If You Have the Gift

Your psychic gift may be the ability to experience the mental, physical, and spiritual makeup of other people, locations, time periods, and all other things living now or in the past. Once you have absorbed any of these feelings, they become part of your energy. The feelings will continue to stay with you unless you are able to release them.

Any energy you absorb, positive or negative, can impact your own energy as long as it remains with you in the form it was received. If the energy is positive, it can have a positive effect on your total energy. But if the energy is negative, it can have a negative effect on your total energy.

If you are an energy absorber, you are not alone. Many other people do the same thing. You always look for the good, and it seems as if all you receive is the bad. Yet your natural ability is to care and to absorb. It’s okay to care and absorb, and it’s also okay — in fact, it’s even better — to turn the concerns and negative energy over to your Universal Team to help resolve and purify.

If you are an absorber, you may allow yourself to let the negative energy pass through you and out into the Universe for cleansing and healing. You need not be affected by the energy that is going through you.

Emotions That Become Physical Feelings

Do you ever get an emotional feeling that changes into a physical feeling? Perhaps the hair stands up on the back of your neck or you feel a pain in your neck. Your head might buzz, or you may feel a sudden heaviness in your stomach. Your knees might get weak, or perhaps you get a pain someplace in your body. Perhaps you experience some other kind of cue that lets you know that something is not right.

Sadness can cause you to feel heaviness in your heart center. Your third-eye chakra may respond to your aura being invaded by someone else’s energy. If you are grounded, you may be able to actually feel your protective shield or the bubble of golden light deflecting off the unwanted attempt to take over your space.

Not all transferences of emotional feelings are to warn you of bad news. You may get a body feeling that validates to you that something psychic is taking place at that moment. You may feel a buzz of psychic energy in one or more or your chakras. You may get a special feeling when someone is thinking positive thoughts about you. There are many ways in which you can transfer an emotional image into a physical feeling.

If you take in the emotional baggage of someone else, living or dead, you have become “responsible” for that person. Over a long period of time, the responsibility can affect your health. You can ask your spirit guides for help in getting released from this burden.

Manipulation of Energies

Part of clairsentience is being able to manipulate the energy of the Universe. Can you receive Universal Energy and then project it into someone else’s aura or body for the purpose of healing? Some of you may be able to bring the strength of the Universe through you rather than absorbing the negative energy from someone or something else. Do others find that you have a calming or healing effect when you touch them? Can you smooth out the energy in the auras of other people? If so, you may be a natural healer.

Is your energy so strong that it affects others without your even realizing it? Do you have trouble keeping wristwatches running? Do you have trouble with your electric appliances, computers, or other electronic items? If so, you may be emitting a very strong psychic energy field with the power to affect sensitive equipment.

Can you produce extra strength to move objects when you need to? Do you have the ability to move objects with your mind or by sending an energy field through your fingers? Many of you may have special strengths that are part of your psychic energy. If you have that gift, you have an opportunity to do a lot of good with your “power” from the Universe.

An Open, Balanced Heart Chakra

The energy connected to your clairsentient powers is located in the heart chakra. When the heart chakra is open, you are open to the emotional energy of many different sources. You may receive clairsentience from other people, animals, plants, objects, locations, time periods, ghosts, those on the Other Side, and forms of energy.

If your heart chakra is out of balance, you can receive too much feeling energy, or you might even absorb negative auras into your own aura. If your heart center is blocked, you will receive or be aware of very little emotion.

Protection for your clairsentience is extremely important. When your heart chakra is open and unbalanced, you could be overwhelmed with external emotional and internal feelings. They can come from people, locations, dreams, past lives, future events, ghosts, or deceased spirits.

Creative abilities are often the most powerful when the chakra centers are open. At those times, artists, writers, musicians, or dancers produce and/or perform their greatest work. When they are caught up in the energy flow, they are in a state in which their conscious minds are not fully aware of what is taking place. They can only focus on the creative flow until it has run its course. These trance states may last a short time or may go on for days, placing the artist at risk of losing touch with reality.

When the centers close up again, the creative effort may or may not be complete. If the results are unfinished, there is always the possibility that the centers will not open again. If the work is complete, there may be a chance that the chakras will remain closed and that there will be no more works of that kind produced again. It is the ego mind that causes the doubt, not the intuitive trance. If you are balanced, the flow is natural. The creative energy will always be there in its own way, which will always be the correct way for that moment in time.

A Chakra-Balancing Exercise

You may open and balance your heart chakra with the chakra-balancing exercise. Find a comfortable place to relax and focus on your breathing. Begin by connecting to your third-eye chakra, and ask your Universal Power to bring down its loving and peaceful positive energy. Include the protective bubble of universal golden light and let it flow over and around you.

When you are ready, let yourself open and balance each chakra, beginning with your third eye and on downward until you release the kundalini energy to mix with the peace and love of the Universe. Now let yourself be aware that your crown chakra is open and balanced and ready to receive the proper clairsentience that is right for you at this time. Allow yourself to focus on your heart chakra.

Investigate Your Clairsentience

From your relaxed state, with your focus on your heart chakra, you may begin to investigate the particular manner in which you receive your intuitive feelings and how you can develop and use them. Do you feel emotions? If so, what kind of emotions do you feel? Can you feel the moods of other people or animals? Can you feel the moods of specific locations or from objects?

Can you feel the moods of spirits of beings who may have died and left unresolved issues on the earth plane? Do you feel emotions about certain events in a different period of history or about the future? Are you overwhelmed with emotions at certain times and don’t know why? Do you feel the emotions of family or friends with whom you do not have daily contact? Do you ever get a “gut feeling” that you should contact someone immediately?

Feeling Connected

Do you feel that you are in tune with your life work? That does not mean that you are necessarily sure of the absolute direction you are going. Being in tune means more that you feel you are being guided in the direction you should be going. Do you have a deep feeling inside that you are a part of a much larger movement and that many more people are involved? Do you feel that even a resistance is something that may be placed there for a reason that you do not yet understand?

Do you feel out of place with the rest of the world? Do you feel as if you are living in the wrong time? Do you resist your gut feelings and take actions that you do not feel are the right ones? Do you take actions that seem to be compelled by some energy that is not your own? If so, you may be an old soul who is more in tune with a past life than the one you’re currently living.

An old soul is a person who has been through many reincarnations. That person’s soul contains a lot of psychic memories that can come through an open chakra. If the person is not aware of what is happening, he or she may find this psychic information to be extremely painful.

The feeling of being disconnected is not uncommon for an old soul. You may be aware that you spend a lot of time fighting your emotions rather than trying to communicate with them. Once you understand the psychic abilities you have in this lifetime, you can understand and develop them to help you get back in tune and connected to your life map and life work.

Combining Your Psychic Senses

Once you gain some understanding of your clairsentient abilities, you can then work to merge them with your other senses. First, let’s combine your feeling sense with vision and hearing. As you do so, you will become aware of how these three senses work for you and how they can be used in your psychic development.

When you are ready, you may get comfortable and focus on your breathing. Next focus on your third-eye chakra and feel yourself connecting to a loving and peaceful flow of Universal Energy. Now you may open and balance your chakras as you feel the protective bubble of golden universal light totally covering you.

Continue to focus on your third eye, and then add in your throat and your heart chakras. When you are ready, ask your Universal Power that you may see, hear, and feel the psychic information that is right for you at this moment in time. If you have a specific question for the Universe, your guides, or your angels, you may ask it at this time and give permission for the answer to come when it is ready to be received. You may give yourself a few moments to let the images form in your mind.

What’s your best form of communication?
If you communicate with your guides, angels, or other spirits, can you see, hear, and feel them? Is one of the senses stronger than the others? Or do all three of your senses help develop a stronger connection to your guides, angels, or other spirits?

Add the Senses of Taste and Smell

In addition to sight, hearing, and feeling, you may also use your senses of taste and smell to help produce your psychic images. It is now time to add them to your intuitive assessment exercise. Some of you will get powerful images through smell. The smells you sense may come to you as a communication from the Other Side, or you may experience a smell from a different period of time when you visit certain locations. Whenever you are receiving psychic information, pay attention to which one or more of your senses are gathering the information.

As you remain in the trance, ask yourself the following questions. Do certain tastes or smells evoke psychic images? Do these images relate to past lives or future events? Or can you experience something that is taking place in present time, simultaneously though in a different location? Do you ever have visions? If so, in which one or more of the five senses do you experience them?

Can you visit a location and experience it in a different period of time, using all five of your senses? Can you see, hear, feel, taste, or smell what took place there before or what will take place there in the future? Can you project to a different location and experience with all your five senses what is happening at the same moment? Can you communicate using your mind with someone who is not with you physically?

Can you see, feel, hear, or smell other spirits? Do your guides, angels, or other spirits have a particular scent? Which one or more of your senses are the strongest and most reliable at experiencing psychic external images? Which sense is the weakest? Are there any other types of psychic images that you experience that could be developed for positive use and to help guide you along your life map?

Create a Psychic Anchor

You have now engaged your five different senses in imagery designed to help you identify your psychic gifts. The more you can identify your strengths, the more useful they will be in the rest of this book as you examine specific psychic functions. You may be strong in all of them or strong in some of them.

When you are in your relaxed state, with your chakras in balance, give yourself a key word or touch that will help you bring back your intuitive state. The more you can enter a safe and protected intuitive trance, the more you will maintain your balance. It is okay to carry your bubble with you.

If you feel overwhelmed emotionally and are having trouble finding a balance in your life, you should seek out a qualified counselor in your area. Sometimes a person forgets how to close an open channel once it is open, and in that case it is advisable to get some help.

Beware of Misusing Your Gifts

The goal as you develop your psychic gifts is to understand what your ability is and to become comfortable in engaging it. Remember, no one on earth is just like you. No one has your special psychic abilities.

However, there are people who use their psychic gifts for their own selfish gain. They are very good at identifying absorbers, for instance, and taking full advantage of them to satisfy their egos. They have a need to control with their psychic powers. But what they don’t realize is that the power they wield is not their own but the power of the Universe. They may possess what seems to others great power and control in their current lifetime, but they may be out of tune with their life purpose. It is inevitable that they will have to settle the score with their karmas sometime in the future. Beware of these psychic predators who feed on the unsuspecting, leaving a wake of confusion and self-doubt in those whom they successfully dominate.


Clairsentience and Crystals

Take the Amethyst charm (or any charm or necklace made from sterling silver) and put this around your neck. Then with the sodalite stone (or any purple/indigo stone) in your right hand go into a placewhere you want to sense its atmosphere or to a place where you think there may be ghosts.

Once in the area find a place to sit or stand and clear your mind. Now visualise the amethyst charm around your neck and see an energy emanating from this and covering your body. Then follow the same technique for the Sodalite stone, see its energy emanating through your whole body. Now walk forward into the area and look around you. What you need to look for is anything that has a mysterious glow about it or anything that is slightly clouded or fuzzy to your vision or anything that is out-of-the ordinary. You may not visually see anything but may instead sense an atmosphere, a part of the room may make you feel more gloomy or depressed or you may feel more tense or angry. If this happens then you are probably in close proximity to a ghost and are picking up on its feelings. These feelings are usually negative as ghosts are unhappy spirits not yet released from this world.

This may be as far as you want to go. But if you want to contact this energy or ghost that you sense then go directly to the spot where the energies are most strong and take off your Amethyst charm. Fasten the charm as if being worn and hang it from your right hand between your thumb and next finger. Now say to the energy/ghost. “I will swing this pendulum clockwise for yes and anticlockwise for no. Please alter its swing to let me know your answers. Then think of a question you want to ask. Swing the charm at random and ask the question which must have a yes/no answer (Were your born in the 20th Century? are you male or female etc). Watch whether the pendulum then swings clockwise (yes) or anticlockwise (no), You can learn a lot this way. Whether you communicate with the ghost or not you can try to release it from its torment. To do this go to the strongest area of energy/feeling and say “I release you spirit, away from this world and on to the next, you time on earth has ended.” This is a simple, effective and positive way to help move ghosts on. You may need to repeat over a few days before the energy goes.

You may find that the energy you contact is not a human intelligence, but something else. This is okay, but if you are told to do anything by the energy or feel any negativity then say “Be gone I wish no more from you” and quickly leave the area.

If at anytime you feel frightened or want to get a way then shout, “Protect me Universe as I leave this place and banish all evil” and leave.

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