Quartz crystals are a gift from the earth. They have the ability to amplify or strengthen the things in you that are positive, and can help you put away things that cause you fear or anger. They can strengthenyour ability to be a loving person, and can enhance your abilities to enjoy life and accomplish the things you want in life. They can amplify INTENTION, reduce stress, help with CENTERING (balancing or calming), strengthen HEALING abilities, and surround you with PROTECTION by amplifying white light. Any healthy quartz crystal point can strengthen these things and help produce personal growth by amplifying the subtle energies that flow inside you.

To select a crystal, first put yourself in a calm space. Hold the crystal in your right hand with the point towards you. Feel it physically. Be open to sensations like TINGLING, or change in temperature. Also feel the crystal emotionally. Think of the purpose you want it for, and see if you feel attracted to it. Be more concerned with how it feels than how it looks. Allow the crystal to pick you by interacting with it in this way. And remember to go with your initial feeling. If you need a specialized type of crystal to work with, consider one of the types described below.

To determine what type of crystal a particular specimen is, we first look at the largest of the faces sloping towards the point, and count its sides.

The most common form has six sides to the largest face. This type of point acts as a comprehensive amplifier in that it strengthens all of a persons energies or human qualities. Its attributes are the most general, with the widest range of uses, as opposed to the more specific powers of the crystals described below, with 5, 7, or 8 edges to their largest face.



A crystal with a five-sided face is called an Isis crystal. It is believed the Isis crystal will put you in touch with and strongly amplify your feminine energy, and can help you get in touch with the ‘female’ or unselfish side of yourself, no matter whether you are a man or a woman. Isis crystals put you in touch with the power of the Goddess. For men, the Isis crystal will help you become more in tune with your feminine side and to become more aware of the aspects of women that you may find troubling. For women, the Isis crystal will help you regain some of the power and energy that society has taken from you.

Any healings can be enhanced with the use of an Isis crystal, as they are used to direct nurturing motherly energies toward a person. You can either do this during a face-to-face healing, or distance healing, whilst holding the point away from you and visualising white light flowing from its tip and surrounding the person in question, healing and nurturing them. You can also use the Isis crystal to perform a nurturing ritual for yourself, simply sit with the point facing you, visualizing the white light flowing from the point and surrounding you.



Channelling crystals have seven sides to their largest face. The number seven is a metaphysical number symbolic of the student, the mystic, and the seeker of deeper truths and spiritual wisdom. Each side of the seven sides of the main face represents the seven qualities that the human consciousness must attain in order to access and channel the wisdom of the inner soul.
A Channelling crystal can only be used by the person holding it, in other words, you are not able to send information to another person through it, however, you can receive information regarding someone else using the crystal yourself.

They can be very helpful when you have a problem which you don’t seem to be able to solve through usual reasoning patterns, as they are used for drawing information either from deep inside yourself, or from sources beyond our reasoning. People often use these type of crystals to gain contact with their “spirit guide”. This type of crystal can be used anytime that you are seeking answers or guidance. Even just holding a Channelling crystals can help you gain inspiration and insights.

Communication with Guide: A channeling crystal is a line of communication with sources outside yourself. Generally, the main source is your guide. A guide is a non-physical entity whose primary job is to look after you. Every human being has a guide. Guides are sometimes called other things, such as conscience, or angels, but they are always with us. We must learn to listen to what they have to say. Your guide will never tell you what to do, or interfere in other ways with what you want to do, but your guide is there to help you find answers for yourself. And you can use your channeling crystal to let your guide be your conscience.

A channeling crystal can only be used by the person holding it. In other words, you can’t send the energy to someone else in order to let him receive the information directly. However, since guides communicate readily with each other, you can become good at getting information to people by asking your guide to give you the needed information for someone else, and then relaying it to the person. This is how you channel information for others. Channeling crystals amplify the quiet inner voice of your guide, and can be a big help in learning how to channel information, both for yourself and for others.


A crystal with three, primary, seven-sided faces and three secondary triangular faces between them. It is believed this crystal is a combination crystal that incorporates the properties of both a Channneler and a Transmitter crystal in one crystal. It is the crystal for creativity and service to humanity through both spiritual and mystical pursuits. Provides for a continuous connective force between the holder of the crystal and “All That Is”. It is considered one of the “Twelve Master Crystals” and is a powerful teaching and healing crystal.


Transmitters are recognized by a configuration of two symmetrical seven-sided faces with a perfect triangular face located between them. Through the use of these crystals, one can connect to the highest wisdom and can receive specific information to specific circumstances, OR can receive the universal truth necessary for ones growth to enlightenment.



grounding_300A crystal with an eight sided face is called a Grounding crystal. They are quite rare and not easily available. Grounding crystals help you deal with practical matters in a logical and clear-headed way, attuning you to Earth energies and preventing your thoughts from becoming “scattered“. An ungrounded person does not like to deal with the practical or realistic aspects of life, and can benefit from using a grounding crystal. When used in meditation, they allow you to form a strong connection with higher knowledge, but keep you grounded so you can apply that information in a practical sense. When using a grounding crystal to work through a person problem, remember that it will require you to look at the truth of the situation and compel you to deal with that truth.

It is often hard to recognize when you may need this type of crystal, as ungrounded people are used to feeling “spacey’, and may not even realise that their actions/way of thinking are not grounded. Some signs that may help you recognize the need for a grounding crystal include lack of concentration, feeling reluctant to tackle tasks that need doing, and the feeling that you are running in circles but not getting anywhere. If you need to help someone else become more grounded, you can sit holding the crystal, and visualise them firmly rooted to the earth.


A crystal covered or partially covered with smaller crystals. The larger crystal is the “Old Soul” and contains the wisdom and trust which attracts the smaller crystals. It is believed the Barnacle crystal will help stimulate family or group cooperation being excellent for those employed in “service organizations” to help stimulate a group cohesiveness and willingness to work together. Also a companion when having lost a loved one.


A crystal that has a smaller crystal(s) that either penetrates and/or is lodged partially into the crystal with the other part protruding from the crystal this crystal is quite beneficial when a person is striving to work with various aspects of spirituality. These crystals are used for working on advanced metaphysical areas, and are attempting to share this knowledge with others seeking a spiritual path. This is the ultimate spiritual teacher’s crystal. or to heal childhood issues blocking growth. The inner child name is often given to those where the tip of the embedded crystal is inside the main crystal and these are also said to help people who have had a traumatic, physically or emotionally, childhood. Those with the crystal embedded with the point out are also sometimes also called manifestation crystals and used for bringing plans and dreams into reality.


These may look as if they are made of separate parts but each is a single crystal almost identical to the others and bonded completely into a Mother crystal they are sometimes mistaken for elestials but they are very different they usually have only a single termination and have a stepped appearance from a kind of internal double spiral formation they are both connectors to the Universal Sacred and storehouses of information They are group teaching crystals sharing attunement with what is called God and Love and the quest for greater truth and knowledge. They are in a way impersonal crystals working with groups and sharing information and light with all who seek to receive from them .


New configuration of quartz from Brazil, the unusual feature of this crystal is the tiny diamond shaped facets around the termination (tip) of the crystal. These tiny facets resemble crystals, which dangle from a chandelier, thus its name. Another interesting feature of these crystals are the multiple indentations or tiny groups of indentations which are pronounced on certain crystal faces.

Chandelier crystals are bringers of light. Enhances ones own light. Allows discovery of our Inner Light and what it means to us. These crystals are now showing up because of the new millenium, we are finally ready to explore our inner selves and to discover the spirit we each possess. This crystal will bring back our memory that we are all spirit, all one God. It doesn’t matter what name you call this higher force, it is simply that you believe. You can ask for guidance and even pray with your entire being. The next step is to let go and surrender, the Chandelier crystal realizes that once we surrender our needs to the higher force, that we will receive what we need. This unique crystal holds the one simple truth.


Crystals which have grown together, free-standing or on a sandstone base. A cluster will fill a room with positive energy and are therefore very useful for clearing negative energies from an environment. You may want to use one when moving into a new home, or after an argument to calm the atmosphere. Clear Quartz can be used to foster protection, cooperation, purification, harmony, friendship and intimacy. Amethyst or Smokey quartz clusters can be used to keep the spirit centred, as they have a certain property that keeps all the energy centres in the body aligned, balanced, and in harmony with each other.

Quartz Crystal Clusters are very healing for all chakras. Brings light into the aura bodies, promotes spiritual expansion and awareness, clears negativity on all levels, aids emotional stability, speeds healing and brings goodness on every level. Quartz can be used to facilitate both speaking with, and receiving information from the spiritual and other worldly masters, teachers and healers. Quartz crystal plates serve to bring group energy to the surrounding environment, enhancing harmony in groups, in the family, and in other social environments. Great to have in an office environment when business meetings are frequent.


Crystals in which one crystal is in the process of consuming (engulfing) another. This mineral is a “stone for metamorphosis and progression”. It can help one to flow with constant regulation through the many fluctuations necessary in the physical world.


Crystals which have a curved shape or which the sides are curved. Produced during the developmental stages, this is a rare occurrence. They emanate a gentle yet powerful energy and can be used to cleanse the aura, promote flexibility in ones attitude, and provide strength in decisions, among other things. It allows one to see the inner workings of any situation and to understand the superficial and deeper meanings inherent in same.


double-terminated-crystalA Crystal that is naturally terminated (pointed) on both ends. These crystals don’t grow on a matrix like other crystals do. They form free-floating in clay pockets, that’s why they have two terminations. It is believed that they have the ability to receive or transmit energy from both ends and are especially useful when you need to share or exchange energy between you and another person. They strengthen energy flow, and are used for alignment, patience, perseverance, protection, dreaming and astral projection. They promote psychic ability and dream recall; to balance the body, mind and spirit.

If you want to use the crystal for healing or any other work with another person, hold it in your hand, pointed toward the person. Visualise appropriate energies flowing into you through the crown chakra (top of your head), down through the body, along the arm and into the crystal. See it magnify and then travel into the other person. This can also work with distance healing. If you have children, try sending positive energy to the child when they are upset or angry. It can have a very calming effect on both of you. The same can be done if you are experiencing arguing and upset with a partner.

DRUSY (pronounced ‘DREW-zee’)

drusy-quartzVery small points which are described as “a myriad of very closely set tiny crystals”. The Drusy Clusters consist of tiny crystal points in their very formation, and are encrusted on either sandstone or quartz based matrixes.


Skeletal quartz a crystal with natural terminations over the body and faces, of an etched and or layered crystal. They are very unusual appearing crystals often resembling the human brain. Many bear a smoky color.

They can help align the physical with the angelic realms this crystal can repair damaged cells in the brain and rewire the damaged areas to bring back new life. They are powerful, powerful crystals that have been brought into this reality, at this time, to assist in the mass cleansing, healing, and reawakening that is currently occurring on this reality plane. Elestials are the great comforters to those who are in the dying process and they assist to release the fear of leaving the physical body in order to identify with the immortality of the soul. There are dozens of other uses and qualities for the elestial.


Empathic crystals are ones which are chipped or damaged in some way. They promote understanding, compassion, kindness and empathy. They open and heal the hearts of those who have closed them while also protecting the open-hearted from too much pain.


A crystal with a single termination at one end and multiple terminations at the other end. These help to unify diverse groups or individuals working together. Unifying families and promoting unity etc. These crystals are also used to bring in energy and increase physical vitality. Helping one to appreciate and understand diversity and complex spiritual information. Also (possibly mistakenly ) called Extra-Terrestrial Crystal (ET): It is believed Extra-Terrestrial Crystal will help channel space beings, celestial beings, and guardian angels (and maybe information from deva or fairies). While some do report this kind of experience with these the first definition seems to apply to more of this form.


A crystal that has clearly visible within their interior structure a milky feather line, located usually at or in proximity to the centre of the crystal, perpendicular to the termination of the crystal. Faden lines manifest primarily in tabby shaped crystals, but have on extremely rare occasions, have been found in a normal single point crystal. It is believed that the line represents the seed point of growth and they have the ability to activate or start new growth within one’s self or within someone you are working with, utilizing healing energy.It is also a stone for astral travel.


faery-frost-crystalClear crystal with fractures and inclusions within. To facilitate communication with the spirits in nature; to open our hearts to the beauty and magic of nature; to encourage us to care for Mother Earth.

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