Most of us use charms without realising their power and significance. We touch wood for luck and to ward off bad energies, we exchange wedding rings, and wear the colours of our favourite team. This all stems from a time when everyone believed that the energy of life could be channelled into objects and symbols. This is known as sympathetic magick. We have covered a bit of this with crystal and candle magick.

Lucky charms have been used throughout the world for centuries to bring people the things they need and desire. The charms people use are infinite in number but can come from all sorts of places and things, from herb sachets, pillows, medicine bags, to wish and dream catchers and curse nets. And the intents that they are used for is many and varied also.

With charms unlike Talismans and amulets pretty much any material can be used to make a charm, or it can be an object of sentimental value or one you find in the street. In Britain Charms are given to brides on their wedding day, often these are horseshoes or wooden spoons decked with white ribbons to bring luck and love to a marriage. Also silver coins are pressed into newborn babies hands so they are never without.

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