Emotional shielding:

As stated in lesson one, shielding for an Empath is imperative, and here are a few basic reasons why you need to and how to do it.

First off, the world can be a very hostile place and for an Empath, overt or even covert hostility can be painful and even damaging, so first things first.

Calmness: Work on creating a centered space in the mind of calmness, certitude, at ease with yourself. To be alert and aware, does NOT mean to be tense as a tick. If you are tense, you tend to break rather than bend when things happen. The way of the uncarved block, so said the Tao, is the state you want, you are not pre-disposed to anything, but are ready for anything.

Make a safe haven inside your head, which is yet another mental exercise, which is not, as is commonly believed, a bolt hole to jump into … no, rather it is a pond of calm and collectiveness, that you can tap into at need, and sort of, wash the whole situation in this bath of soothing calmness. It becomes a habit, it really does, of when things start to stress up, to reach into the pond and pour calmness all over it, until the situation is brought down to a level where it can be handled. Think … the negative emotions coming my way, are fire, the logical defense, is still deep water.

Learn to see life spikes, when things just took a jump for the roof, be aware of the emotional temperature around you, at all times. Emotional conflicts are major drains for anyone, but especially for an Empath. Pick your battles, focus on things you feel you can really DO something about.

Control your reaction, breathe deeply, and let that action trigger your shielding and your calmness ( it’s a well known fact, that when we are under stress we tend to hold our breath, so just the simple act of breathing can take things down a major notch, and be an automatic cue to the mind of, bring on the water, and put out this emotional fire )

Beware of Emotional contagion:

This is one of the prime dangers for anyone, but especially for an Empath. Emotional contagion is when we become “infected” by the emotions and moods of others. For most people, this can only happen when they see or hear others, for an Empath, you can get this way, from people across town !

Hall marks of emotional contagion

Emotional contagion happens fast, it’s like the shift that happens in a school of fish, the fish in the middle of the school, might not be able to see what made the lead fish, shift position, but everybody moves over anyway. This is contagion. The obvious danger here of course is, you could easily react to something you cannot even see, or that you don’t fully understand.

This is especially true of contagion from people who are the closest to you, your spouse, parents, children etc. It’s like you are lot more likely to catch a cold, if a family member has it, so too with emotional contagion.

Partly, this is because you have a better understanding of their personalities, and can therefore “read” their mood better, however, your own nearest and dearest, are your largest contributors to emotional contagion, so be aware of it, as it is ten times more likely to happen with them, as it is with outsiders.

Your own self confidence, and control will help you prevent this kind of emotional take over … if your a reclusive introvert, who blinks owlishly at the light of day, and avoids others like the plague, your are a lot more likely to be overwhelmed by the emotions of others, as you are more vulnerable to them, than your more outspoken counterparts, who spend a lot of time interacting with others.

You have to get tougher, get out there and experience others, get used to them, learn to handle them, and you will not find yourself overwhelmed by them. If you are never among them, every time you stick your head out, it’s going to feel like you are being run over by a freight train. Take it slowly, work your way out there, to where you can walk in a crowd with calmness, but it will never happen, unless you do some desensitization work and get used to it.

Notice how you feel around different people. Does a certain party make you feel distressed all the time ? Or create other strong emotional states? Figure out if its related to contagion, or something else ? I mean, it’s not contagion if they appear happy go lucky, and all this does is irritate you ! At that point you have to ask yourself why their apparent happy state, creates an opposite reaction in you ?

( My favorite “good morning” all smiles and grins, to which I say… yeah right, the only thing good to say about most mornings, is I am not there to see them and if I am forced to be there to see them, the last thing I want is some die hard morning person bustling around with vim, vigor and vitality ,telling me what a lovely morning it is, when all I want … is to go back to bed ! ) So our perceptions again, do matter, regardless of anothers possibility to infect us with their mood.

Emotional Empathy is not always a good thing:

The flip side of the force, several things, one, too much empathy, without managing it, leads to major burnout. The average “life expectancy” in the helping professions, is 5-10 years, max … before they burn out. Most often due to the fact, that most of those who go into the helping trades, tend to rate high on the empathic scale, but unless they are under control of their empathy, they quite literally, can fry.

This effect is well known, so we get told to have “professional detachment” which is good, but … warning … you can go too far with this, and become out and out indifferent to others, or worse, develop sociopathic behaviors.

A evil Empath you say ? Yep … your Marquee De Sade type of person, has a high degree of Empathy, it is how they know exactly what to say or do to hurt the worst ! These persons are completely detached from any sharing of feeling with their victim, but yet, they can read them, perfectly.

Emotional states on auto pilot:

Yet another risk factor, automatic thoughts. These are things that we tend to short cut, and get ahead of ourselves, going into distressed reactions, before we have had a chance to saddle up our brains first. Most prejudice is like this, it’s an emotional reaction, based on a pre judgmental thought, that often has nothing whatsoever to do with the current situation.

Monitor your thoughts, always, always, ask yourself, “why did I do that ? Think that ?” if you cannot immediately give a detailed, logical and rational answer to that question, you have thoughts that are working on auto pilot, that you need to get a handle on. This is particularly so, if you are reacting to thoughts coming from outside yourself.

Do not just accept emotional reactions as valid, without being positive of where they came from, and what lead up to them. Drag the mind away from it’s emotional state for a moment and go “ok, just had response A, where the heck did A come from?” and send the brain off on a seek and find mission. There is always a thread to a first thought, things just don’t “happen” in your head without rhyme or reason, there is a logical progression, and with practice you can, and must seek out these threads of thought, in order to honestly “know your own mind”.


Empathic Shields

By Silver Eagle Dreamer

State of Meditation and Concentration

Meditation doesn’t have to be this big mystical experience like a lot of people think. It is actually quiet moments of inspiration, it’s theability to train your mind to focus on what you want to and keep it there, it’s the intense focused study of nothing at all, and it’s glimpses into yourself that show you who you really are. If I were to sum it up in two words though it would be unfocused focus. You don’t need to chant to the oldies to get there or surround yourself with incense and crystal pyramids. Nor do you need to honor that God/Goddess or even yourself.

I’ll give you a very easy ‘meditation’. Contemplate your belly button… yes I’m serious. Focus all you attention on your bellybutton as though it were the only thing on this earth you cared to know about in that moment. Suspend any questions or answers that come up and simply allow your thoughts to wander. When they are wandering – contemplate the color of healing – your choice. Don’t direct it, just be in wonder of it. Look at it, feel it, be it. Those are the steps.

Now I would pick blue because red is usually associated with inflammation and blood flow. Blue is associated with cooling. However, if your focus is fine enough – you can use a color you associate with healing. Green is another. The duller the light within the color, the less energy you’re invoking. The brighter the light within the color, the more energy you are invoking.

Bear in mind – this is an overly simplistic version but it should be work to get you started.

Mirror shield

In a state of concentration and with purpose, envision yourself surrounded by a one way (facing out) mirror ball. Will it to fend off any energy that comes towards you that isn’t for your higher good. Now.. A quick note, if it’s not good for you, it’s not good period. The way I trained, ‘benefit to all’ includes you. No matter what the situation looks like or feels like – it’s best for all to grow from it.

Benefits: This shield is excellent for keeping out anyone who doesn’t know anything about magic or shielding – which is a lot of people.

Drawback – When they look at you – they’ll see themselves as if looking in the mirror. This is why I only use it with students who need that reflective quality and only for certain lessons. If the person hates themselves – like 3/4 of the population does, they’ll make many assumptions and probably think you hate them. Classic projection, psychologically speaking. You also may develop a trapped feeling from being in a ball. It effectively keeps you from projecting your emotional state as well.

‘I’m rubber you’re glue’ shield

In a state of concentration…(as above) envision yourself surrounded by rubber – bouncing things outwardly (otherwise you could be in for trouble as it rebounds on you) You can ‘program’ it to rebound whatever is thrown at you with as much force as you want.

Benefit – If someone is feeding off your energy (as is common with empaths) this’ll stop it generally.

Drawback: You could do severe harm to another this way. People aren’t often attacking, they are looking for a light that empaths carry. It’s where their ability and essence come from and it leads directly to the Source. Whatever needs to be healed in someone is seeking that light which is why everyone has to tell you their life story:) Only someone trained can use your empathy to harm you (as far as I know) so it’s not intentional on their part. To bounce back that injured part of themselves – with force can be devastating. I only use this one in the event that someone who does know how to harm an empath attacks.

Fire shield

– second verse, same as the first… envision yourself surrounded by a wall of fire directed outward but touching no one. That’s important. Remember, shields can be used as psychic weapons. I’d hate to think anyone here would use what I give as that but the fact remains that knowledge and choice are power. I thought about not writing about this but the need far outweighs the possible downside in my mind. So I’m trusting all who read this to use higher intent when attempting any of these.

Benefit – would you mess with a wall of fire? Trust me, they’ll know it’s there. Directed like a scalpel, you can sever ties and burn bridges that need to be burned.

Drawback: Fire can easily get out of control. As with any power, it’s sweet at first. You develop a taste for it and figure a little more won’t hurt. You will find out quickly that it does.

Light shield

Envision yourself surrounded by white (or protective light) This is the most common shield that empaths will use.

Benefits: Protection of the highest type.

Drawbacks: I feel isolated when I use this shield so I don’t use it. Other empaths swear by it but I have trouble ‘hearing’ when I need to. For me it’s like wearing earplugs on the psychic wavelengths and I don’t feel like myself or like I’m connected to Creator. I did use this one a lot when I first started though and it was effective up until a point in my training.

So those are a few. The only thing that works consistency for me is not to shield. I learned something from shamanism called transparency – I envision myself see through with the connection to my Creator. Whatever ‘attacks’ me, I send up that connection to Creator to be healed. The drawback is, it’s a lot of personal work. I’m used to it but others think I’m nuts to accept ‘attacks’. I like to think of it as bending with the wind.

Here’s the thing – the very use of a shield sends a message that you have something to protect – which means, in warrior circles, you have something to lose. It also sends up a red flag that you know what you’re doing and can make you more of a target. The transparency doesn’t do that. But.. to keep things flowing to Creator and not ‘sticking’ in you… you have to learn where your own foibles are – you have to understand peoples pain and be willing to let them have it, you have to be – well, not there… divested of ego.. I haven’t written those lessons yet but when there’s a need, it’ll be there.


Empathic Renewal

By Silver Eagle Dreamer

Certainly what is good for empaths can be good for just about anyone, but there are a few ways I’ve learned that are particularly good for renewing yourself and emptying naturally. Whether they know it or not – exposure to so many minds, emotions, and electrical currents have a way of claiming personal energy leaving the empath with a feeling of being ‘controlled’. If left unchecked, these will form internal boundaries that become more difficult to free yourself from over a time.

The empathic nature is freedom because, at the heart of every empath – they intuitively understand that freedom is truth. They can sense where everything is intertwined with each other in the web of life. Regular day to day life, however, mirrors boundaries and limits – not freedom. In order to function in the busier day to day world – many empaths will reign’ themselves in, restricting their internal freedom. If you find yourself feeling full and irritable, this is why.

First – get away from electronics. This means you need to find somewhere as far away from phones – TV – computers and all those other conveniences that we’ve grown to love. This likely also means a place in nature and I’ll share with you why. Occasionally, empaths need to ‘expand’ out of those perceived boundaries in order to renew themselves.

Right now – I have a good ole pen and paper, writing this article on a makeshift boating dock. I’m surrounded by the gently lapping ocean in the warm sun of midday. I don’t take nearly enough time for this. Here – I can give myself to the cool depths of the Mother Ocean or just drift in the tides, free for a time. I cease to be ‘me’ and become the swelling of the salty flow.

Sometimes, I sit at the foot of a Banyan tree. Though trees aren’t as remote a site as the ocean – I stretch myself by opening to the harmony of their energies and listening to them communing with one another. These are my two favorite ways.

If you are too close to the city or have on practical way to accomplish this, go out at night and pour yourself into the magnificence of the stars – or into the blue sky of daytime. Those things considered endless, timeless or deep are the things you must seek out and abandon yourself to.

In this – there is no can’t. There is always Sky above your head. There is always Earth beneath your feet. Just as your body need food to survive – your soul needs room to breathe every now and again. Do this to simply ‘be’ and nothing more. No goals – no discovery – no reflection… just ‘be’ with all that is and let go of that which binds you. It’s the best thing you can do for yourself and your growth.

Loose yourself in a sparkle on the water. Feel the wind tease your hair. Breathe. There is time for everything else later. Open yourself to all that is. That is where and empath will truly find themselves.

Renewal Bath

1. Fill a tub with water – as hot as you can stand.

2. Get a candle.. just for ambiance not ritual.

3. Put three tablespoons of each sea salt and baking soda in the water to dissolve

4. Add whatever scent you want to the bath.

5. Get your butt in the water! May as well take the rest of your body in too:)

6. Stay put until you feel the energies have washed off or been dissolved. You can direct this through will.. but generally, it’ll happen anyway on it’s own so why not relax? Don’t be alarmed if your water turns a hazy or very dark color. That is supposed to happen.

7. Make sure that you’ve been fully immersed in the water, taking care not to get it in your eyes.

8. Let the water out but stay in the tub. Picture all the excess energy going down the drain and back to Mother Earth to be recycled into good energy. Thank the water for cleansing.

9. Rinse off in the shower or you’ll be itchy.

10. Thank the candle… this is something I always do out of respect for the fire spirits. Also, Don’t blow it out – snuff it. You should never put fire out with air – even when you’re not in ritual situations.

11. Repeat as needed. I do this in the evening so that all I’ve accumulated during the day can be cleansed before bedtime.

I wouldn’t recommend any crystals be added to this. It’s strictly for cleaning off excess energies, nothing more. The ritual version isn’t too different from this and it’s one I use during the full moon, before major healings, or if shielding others.

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