You deserve to have a job or a meaningful purpose that fulfills you. Can you imagine loving what you do and being rewarded for your efforts and hard work? If this isn’t true for you, then believe you can have it all and ask the angels for help. The angels will guide and help you discover your life’s work, get the best paying job, and empower you to be successful and confident in all that you do.

God Wants You to Be Happy

God created you as an individual with special gifts, skills, and talents. You were placed on this earth for a reason and a purpose. You are meant to discover who you are and to express yourself in your own unique way. When you live from your authentic self you know who you are and what you’re good at; therefore, it’s easier to find the perfect job. God and the angels want you to be passionate about what you do for work. They want you to find your life’s purpose so you can help and serve others.

If you’re searching and you feel there’s something more for you but you haven’t found it yet, reach out and ask the angels to show you the way. God wants you to spend your days here on earth happy, fulfilled, and living in purpose. As you shine in your magnificent light and you live with passion and purpose, you illuminate all those around you. You brighten their day, you empower them, and you share with them the gifts of your unique expression. In truth, you have an effect on the world and all those around you. Allow God and the angels to help you discover your purpose or find your ideal expression of work so others can benefit from your gifts and talents.

Prayer to God

God, I know I am here on earth for a reason and a purpose. Help me discover who I am and how I can best express myself. Help me get in touch with my unique gifts and talents and show me how I can best serve others and the world. Give me the confidence I need to follow my heart, my passion, and to be who I am.

Angels of Career and Life Purpose

God sent you a special team of angels to help you find your way. The following angels can help you discover your life’s purpose and give you the courage to live it. They can also assist you with your current job and anything you need in regards to your career. They want you to be fulfilled, balanced, and prosperous in everything you do. Invoke and invite them into your life and allow them to work their magic.

Archangel Chamuel Helps with Career and Life Purpose

Chamuel’s name means “he who seeks God.” He is a powerful archangel in the hierarchy. Chamuel is a protector of your personal world and he will help you with all aspects of your career. If you are searching, he will help you connect with your life purpose and work that is meaningful and long lasting. He wants you to be happy and fulfilled in your career while making more than enough money to fulfill all your desires.

Prayer to Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel, I am ready to find the perfect work that fulfills all my heart’s desire and I need your help. I trust that you know what’s in my highest and best and what I am destined to do and you will easily lead me to this work. I ask that it not only be meaningful, but that the rewards of pay and benefits are beyond my expectations. Thank you, Chamuel, for the perfect match.

Archangel Michael Helps with Courage, Direction, and Life Purpose

Archangel Michael is the leader of the archangels and the order of the angels known as the Virtues. His name means “he who is like God.” Throughout history Michael has assisted famous leaders such as Joan of Arc. He is here to help all those that choose to help and lead through spiritual teaching and healing work. Michael will guide you, direct you, and give you all the courage you need to follow your life’s purpose. When you are stuck, he will free you from your fear so you can feel worthy and deserving of having a career that is fulfilling, joyful, and abundant.

Prayer to Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael, you know my fears and what might hold me back from fully owning my true power. Release me from my fears and give me the courage to be all of who I am and do what I love to do. Show me that it’s possible and help me feel worthy and deserving of receiving everything I need to live my life’s purpose. I am ready now to step into my life’s work where I am fulfilled, joyful, passionate, abundant, and prosperous. And so it is!

Archangel Jehudiel Helps with Direction and Getting a Great Job

Jehudiel is the archangel of divine direction. He is a powerful leader who can help you build your self-esteem and confidence so you can find work that you are passionate about. He will lead you in the direction of success and he will make it easy for you to follow the path of your true desires.

Prayer to Archangel Jehudiel

Archangel Jehudiel, you know the path of my true desires and I ask you to lead me in this direction. You know how I can be successful with my gifts, talents, and abilities. Provide me with the self-esteem I need in order to believe in myself and feel confident in whom I am. Show me the divine direction where I may serve for the greatest good of all and where I can experience the most joy, happiness, and fulfillment.

Gazardiel Helps with Starting a New Career and Raises

Gazardiel is also known as “the illuminated one.” In the Jewish tradition, he is known as the angel who has dominion over the rising and setting of the sun. He will illuminate the way for anyone who asks. Call on him if you are seeking new beginnings or if you want to start a new career. If you are ready to receive a well-deserved raise in pay, invoke Gazardiel’s help.

Prayer to Gazardiel

Gazardiel, I am ready for a new beginning. Please illuminate the path for me and show the opportunities and possibilities waiting for me. I deserve a career I love and a salary that’s better than I could ever imagine.

Hasmal Helps You Connect With Your Life’s Purpose

Hasmal is known as “the fire-speaking angel” who guards the throne of God. He will burn away your limited beliefs holding you back from living your divine purpose. He is the keeper of ancient wisdom and he knows what life purpose will benefit you and others. He will gladly help when you ask him to connect you with your life’s purpose.

Prayer to Archangel Hasmal

Archangel Hasmal, you have the power to release me from my limiting beliefs. Please do this for me so I may create from my highest potential. You have access to divine wisdom and you know what my purpose is. Help me live it fully so I can benefit myself and others with my natural gifts, talents, and abilities. Thank you, Hasmal, for your continued support.

Help with Your Career

Think about how much time you spend at your job daily, weekly, and yearly. Then add to that the amount of time you spend after work just thinking about your job. When you add it all up, you spend a great deal of time on the job. If you’re content with your job it can be rewarding, but if you’re unhappy, the days can seem very long. The angels want to help you spend this valuable time in the most fulfilling way.

Here are some different ways the angels can help you in your career:

  • Ask the angels to help you experience harmonious and cooperative relationships at work.
  • Ask the angels to help you when negotiating compensation (hint … ask for better than you could ever imagine).
  • Ask the angels for a positive attitude so you can recognize the blessings during your day.
  • Ask the angels to help you with balance between work, family, and play.
  • Ask the angels to help you create a new business or be inspired with new ideas.
  • Ask the angels for confidence when speaking with others or presenting your ideas.
  • Ask the angels to release you from any stress and provide you with peace and ease.

These are just some of the ways the angels can assist you in your career. If there is something specific going on and you would like the angels’ help, then sit with them in meditation or pray with them in your car before you go to work. Share with them what you would like to feel once everything is resolved and then trust that they will do everything they can to assist you. Remember, you are not alone on the job. The angels can be your team in spirit, helping you every step of the way.

Prayer for Help with Your Career

Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Michael, Archangel Jehudiel, Gazardiel, and Hasmal, I invite you into my life and I ask for your loving assistance. I would like help with the following situation (state the circumstances and what you desire). My wish is to experience (state the feeling outcome you desire) when this is all resolved. I know you will help me and I will stay open to your guidance. I expect a miraculous resolution and an outcome better than I could ever imagine. Thank you, angels.

Finding a New Job

Are you looking for a new job or career? If so, this is your chapter. The angels are eager to help and they want you to have a fulfilling job where you can experience happiness, pride, joy, and even take home a rewarding pay. They know you deserve the best and now it’s time for you to expect it and accept it.

The first step to take with the angels is to sit down and create a wish list of what you want to experience in your ideal job. Get clear about what you want and what you don’t want and then state on your wish list only your true desires.

Here are some questions to ask yourself while creating your list:

  • What are you passionate about? What do you love to do?
    • Examples: I love to work with people. I love to be creative. I love working with numbers. I love helping other people. I love creative solutions.
  • What is your schedule of hours and days you work? What are the people like with whom you interact or do you work independently?
    • Examples: cooperative, fun, lighthearted, hard workers, successful, team players.
  • How far away is your work or do you work at home? How do you feel when you’re working at your new job?
    • Examples: happy to go to work, productive, creative, enthusiastic, grateful, easy, content.
  • How much are you getting paid or how much are you making? What are your benefits? How does it benefit your personal life?
    • Examples: I come home happy from work. I have balance between my work, family, and play. I have more than enough time and money to go on vacation. My family is well provided for.

Now, take all your desires and create a positive affirmation for each intention. Write it with feeling and emotion and state it in the present tense as if it was happening right now. For example, “I am so grateful I am working with people who are supportive, enthusiastic, and helpful. Everyone enjoys their job and we are well taken care of by the company.”

The gift of having experiences in a not-so-good job is this: If you know what you don’t want you can figure out what you do want. So make a list of your don’t wants and turn them into your do wants.

After you create your list, call on the angels of career and purpose and share with them your list of desires. Then surrender your wish list to the angels and trust that they will do everything in their power to help you create what you want. Your job is to hold the vision of your perfect job and believe it’s possible and already done. Remember to stay open and pay attention to the signs and synchronicities and also your dreams and intuition. The angels will use all of these forms of communication to lead you to the perfect job.

Prayer for a New Job or Career

Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Michael, Archangel Jehudiel, Gazardiel, and Hasmal, with your help I am ready, willing, and open to make a change and step into a new job that’s perfect for me and my intentions. I surrender my wish list to you, trusting that you will lead me to my ideal job that matches this list and is better than I could ever imagine. Help me recognize the clues you give me and give me the courage to follow my intuition and make the changes I need to make. I know the perfect job is waiting for me now for my highest and best, better than I could ever imagine. Thank you for leading me to my perfect job with ease and grace.

Your Life’s Purpose

What does it mean, to live your life-purpose? When you are expressing who you are and doing what you love to do from your authentic self, you are living in purpose. You share with others your gifts, your talents, and what you feel passionate about. When you’re in purpose, you feel good about yourself because you know you’re making a contribution to enhance or help others in some way.

If you enjoy pumping gas and greeting your customers with a smile on your face, you are in purpose. If you are a nurse and you feel compassionate and helpful assisting others along their journey of wellness, you are in purpose. If you spend your day on the front porch waving to all those that pass by, you are in purpose. If you love staying home with your children and you love being a mom, you are in your purpose.

Take a moment and reflect back to your childhood. What did you always say you wanted to be when you grew up? What did you love to do and what brought you great joy? As you reflect upon this, you might discover some clues leading you to your purpose.

Purpose is what brings you joy, happiness, peace, and fulfillment. It’s not living the expectations of others or doing what you have to do or are supposed to do. When this happens, you feel stuck and trapped in something that’s not who you are. This creates unhappiness, resentment, depression, and stress.

You decided a long time ago, before you birthed into this world, what your purpose would be. You, God, and the angels all sat down and designed a plan, deciding what that special purpose would be that would fulfill you and help others. It really doesn’t matter if you believe this or not. What matters is, you have the opportunity to be fulfilled, happy, and abundant in all that you do.

Discovering Your Life’s Purpose

If you have not yet discovered what living in purpose feels like and you have a desire to know what it is, ask the angels for help. They know who you are, why you’re here, and what your true potential is. Ask them to help you recognize it for yourself.

Take time to gather your information or your clues, which will lead you to unfolding your life’s purpose.

Ask and write your answers to the following questions:

  • What do you love to do? If you had an unlimited amount of time and money and you could enjoy everything you love, what would you be doing or how would you be spending that time?
  • What do you feel passionate about? Is there a cause, an organization, or something that has meaning that you feel passionate about?
  • What comes naturally to you? Is there anything you do or certain characteristics you have that seem very natural? (For example; putting things together or figuring things out, speaking or communicating with others, wood working, singing, seeing things in a way that others can’t see.)
  • Is there anything you’ve experienced or gone through in your life that enables you to help others with the life lessons learned and the experience/wisdom gained?
  • If you had only ten years left to live, would you do anything differently?
  • If you could envision your perfect life without any limitations, what would it look like?

When you take time to answer these questions, you emerge with some beautiful insights, understanding more fully the truth about who you are, what makes you happy, and why you’re here. Once you enlighten yourself with this wisdom you can ask the angels of life purpose to help you. You can ask them to help you release the fear and gain the courage you need to follow this path. You can ask them for the resources and the connections you need to make it happen. They know exactly what it takes to make it your reality. You have to want it and believe it’s possible and as you do, they will bring into alignment all the miracles and manifestations needed to make it happen easily, effortlessly, and naturally.

Prayer for Becoming One with Your Life Purpose

Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Michael, Archangel Jehudiel, Gazardiel, and Hasmal, my desire is to know and live from my divine purpose. You know exactly what it is that will bring me happiness, fulfillment, purpose, and joy. Help me unfold it for myself. Give me the direction, courage, and guidance I need to become one with my divine purpose. I have reflected, and these are all the things that I love to do and I feel passionate about. Help me bring it all together and show me the possibilities to live it fully and create all the abundance I need and desire. Thank you.

Angel Reading for Life Purpose and Career

You can use the angel cards to do a specific reading in order to gain insight about career and life purpose. The cards can help you see what you may not be able to hear or understand for yourself.

Before you pick your cards, you want to set your intention with the angels. Ask for specific guidance on what you need to know about your career or life purpose and ask for the highest guidance to come through. If you have a specific situation you need clarity on, then pick your cards with the intention of getting an answer or clear insight into what you need to know.

Shuffle your deck of angel cards and call on the angels of career and life purpose. Ask them to give you the guidance you are seeking through the cards. Then spread them out in front of you and pick two cards. See if your answer is immediately shown by the cards chosen. If you are confused and you need more clarity, ask the angels to clear the confusion with the next card you pick. Then choose that card. Write your cards down in your journal or keep them out for a couple of days. You will be surprised how accurate they really are as the day unfolds. Remember, the angels want you to receive the clarity you are searching for, so expect the answers to be revealed.

Your career and living your life purpose are two important aspects of living a full and prosperous life. It is your divine right as a child of God to be happy and fulfilled as you serve others and humanity. You are here on earth as a unique expression of the divine and you have your special place in the big picture. Have the courage to discover what that place may be if you haven’t already remembered it for yourself. The angels will help you in the most amazing ways if you call out and ask for help. Remember, you deserve to be in a place where you love what you do and you live abundantly and prosperously as you express your unique and special self.

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