Legal matters, money spells and protection against hexes.

Sprinkle an infusion of the herb around the home the night before court proceedings to help in winning a court case.

Wear as an amulet for protection against evil and hexes.

Wear or keep in a bowl on your altar or reading table to help you concentrate.

Also Called: Cascara Sagada, Sacred Bark, Purshiana Bark, Persian Bark, Chittem Bark, Bearberry

Cascara sagrada is widely used as a gentle laxative that restores tone to the bowel muscles and thus makes repeated doses unnecessary.

It is considered suitable for delicate and elderly persons and is very useful in cases of chronic constipation.

The bark also has tonic properties, promoting gastric digestion and appetite.

As well as its uses as a laxative, it is taken internally in the treatment of digestive complaints, haemorrhoids, liver problems and jaundice.

This remedy should be used with caution since in excess it causes vomiting and diarrhoea. It should not be prescribed for pregnant or lactating women, or patients with intestinal obstruction.

An infusion of the bark is sometimes painted over finger nails in the hope that the bitter taste will deter the person from biting their nails.

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