Channelling is a skill that can be developed by anyone with the desire and determination to reach upwards and grow spiritually. It does not take years of special training but does require the ability to quieten one’s thoughts and the ability to trust and surrender. Channelling is for those people who wish to add to, and develop, the wisdom of their higher selves. It is not a ‘quick fix’ method of solving all of your daily and emotional problems overnight. Miracles do happen, but a guide will ‘guide’ you in finding your own solutions through helping you to see the variety of options you have in your decision making processes.

‘Your guide is a friend that encourages and supports you’

Channelling is not to be confused with spiritualism. It is not the intention when channelling to contact ‘the dead’ or to seek their assistance and guidance. Those in the astral plane, generally have the same fears, opinions and characteristics of souls in body here on Earth. They often lack the higher and broader perspective that a high level guide will have.

The aim of channelling is to attract a High Level teacher guide that has as his/her highest purpose your spiritual growth and well being. A high level teacher guide will encourage you to find your own solutions to problems and will encourage you not to give your power away to them by doing something simply because they have suggested it. A High Level teacher guide will never tell you what you must do, will never criticise you or tell you that you are wrong or bad. They will also not flatter your ego but instead will congratulate your progress and will help you to be the best you can be at all times.

‘You can connect with a high level guide. The only requirements are you desire and intent to do so’

Channelling is for anyone that is looking for a quantum leap in their spiritual growth. High Level guides are attracted to those that are striving to create peace, joy and abundance in their own lives and for those who are around them. Channelling can assist any of you that are working with art, psychology, healing, reiki, tarot, with writing and just about any other creative human endeavour you could consider. However, the primary function of attracting a High Level guide into your life is your own spiritual growth. Therefore, you do not have to have found your life’s work yet in order to attract a high level guide.

Housewives, accountants, waiters, gardeners and bank personnel can all attract high level guides. The intention and strong desire to do so is all that is needed.

Channelling is the means by which you can learn to grow with joy, and without fear. By connecting with your guide, you will accelerate your rate of spiritual growth that will open new doors and new windows of opportunity for you to create what you want in your life. Through connecting with a High Level guide, you will be more in the flow of life and will be better able to understand your life’s purpose, goals, lessons and work.

By connecting with your guide, you will accelerate your rate of spiritual growth.
Channelling will assist you in staying in a higher flow more regularly and you will find that you will no longer experience dropping so low whenever you are out of flow or out of balance.
Channelling, by its very nature, will help you to be and to live as your higher self more often because your guide is contacted through your higher self. This means that you will automatically begin to think in higher, clearer and more loving ways as your relationship to your guide develops over time.

Your guide is a Being of Light that has chosen out of free will to work with you, it is a being that has mastered the lessons of love and will therefore work with you in absolute unconditional love to help you in your spiritual growth. The relationship is based upon your willingness and intention to grow, and your guide’s promise to assist you in that growth. High Level guides will never tell you what you ‘must’ or ‘should’ do, but will gently point out your options, possibilities and alternatives and will assist you in making your own decisions. A High Level guide has sworn never to interfere with your freedom of will and choice and will therefore not stop you should you choose to learn through struggle, pain and difficulty.

High Level guides……will assist you in making your own decisions.

Who are the guides?
There are as many guides as there are people on this planet and countless more. Many of the guides making themselves available to be channelled at this time are beings of pure essence, Beings of Light. They have come from the Higher Dimensions of love and light and have come to this planet at this time to help all the peoples of the Earth to make a smooth transition into Christ consciousness. These guides come from many different places, dimensions and planes of reality. Some may be master teachers from the 4th and higher dimensions, some may be guides, priests and teachers from planets that are further in their spiritual development than the Earth. Other guides may be from the worlds of essence and places that are outside of your normal concepts of the Universe. All these guides, masters, healers and teachers are forming a golden ring of energy around the Earth at this time in order to help all those that are calling for assistance to grow in peace and love.

These guides, sometimes known as the Great White Brotherhood have chosen to make themselves available to any that have the will, intention and desire to connect with them, those that have as their highest priority their own personal and spiritual development.

These guides are not here to either save you or to make predictions of a cataclysmic nature for the Earth, but they are here to encourage the qualities of love, compassion and understanding. They are here to teach you that you create your own reality and that you may have and create all the abundance, health, love, joy and happiness that you wish. They are here to assist you in bringing new ways of thinking to mankind and to help eradicate beliefs in poverty, scarcity and feelings of fear. These beautiful guides that have brought the Christ/Spirit into their hearts are here to lift the veils of illusion between your world and the higher realms of light that are so full of abundance, laughter and joy.

… may have and create all the abundance, health, love, joy and happiness that you wish.

More specifically, these guides are waiting to connect with you so that new, higher and finer forms of healing, music, technology, books, tools for spiritual growth and art may be brought through at this time. This will help mankind in making the quantum leap that is soon to be experienced. These timeless and ageless bundles of wisdom and Divine Love from the Heart of God/Goddess, are here to help you reach your full potential and enlightenment in THIS LIFETIME. The only thing of importance to them is that your intention to grow spiritually is sincere, and that you have an ability to take responsibility for your life, and have the willingness to love yourself.

Attracting A High Level Guide
Many people have fears regarding lesser or so-called ‘negatively orientated’ entities. The most important aspect of contacting a High Level guide is your intention to do so. However, when contacting a guide on the first occasion, it is wise and advisable to simply and courteously ask the guide where it is from and what are it’s intentions. You may ask questions like ‘Are you from the light?’, ‘Is it your intention to serve my spiritual growth and to do so with unconditional love?’ or ‘Are you in service to the one living light and do you have as your highest objective the spiritual growth of mankind?’. A guide will not lie about it’s origins, so if the guide answers these questions positively and you experience the guides love, or have a sense of peace and comfort, then deepen the connection by asking for a name by which you can call your guide. This process of attracting a guide into your life can be done very simply whilst in deep meditation. You simply need to relax using your breath to go higher, and by stating clearly that you wish to attract a High Level guide into your life, one will come. Visualise a guide, a light or a Being of Light standing in front of you. Ask the questions I have given you and wait patiently for an answer. You may also want to ask this guide questions like ‘By which date will I be ready to make a verbal connection to you?’, ‘Are you the guide I will learn to channel or are you here to prepare me for another guide?’ or ‘What can channelling you or another High Level guide teach me?’. Talk to your guide as if you have just met a complete stranger from another country. Ask about what your guide does, what is your guide’s speciality, interests and why your guide has come to you at this time.

Knowing that you are ready
If you have already made mental contact with a guide in meditation or in session with me, you may now be wondering if or when you may be ready to open to channel. To channel your guide means bringing his or her love, light and energy into your auric field so that you may either channel your guide internally and/or verbally whilst in trance or through consciously connecting with your guide whilst healing, painting, writing or engaging in any other creative, educational or healing form of expression. You will know that you are ready if the idea of connecting with your guide fills you heart with joy and enthusiasm. You are ready if you have the desire to have more conscious choice in your life and have desire to discover your true self and the reasons why you chose to be here in this lifetime. You will know if you are ready if you are seeking to find the teacher and authority in your life from within. You will know that you are ready if you are increasingly wanting to find your own truth and desire to be more highly attuned to your soul, higher purpose and life’s work.

You may not even have clear picture of what it is that you want to do. Maybe you are busy at home looking after children or are currently looking to start a new career. Your readiness to channel is not based upon where you are, it is indicated by where you want to go. Put all thoughts of ‘I’m only this or that’ to one side and feel the glow of your true self in your heart. Close your eyes for a moment and call a guide to you…

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