The suit of Spades represents the air element and the zodiac signs of Libra, Gemini and Aquarius. Air is knowledge, wisdom, communication, socialising, psychic powers. Relationships and friendships. Air signs are Thoughtful, logical, argumentative, authoritative, legal minded, balanced, fair, social and communicative.

ACE – A card of challenge indicating the end of one cycle and the beginning of a new chapter. Underlying tensions at home or at work may erupt.

TWO – Change is imminent, could mean new job, or end of relationship. This may seem like a loss but you will benefit from the changes longterm.

THREE – Caution and prudence is advisable especially in any kind of partnership. Conflict can arise if a third party becomes involved.

FOUR – Disappointment. Plans may be delayed., promises may be broken or much needed support may be lacking.

FIVE – Do not despair if things fail to go as planned they are only temporary setbacks and will be resloved in time, be patient.

SIX – Progress seems slowbut plans will come to fruition eventually so do not give up.

SEVEN – You may have to copewith an unexpected burden or extra work. Try to keep a sense of proportion, foolish anxiety over minor issues could cause tension.

EIGHT – Difficulties all round, a testing time, close relationships could be under strain, a friend could let you down, plans could be broken. Beware harsh words.

NINE – Physical and mental enrgy may be at a low ebb due to anxiety. Relax and rest then make realistic plans for the future.

TEN – Unwelcome news or worry over loved ones adds to your troubles. It may be difficult to summon up the enthusiasm yet this phase will soon be over.

JACK – An acquaintance or relative may cause problems, they are witty and good company but are unreliable and irresponsible.

QUEEN – An independent woman who can be ruthlessly ambitious, A strong ally and a formidable foe. A woman with an air sign as a birth sign.

KING – A successful man of some importance, a lawyer perhaps will be in a position to help you, respected and trustworthy his advice should be taken.

The suit of Clubs represents the fire element and the zodiac signs of Saggitarius, Leo and Aries. Fire is passion, energy, drive, determination. Strength of will and power. Fire signs are Fiery, restless, energetic, sociable, imaginative, optimistic and formidable if challenged.

ACE – An unexpected gift, financial windfall or good news concerning money. possibly legal document

TWO – Beware idle chat or malicious gossip. Plans could meet with opposition.

THREE – News of an engagement for a long term relationship resulting in a successful marriage.

FOUR – Fortunes could take a turn for the worse due to anothers deceit or treachery. Keep plans flexible, do not take evrything on trust.

FIVE – Time for change for the better with the accent on partnership both financial and emotional.

SIX – A good omen for those seeking success, Commercial success and established businesses flourish.

SEVEN – A small gift of money or gain a debt may be repaid. A new friendship, seek legal advice before signing a contract.

EIGHT – A time of uncertainty when minor problems could be blown out of proportion, avoid get rich quick schemes.

NINE – Beware of Obstinacy as friction could arise. Possibly an unforeseen business proposition.

TEN – Sudden financial gain perhaps through a legacy, tax rebate or insurance pay out. Be careful wishing for money!

JACK – A young clever enterprising person. A good, reliable friend of the questioner.

QUEEN – A warm hearted, charming quick witted woman, supportive and wise. A woman with a fire sign as her birth sign.

KING – A professional man, honest and straight forward he could be a great help. Male Fire sign.

The suit of Hearts represents the water element and the zodiac signs of Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces. Water represents emotions, domestic matters, intuition, dreams and health. Water signs are Emotional, creative, sensual, domestic and dreamy.

ACE – Affection and domestic happiness, could refer to a new friendship, romance or reunion.

TWO – Good fortune perhaps greater than expected. All friendships and close personal ties should flourish.

THREE – An engagement or news of a wedding. A difficult choice may have to be made, if so defer making a decision until all possibilities are considered.

FOUR – A time of change, either employment or residence perhaps a marriage.

FIVE – Not a time to make any major decisions. Take a break relax and get your thoughts in order before making changes.

SIX – Pleasing family news, however others amy try to take advantage of you so avoid taking on too much.

SEVEN – Keep plans flexible, a friend or colleague could let you down or an anticipated event may not take place.

EIGHT – Social life will bring much pleasure, a journey or outing could lead to a new romance and leads to a lasting relationship.

NINE – Wish card bringing success to whatever is closest to the inquirers heart.

TEN – A fortuneate card promising happiness in love, a fulfilling domestic situation, and business success.

JACK – A friendly sincere young person probably friend or close relative could introduce you to someone who will become important to you.

QUEEN – A warm hearted, mature woman who has the enquirers best interests at heart. Kind, affectionate and sensible she offers good advice.

KING – A good natured man, sociable, generous and enthusiastic can be indiscreet.

JOKER – Innocence, optimism, blind faith, risk, seek advice.

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