Fairies can be very helpful in magick, as they have a lot of power and they are certainly not ignorant when it comes to using it. Fairies know a great deal of magick and glamour themselves, so, if youcan get them to trust you, they can be a great help. Fairies, with the except of a small few, hate love spells and will not be able to help you with them. Love isn’t a big thing on the Astral Plane, so they really don’t understand it and can’t work for it. Selfish spells, for only self improvement, are not good spells to ask for help for either. Fairies will gladly help, when asked correctly and well thanked by offerings, with spells that benefit others and nature.

When asking a fairy to help you, make sure you are safely inside a sacred circle of power or at least have a protection charm and spell working for you. Never let a fairy inside your circle of energy, as there is no telling how dangerous they could be. If a bad fairy comes through to you, send it on its way and ask for another.

Fairies are not content to simply stand on the outside of your circle and watch. Get them involved. Singing, chanting, and music are great for involving the fairies, along with inhancing your spells. Get them interested. If you’re singing and dancing, they’ll want to come to you.

Thank the fairies when you’re done, but give them an offering too. They prefer food and trinkets to a simple little “thanks”.


On a waxing moon, sit in your magickal circle with your tools and fairy dust. relax and visualise walking through the portal to the magickal Realm of the Fae. Walk through this wondrous place and drink in the magick. You may see the little fae peeking out at you from their hiding places, flying overhead or you may just hear a tiny giggle. Get the feel of what it is like to be with the faeries. When you are ready, come back through the portal and open your eyes in your magick circle. Now you can begin chanting this verse:

Come all ye faeries, come to me

Make yourself known so I can see,

Gifts I’ll bring and respect I’ll show,

Fly all around me to and fro.

Help me with my magickal quest,

Make it strong then you can rest,

Elemental gifts are my desire,

Water, Air, Earth and Fire.

Swift is the magick, make it so,

Send high above and down below.

Do not dawdle, do not tarry,

Your job is my magick rite to carry.

Come all ye faeries, by dark and by light,

Illuminate the magick, have it take flight.

Weave the intent of my magickal spell,

Talk to the Gods and make it work well.

Come all ye faeries, come to me,

This is my will, so mote it be.

When you are finished, blow the faery dust around the circle. Then sit very still and quietly and wait for them to appear. You may not see them at first, but you will feel a tickle or an itch in your hair. After they have arrived, do your intended magickal work. When you have finished, leave some sweet milk out for them, some shiny objects and some silver coins.

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