🌙 Merry Meet and Welcome to Luna’s Grimoire 💚

Thank you for joining our little community here, it’s lovely to have you. 

We have done quite a lot of work here on Luna’s Grimoire recently, so I’d like to help you a little figure out how some things work. 

🏠 Home Page: The home page is where everything happens. The latest content, daily horoscope and affirmation, the last moon phase, the live chat room and the Luna’s Grimoire Newsfeed with all the community’s latest activity. 

📚 Library: The whole website is one of the largest pagan libraries. We always have new content, so make sure to pay attention to that, and we also have a daily affirmation and a daily horoscope updated every day! 

🔔 Social Network: We have an entire social network built here just for you. It’s like Facebook, but for us only. Add friends, send messages, posts status updates and photos…. This is a witches community so you can finally post whatever you want here and no one judge you. Please no spam, porn, etc. Keep it clean! 

💬 Live Chat: We have a new live chat room installed only on the home page. Be polite, keep it clean and if no one is online, you can leave a message letting us know you visited. 

🥳 Groups: Alongside the social networks, groups are the lifeblood of us solitary practitioners staying up to date, learning, and not going completely stir crazy! Join a group or few and get involved. Don’t be afraid to post content here. 

🎃 Coven: Yes, we have our own little coven. And activity in our coven group is rewarded.  We also talk about upcoming sabbats and esbats and discuss spells and stuff in this group. If you’re interested, join in! It’s perfect for solitary practitioners! 

🎓 Courses: We have courses here available with more coming soon! We’re not just articles, but we teach too, and there is a Witch School support group as well that’s available should you have any questions. 

🏆 Premium Membership: This is a paid subscription that unlocks the largest archives of the website. The subscription is small, but it goes towards creating more content, keeping the website functional, new features, and more. 

🔮 Get a reading from Luna: These are now open to the public again, so you can book a love/life/career/wealth reading with Luna to enlighten your path ahead. 

🎖 Badges, Ranks and Points: We have recently installed a new badge system as a way to recognise our patrons and show our appreciation. You’ll find these badges on their profile. Also, points will give you access to Ranks. The more you use Luna’s Grimoire, the more points you collect, and in future, these points can be used to redeem secret gifts. 

There is so much to do here on Luna’s Grimoire. We hope you enjoy your stay and please remember that everyone is on a different learning path, and we all learn from each other. 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to me personally. 

Love and light to you. ✨🌙

~Luna. 💚

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