use the candle for other spells later on? Will it be a one-time spell or a spell that is run for consecutive days? This will determine the size of the candle you are going to need.

Next is the colour. After you have written the spell and determined the intent, you have to choose a colour which is appropriate for your needs. For instance, pink or red can be used for love spells, white for purification spells and black for banishing negativity. You wouldn’t use a black candle for a love spell. So, choose the right colour.

You can use oils to anoint the candle, and light incenses to add more power to the spell. Some people even make their own candles – which is even more powerful. When you make the candles yourself, not only are you deciding the size and shape, but you are charging the candle with your intent from its creation. This way you can add in herbs and oils that increase the potency of your candle.

In closing, some ask whether or not to ‘blow’ out a candle. I believe you should not blow out a naked flame, as I consider a flame to be sacred and blowing it out is the equivalent of spitting on it. Many will argue that notion, but as a little girl, I was taught never to blow out a flame like that (birthday candles are apparently an exception to the rule). But do what feels right to you.

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