If you have ever had brushes with precognition–thoughts that felt as though they were inspired, strong impressions, or an inner knowingness–you may have the gift of claircognizance.

You may have received impressions and your speech may have felt fired with inspiration, you may have been compelled to create, losing all track of time, or you may have had moments when your writing seemed to be directed by a force outside of yourself.

There is a reason so many creative people are driven to create. Many artists feel a compulsion, sparked by Higher Intelligence, that is guiding and directing them.

Claircognizance is a window into another realm–one that is not governed by time or space. Through claircognizance humans are given glimpses into the sublime, into worlds of beauty and possibility.

We share a connection to Universal Consciousness and those possessing intuitive or psychic abilities can tap into this divine source for inspiration and guidance. If you are claircognizant, you are fortunate indeed.

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