As well as using your crystals in healing and meditations, you may want to get to know your crystals better by working with them energetically and tuning into them.

1. Hold one of your crystals in your  hand then change it to the other hand and see if you can feel a difference however small. Does it feel more comfortable for example?

2. Hold the crystal in one hand and hold the other hand, palm down, over it. Very slowly move your top hand closer to the crystal, then further away, reaching a distance of about 2 feet away. You may be able to feel some sensation in one or both of your hands, possibly some heat, a tingling or a slight breeze. Some feel magnetic pull or repulsion from the crystal.

3. Spread a number of crystals out on a table in front of you leaving a good 4 inch gap between them. Then try to scan the energies with your hand, pass your hand, palm down, (not touching them) slowly over the crystals and note any sensations. This will take time the sensations are often VERY subtle but please practice and slowly you will start to feel them.

Using crystals in healing is a very large and diverse subject, which one class can not cover in full. If you want to, research as much about this subject as you can for yourself. Also, as long as you stick to the guidelines, practice and develop your instinctive abilities.

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