The foundation is laid and it’s time to start your communication with your angels. The angels are just as excited to connect with you, and it is an honor for them to serve you and guide you along your journey. Be open and experiment with the different suggestions. Discover what feels right for you and which method provides you with a direct link to experience heaven on earth.

Creating a Sacred Space

Your sacred space is a place of retreat where you can step away from your busy everyday life. It’s a quiet, peaceful place where you can connect with the loving presence and assistance of the angels. You don’t need to wait until you have a whole room available. You can pick a favorite chair, a small corner of your home or apartment, a bench outdoors, or even the shower can be a perfect place to retreat where no one can bother you.

A wonderful way to start your day is to enter your sacred space and ask the angels to fill your day with blessings. Ask them to show you what you need to know throughout the day. Enter again at night and release your worries and fears to the angels. Complete your day with gratitude and thank the angels for all that they do.

How do you create your sacred space? It’s very personal and must be meaningful to you. Picture your sacred space as a little getaway where you can experience safety, peace, and clarity.

Here are some suggestions for creating your sacred space:

  • Play peaceful music.
  • Display pictures of your favorite religious deities.
  • Display pictures of your loved ones living or deceased.
  • Light candles to create the energy.
  • Place crystals or rocks collected from meaningful places.
  • Place pictures or statues of angels.
  • Find a special journal to write in.
  • Have a fountain with the soothing sound of water.
  • Turn the ringer off on your phone.

After your sacred space is created, set your intention that this is your special place to come where you can let go, pray, and be open to the gifts and miracles of the angels. Each and every time you enter your space, invite the angels to gather and ask them to surround you in their loving light and protection. Ask them to fill your space with the highest vibration of divine white light and energy and know that with every breath that you take, you will become one with this sacred healing light.


Meditation is one of the most powerful ways to connect and communicate with the angelic realm. Your body relaxes and the chatter in your mind slows down so you can connect with the higher vibration of the angels that surround you. The sensations in your body are more attuned to feel the love and warmth of the angels. Your mind quiets and the pathways open so you can listen and hear messages of divine guidance. Meditation will also create a space where it’s easier for the angels to communicate with you because the outside distractions of the world are silenced.

After you meditate or do intuitive exercises, ask the angels to “zip up” your energy field. You don’t want to walk around wide open to receive psychic information from everyone. Ask the angels to protect you and request that they keep your clairs open only when it’s in your highest and best to receive this information.

If you are curious to learn more and you are ready to open your heart to the angels, then make a point to schedule some quality time for meditation. You can start with ten minutes. Spend some time in prayer and share with the angels your concerns and requests. As you discover the benefits from taking this time for yourself, you might want to experiment with listening to a guided meditation CD or spend some time writing your thoughts to the angels.

Another option is to seek out a meditation class or retreat. Some people benefit from the group energy atmosphere. It may help you to connect with other like-minded people and a facilitator who can give you some guidance and answer your questions. Trust and know that there is no right or wrong way to meditate; it’s a matter of experimenting and discovering the best method for you.

Meeting Your Guardian Angel

Can you imagine what it would feel like to know that you are never alone and you have an angel watching over you and protecting you at all times? God assigned you at least two guardian angels at the time of your birth and they will be with you until the time that you leave this earth plane. Remember, you have to ask your guardian angels to be a part of your life.

How can I know for sure that my guardian angel is there?

Ask for a sign from them to know beyond any doubt that they are there to guide you along your journey. You can ask for a specific sign like a rose or you can ask for something that is significant to you.

There are different ways to connect with your guardian angels. First, share your desires with them. If you want to meet them in your meditation or dream state, ask them to make their presence known to you. If you want to feel comforted by their love or you want to know that you are safe and protected, then ask your guardian angels to help you feel this. If you want to receive messages of guidance, ask them to help you hear their loving voices through your thoughts.

Meditation to Connect with Your Guardian Angel

Would you like to meet your guardian angel? Go to your sacred space and set the intention that you will meet your guardian angel.

Get comfortable and close your eyes and take a couple of deep breaths.

(Pause) Let go of whatever happened before your meditation and do the same for whatever is going to take place after your meditation. This is your special time and you are going to meet your guardian angel. Now in your mind’s eye, imagine yourself in a beautiful meadow: the sun’s shining, it’s a beautiful day, and nature is singing all around you. The beautiful soothing light from the sun relaxes you and comforts you. You can really let go and just be there. (Pause)

As you look ahead, you see a beautiful path and you go toward the path, intrigued by where it may lead. As you follow the path you feel lighter and lighter. (Pause) It leads you into the most beautiful garden you have ever seen. This is your soul’s garden. You can see, feel, and create all the beauty you desire in your garden. If you want waterfalls, there are waterfalls. If you desire animals, beautiful flowers and colors, it’s all there. You create the garden of your wishes. Know that it’s peaceful, it’s sacred, and there is so much love in this garden. (Pause) Now, look for that perfect place to sit and rest. It could be a bench, a hammock, or you may just lie on the ground. (Pause) Know that as you sit in this beautiful place, your desire is to meet your guardian angel. Call out and ask your guardian angel to come close so you can feel or see her presence and know beyond any doubt that this is your guardian angel. Sit in silence, breathe, and receive. (Pause) When you’re ready, ask your guardian angel if she has a message for you. (Pause) Ask that your guardian angel continue to guide you to the answers to your prayers. Share if there is anything you need help with. Thank your guardian angel and express your desire that you would like your guardian angel to continue to make her presence known to you.

Your guardian angels’ mission is to serve and guide you. If you allow them, they can be your best friends, your teachers, and your bodyguards in spirit.

Writing with Your Angels

Journaling with your angels can be both healing and enlightening. Some people do very well with this technique of communication. Writing the messages might make it easier for you to bypass your intellectual mind so you can allow the pen to record the angelic thoughts flowing through your consciousness.

One way to start is to clear your mind. You can do this by writing on paper all the thoughts that go through your mind. They can be mundane like, “I loved my cup of coffee this morning” or they can be filled with stress and fear like, “I don’t know how I am going to pay my mortgage this month.” Just write and fill the pages until the pen stops or your mind quiets.

The more you practice, the easier it gets and the more the words just flow onto the paper. A wonderful time to do this is early in the morning before you start your day. The mind is clearer, and what a beautiful way to start the day, with a message from your angels.

After your mind is clear, turn to a blank page and write at the top of the page, “My dearest angels, what would you like to say to me today?” Then breathe in the love of the angels all around you, listen, feel, and write down whatever comes to you. If you get images or colors, write them down. If you just get words, write them down. If you receive feelings, record the feeling. Trust that as you put your pen to the paper and you start writing, the words will come. Try not to think about what you are writing and certainly don’t concern yourself with spelling, just write and let it flow.

Asking a Specific Question

You can also use writing to ask your angels to answer a specific question. Again, clear your mind through meditation or release your thoughts by writing them on paper. Then ask your angels to guide you during your writing session and ask them to lead you to your highest and best. On a blank piece of paper, write at the top, “Dearest angels, please give me your guidance on the following question (then write your question).” Breathe with the angels, listen, feel, and write down anything that comes to you. When you read your message, notice how it feels. If it is loving, encouraging, and supportive then this is a message from your angels. Then ask for guidance, ask for peace and allow yourself to receive the answers you are searching for. Trust that these messages can flow easily through the clarity of your thoughts onto the paper.

Angel Mail

This is a very powerful yet playful way to communicate with your angels. The angels want you to surrender your worries and prayers to them so they can help you.

Have you ever heard of the statement, “Let go and let God”? When you hold on so tight to your issues or when you want to control the outcome of your life, you get in your own way and it’s harder for the angels to help you. Sending angel mail is a wonderful way to let go and ask for help. Write a letter to your angels and share your prayers, worries, and concerns, both for yourself and others. Then put it in an envelope and symbolically or literally mail it to God and the angels. As you mail it, surrender it and trust that it will be read and heard. Ask for divine resolution to occur and then let it go.

I am only getting words and not sentences. Am I doing something wrong?
No, there is no right or wrong way to communicate with the angels. Words can be very powerful. Listen and pay attention to the words you received. If you practice, words will eventually flow into sentences.

This is also a wonderful technique for children to use. They can color or write their prayers or fears on paper and together you can mail it to God. Imagine if you can teach a child from a very young age that she can let go of what’s bothering her. Remind her that she can go to God and the angels for help. After you share this gift with your child, watch the peace on her face as she puts the letter in the mailbox.

Spend Time in Nature

Nature is God’s sacred space and by spending time in its beauty you can easily connect to the oneness of all that is. In nature you can let go of the outside world and you can take time to breathe. You can distance yourself from the distractions that clog your mind and your emotions. Nature can be a very healing place if you allow yourself to receive its gifts.

No matter what time of year it is, you can commune with the angels and the energy of God in nature. Leave your headphones at home and walk in silence, listen and breathe. Ask the angels to clear your energy and your mind. Imagine the wind taking away all your cares and worries. As you breathe with nature, imagine breathing with the one breath of God. Then ask for guidance, ask for peace, and allow yourself to receive the answers you are searching for. The message might come from the sounds of nature or through the clarity of your thoughts. Nature is also just a wonderful place to just be with nothing to do. Take time out of your busy schedule to receive the blessings of God’s beautiful creation.

Talking to Your Angels in the Car

Life can be crazy, running from one thing to the other. If you can relate to this and your day is filled with responsibilities and an endless to-do list, then this method of connecting with the angels is perfect for you.

If you are running late and rushing to get somewhere on time, ask the angels to clear the traffic and give you green lights until you reach your destination. Also ask them to stretch time so you can get there on time.
God and the angels are everywhere and they are even present while you are driving in your car. So make the car your sacred space. Turn off the radio and invite your angels into your car. Ask your guardian angel to sit in the passenger seat and ask your other angels to fill the back seat. Then breathe with the comfort and support of knowing they are there with you. The angels are great listeners, so share with them your worries, fears, and concerns. Ask for the help you need so you can experience peace, balance, and joy.

It sounds so simple, but this time can be precious for those on the go. You will find that spending this time in silence and communion with your angels will create blessings throughout your entire day.

Dream with the Angels

Dream encounters with the angels have been described both in the Bible and in other sacred texts. Their visitations are also experienced by the everyday person. It’s also noted that some people who have had near-death experiences or have been in a coma state have had very detailed and emotional encounters with the angels and God.

The average person spends eight hours a day sleeping, so this time can be used very wisely when working with the angels. During your time of sleep your conscious mind steps back, and because of this, you can get out of your own way so you can open up to other realms of consciousness. Before you go to sleep at night, ask the angels to enter your dream state. Ask them to help you remember what you dreamed the night before.

If you tend to have scary dreams or you are afraid of opening up in your dreamtime, before you go to sleep ask the angels to keep you safe and protected. If you are experiencing precognitive dreams (dreaming about future events), ask the angels to help you remember only what you need to know.
You can ask for help with the following in your dream state:

  • Ask the angels for any healing you need, physical, emotional, or mental.
  • Ask the angels to help you connect with your loved ones in spirit so you can receive a message that they are okay.
  • Ask the angels for guidance about anything in your life.
  • Ask the angels for spiritual teaching or help in learning what you need to know to further your development.
  • Ask the angels to help you travel to other places and other times.
  • Ask the angels to help you connect with them and any other guides or divine helpers that want to work with you.

Choose to open up to the angels during this powerful time of sleep. Affirm before you go to bed, “Dearest angels, please enter my dreamtime tonight and help me with healing and share with me your clear messages of divine guidance (ask a specific question if you like). Please help me remember whatever I need to know when I awaken. Thank you.” Keep a dream journal by your bed and when you wake up, record all your thoughts and impressions from the night before. You may be able to interpret some dreams immediately, while other dreams may be more symbolic and you might not understand them in that moment. Continue to record your dreams and in time your symbolism will transform into meaningful insight.

As you can see, there are many fun and different ways to explore and experiment with as you learn to communicate and connect with your angels. Play with them and enjoy each one. Discover which methods work best for you and continue your practice as you create a beautiful relationship and channel of communication between yourself and the angels.

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