By Silver Eagle Dreamer

Unintentional Directed Energies

Let us imagine your at work and your boss calls you into the office. He’s upset about the quality of your work and makes no bones about telling you to your face. This is what I would call an example of directed energies. The frustration and anger ARE meant for you.. ie directed. It’s all too easy to not only take these energies in and feel either responsible or put out – you may also experience the urge to take them out on someone else in turn. What do you do with all of that?

You could take it out on the next poor sap. First, I feel its important to note that the urge to take it out on the next person that crosses your path is natural.. and believe it or not – healthy. It’s the equivalent of energy ‘vomiting’. Your energy system simply got too much and is trying to quickly rid itself. Frequently, the empath may experience physical symptoms for days after such and encounter – stomach pains, headaches and dysentery. While it’s a healthy reaction for your energy systems to ‘reject’ the energy directed at you – you don’t have to expose someone else to it to do so.

The other natural response is to close up entirely. This is also healthy but not advisable, for obvious reasons.

The simplest way to handle it:

1. Learn to separate the information from the emotions you receive.

In the example, there may be things that your boss is right about that you need to change and that information is important.

2. Learn to question the emotions you receive.

You can’t help the fact that you were dumped on. Even the best shielding sometimes won’t stop things that are directed specifically at you. You must learn to accept there are times that you will have to just live with it. In cases like those, learning is your best defense. It’s not going to feel good – it’s not going to be fun but it will be worth it when you finally overcome it.

When an emotion first hits – it comes with information that trickles into your awareness. Now… where you are in your personal growth determines how it’s interpreted. If you are insecure – then likely your insecurities will interpret the intruding energies and follow a progression something like this:

‘He’s upset at me’ (recognition of a personal attack- insecurity trigger) ‘He doesn’t like me’ (taking the attack in) ‘He’s going to fire me at any moment.’ (magnification of insecurities leading to a conclusion) ‘ I deserve it. I’m always messing up. What is wrong with me….’

Now – to turn this around try this: ‘He’s upset ’ (recognition of a situational reality)

Is he right about the information regarding your performance? If so.. correct it. If not, consider that he is letting you know what his expectations are and decide whether you can meet them or not.

‘Is he upset at me?’ (questioning emotions received)

You know, even if a person IS upset AT you – that doesn’t mean it has anything to do with you in reality. Learning to recognize this is what I call empathic maturity. Frequently – people will defend what is literally un-defendable because it had nothing to do with you personally. Maybe he burned his tongue on coffee? And no – he shouldn’t take it out on you… but he did. Now you choose what you want to do with it.

Basic psychology is to validate what the other person is feeling. In the case of a higher up – you DO have to answer to them so long as you choose to work with them. You do not however, have to take abuse. If you’re in a situation where it’s not wise to voice your feelings on the subject – then you must choose what you will do with it internally. Even if you can’t understand what or why a person is feeling something – you can understand THAT they feel it and accept that those are their feelings. And that’s a key – their feelings. Not yours, theirs.

Intentional Directed Energies

It is rare to come upon someone with the skill to actually direct an empathic attack at you. That’s very important to remember! But there are those that can and no discussion would be complete without addressing that as well.

How can you tell when it’s intended as an empathic attack?

1. If it hits at the heart of your empathy.

2. If it hits at your connection with your Creator

3. If it cuts through every layer of being you are aware you have and a few you don’t.

4. If it comes with feeling of malevolence… (drippy, sickening, sticky, foul, clingy). There will be NO mistaking it if you feel it – so if you wonder if it is, it probably isn’t. This is KEY. There will never be an intentional directed attack without it.

What to do about it.

1. Focus all your energy on Creator immediately.

2. Cleanse immediately! Use the tub version I gave in another post.

3. Begin protective prayers immediately! I have a prayer that I use specifically for this. It may be helpful for you to create one that you can use and are comfortable with. If all else fails – The Lords Prayer is an excellent one for dealing with that situation.

4. Choose against the attack. Many of these intentional attacks can be fended off by simply and consciously rejecting the advance. That is the power of free will!

5. Set up an appropriate shield for yourself and your environment. We have some here on the site and I’ll be putting up a post on more sometime soon.

6. Learn. Even when attacked or provoked – if you learn from it, you become stronger because of it. Choose to learn.

7. Let it go to Creator. There’s no earthly reason anyone need put up with a directed attack. Put it where it belongs – with Creator.

It’s worth a word about counterattacks here. I gear these posts for beginners to intermediate in terms of empathic awareness. Know this – you are not without power as an empath BUT with that comes response-ability. What sort of person/empath do you want to be? Do you want to become one like may have attacked you or do you want to be in partnership with your Creator and move in harmony with the universe? That’s something only you can decide. Remember always that what can be used to help – can be used to harm. And also remember that what comes around goes around. If you choose the world of counterattacks, pain and suffering – then that’s what you’ll end up with in the end. These methods I’ve offered are Creator inspired ways to cope with attacks that involve learning, understanding, and a basic respect for all living souls in ways that will hopefully benefit anyone. But there are other methods which I will not offer – that follow a different path that doesn’t respect life. It’s still – all about choice. I wouldn’t feel right without warning you what that path can lead to. Remember respect, no matter what you’re exposed to, and you’ll remain on the path of Creator.

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