Have you ever been so hurt and angry that you had a hard time forgiving what was done? Did you also realize that it didn’t make you feel any better to hold on to your resentment? In the future, the angels of forgiveness can help you heal during these difficult times. God and the angels want to teach you about the power of forgiveness. They know that as you forgive, you receive back the gift of freedom. Discover how the angels can help you forgive so you can experience more love and compassion.

How Do You Forgive?

Forgiveness means letting go of any resentment, hurt, and anger you may feel because of the actions or choices of another. Self-forgiveness means letting go of any guilt or resentment you may feel toward yourself because of the choices you’ve made in the past. If you really think about it, you’ve probably had many experiences where you’ve had the opportunity to practice forgiveness both for yourself and others.

The act of forgiveness comes more easily when you can have compassion, remembering that everyone is doing the best job they can with what they know in every moment. Try to understand that if they’ve had a rough past, their actions and choices are going to reflect this.

When you are unable to forgive the emotions consume you. The angels of forgiveness can help heal these emotions that bind you to the past. They will provide you with everything you need to transform your painful emotions and ultimately come to a place of forgiveness.

Freedom Through Forgiveness

There is a great quote from Healing with The Angels, written by Doreen Virtue, PhD: “Forgiveness does not mean, ‘What you did is okay to me.’ It simply means, ‘I am no longer willing to carry around the pain in response to your actions.’” Forgiveness releases you from the “prison” of another person’s choices and actions and the effects they have on your life. When you are finally free, you can move forward to experience more peace, joy, and happiness.

The angels want you to experience this freedom and they want to help you every step of the way. They know how difficult it can be to forgive, especially when it involves someone close to you. Be patient with yourself and ask the angels for the courage and support you need to persevere. Be honest with the angels, and if you are having a hard time forgiving, tell them. Ask them to stay by your side until you reach that point of freedom where the pain is released and you feel peace once again.

Benefits of Forgiveness

Have you ever taken a long trip in the car that was uncomfortable and almost painful at times but, once you reached your destination, it was all worth it? The same is true about the journey to forgiveness. It can be uncomfortable and painful at times, but once you get there, the freedom you experience is well worth the ride.

When you choose to forgive you receive the following gifts:

  • You receive the gift of peace by letting go of old resentment and anger.
  • You receive the gift of health when you heal painful emotions.
  • You receive the gift of healthy relationships when you heal past ones.
  • You receive the gift of compassion when you choose to understand why the other person may have hurt you.
  • You receive the gift of freedom by letting go of the past and being able to move forward.
  • You receive the gift of empowerment as you take back control of your life and its destiny.

Knowing that these gifts are waiting for you on the other side of forgiveness is encouraging. It might take time, but it’s worth the effort. Ask the angels of forgiveness to guide you and carry you until you reach the finish line, where you can finally experience freedom.

Angels of Forgiveness

The following angels and archangels have the specific role of helping humanity heal through forgiveness. When you ask, they will give you the strength and courage you need to let go of painful emotions so you can heal your heart and be free to experience the gifts of forgiveness: peace, joy, and love. Read about each one and see which of these divine helpers can help you in your life right now. Then use the prayers further along in the chapter so they can help you heal through the power of forgiveness.

Archangel Zadkiel Provides Forgiveness for Self and Others

Archangel Zadkiel is the archangel who stopped Abraham from sacrificing his son Isaac. Zadkiel’s name means “the righteousness of God” and he is known as the archangel of benevolence and mercy. Call on Zadkiel when you are ready to let go of judgment and guilt and heal through forgiveness and compassion. He will help you heal on all levels — mind, body, and spirit — so you can be free to experience acceptance and unconditional love.

Prayer to Archangel Zadkiel

Archangel Zadkiel, I am ready and willing to forgive myself and others for any past pain. Help me heal so I can have peace once again. I know you can do this with me, and with your help I am ready to experience full freedom and move forward with compassion and understanding.

Archangel Chamuel Provides Healing of the Heart Through Forgiveness

Archangel Chamuel is often referred to as pure love in winged form. Chamuel’s name means “he who seeks God” and he is listed as one of seven core archangels. When you call upon his loving energy you may see or feel yourself embraced in a beautiful pink loving energy. Call on Chamuel when you need to forgive and heal your heart from any hurtful relationship, breakup, or loss of any kind. Ask him to help you find love for yourself and everyone involved. Pray with Chamuel for compassion and forgiveness so you can heal your heart and move on to experience more love.

Prayer to Archangel Chamuel

Archangel Chamuel, please come into my heart and help me heal my wounded heart. Heal it with divine love so I can feel safe and trust love once again. Give me the courage to forgive and open my heart to love once again. I feel my heart whole, and filled with your compassionate pink healing energy.

Archangel Zaphiel Provides Healing of the Heart Through Forgiveness

Archangel Zaphiel is the leader of the choir of cherubim. If you have trouble with forgiving and you don’t know how you can get to that point of forgiveness, call on Zaphiel. He helps heal even those who have the angriest of hearts. He has the power to heal and resolve any problem so you can love yourself and others in order to experience the freedom of forgiveness.

Prayer for Archangel Zaphiel

Archangel Zaphiel, release and heal the anger in my heart. I cannot find forgiveness yet but I am willing to reach out for your help. I know you have the power to help me move past the hurt and I accept your help. Heal the anger so I can set myself free to feel at peace with myself and those that I need to forgive.

Bath Kol Provides Help with Finding Forgiveness

Bath Kol is known as the angel with a heavenly voice from the Old Testament. She is symbolized by the dove and she has the ability to help you connect with spirit (the dove symbolizing the Holy Spirit) so you can forgive and deepen your experience of love. If you are having a difficult time forgiving yourself or others, call upon Bath Kol. Ask her for the gift of grace so you can open your heart to heal through the power of forgiveness. Listen to her beautiful voice and allow your heart to be filled with love once again.

Prayer to Bath Kol

Dearest Bath Kol, I accept the gift of the Holy Spirit. I am willing to forgive so I can deepen my experience of love for myself and others. I trust the Holy Spirit can perform this miracle of healing and I surrender and open my heart to receive.
As you can see, this is a powerful team of healing angels. As soon as you ask for their help, they will be by your side. Trust that no matter what the situation is, they will assist in every way they can until you reach a state of peace and forgiveness.

Steps to Forgiveness

Archangel Zadkiel, Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Zaphiel, and Bath Kol are waiting in assistance to help you reach forgiveness. They will stand by your side in unconditional love. Together as a team, they will empower you with healing so you can be free. Use the following steps if you are ready to forgive another or if it’s time to forgive yourself:

  • Acknowledge you are suffering from not being able to forgive.
  • Declare to the angels and yourself that you are willing to forgive.
  • Tell your angels how you want to feel and what you want to experience on the other side of forgiveness (remember, you do not have to figure out how it’s going to happen).
  • Ask Archangel Zadkiel, Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Zaphiel, and Bath Kol to help you let go, heal, and forgive.
  • Pay attention to your emotions, your dreams, and any guidance you receive that will help you reach forgiveness.
  • Ask the angels to help you be patient and persistent until you reach a place of compassion, understanding, and peace.

As you take these steps toward healing, be patient with yourself and trust the angels are working with you. They know how hard it is to forgive when you’ve been hurt by another, especially if it’s someone you’ve loved or trusted. You will know when you’ve reached true forgiveness because you will no longer feel resentment, anger, or revenge. You will experience a feeling of acceptance and an inner peace; then you can move forward. You will no longer be triggered by the hurt from your past and you might even feel compassion for the one who has hurt you. Imagine if you could feel peace, acceptance, and compassion. Wouldn’t it be worth working with the angels of forgiveness?

Use the following prayer when you are willing to forgive another. Remember to give yourself time and use it until you feel free and ready to move forward.

Archangel Zadkiel, Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Zaphiel, and Bath Kol, I am ready and willing to forgive (state the person’s name) so I may be free. Help me heal so I can let go of the painful emotions of my past. Chamuel and Zaphiel, please heal my heart so I can feel compassion and understanding. I surrender and trust in your love as you guide me to my freedom through the power of forgiveness.

What if I have a hard time forgiving someone?
Remember that forgiveness is about you and your desire to free yourself from any past pain. Go into meditation and ask the angels to help you understand why those who hurt you made the choices they did. If all else fails, surrender daily and ask them to lead you to forgiveness.

Add the following statement if you are having trouble with forgiveness:

Angels and archangels of forgiveness, I will be honest with you: I am having difficulty forgiving the one who has hurt me. Help me understand why so I can move forward. Please free me from my resistance, knowing that I am the one who benefits from forgiveness.


When you’re unwilling to forgive yourself for something you did in your past, you hold onto toxic emotions: resentment, guilt, and feelings of unworthiness. The angels can help you, even if you don’t know how to forgive yourself.

Take the following steps with the angels to heal through forgiveness:

  • Acknowledge your feelings of remorse and the mistakes you’ve made.
  • Declare to the angels that you are willing to heal and forgive yourself.
  • Contact someone you feel you need to make amends with. (Be cautious. If you feel it would cause more pain and hurt, then don’t do it, just heal with the angels.)
  • Admit and accept your mistakes. Have compassion for yourself.
  • Learn from your mistakes and use them as knowledge for your future.
  • Ask Archangel Zadkiel, Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Zaphiel, and Bath Kol to help you heal and forgive yourself completely so you can experience inner peace.

The angels of healing and forgiveness can help you become one with self-love and acceptance. They know it does not serve you or anyone else involved when you choose not to forgive yourself. So open your heart and be willing to heal and forgive yourself. You will discover that as you do this, your heart will expand with the feelings of peace, compassion, and loving kindness.

If you feel you need someone to forgive you in order for you to forgive yourself, stop and remember that you can’t force someone into forgiveness. They need to come to it on their own and the truth is, it may never happen. Keep in mind that you need to forgive yourself.

Prayer for Self-Forgiveness

Use the following prayer when you’re ready to forgive yourself. Remember to practice compassion toward yourself as you journey to forgiveness.

Archangel Zadkiel, Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Zaphiel, and Bath Kol, I am ready and willing to forgive myself. Help me take responsibility for the choices I have made and help me move forward with the lessons and wisdom learned. Give me the courage to make amends when it’s in the highest and best of all concerned. Please heal my heart completely and fill it with self-love and compassion. Allow me the grace to accept myself with compassion and give me everything I need to move forward with inner peace.

Meditation for Forgiveness

Use the following meditation when you need help with forgiveness. Call on the angels of forgiveness and set your intention that you are open and willing for healing to take place. Ask for a full healing to take place so you can forgive and move forward to peace, compassion, and understanding.

Remember, you can always record your meditation beforehand. It might be easier than going back and forth between reading and meditating.

Find a quiet and comfortable place where no one will bother you. Put some nice soothing music in the background and set your intention. If you choose, you can write to your angels beforehand, expressing your feelings and requesting the help you need.

Now take a deep breath and close your eyes. Ask Archangel Zadkiel, Archangel Chamuel, Archangel Zaphiel, Bath Kol, and all the healing angels to surround you in a beautiful circle of love, healing, and protection. (Pause) Affirm to them, “I am open and willing to experience a full healing and to forgive myself and everyone involved. (Pause) Angels of forgiveness, give me everything I need to become one with this prayer.

Now imagine yourself being surrounded in a green emerald healing light that brings healing and protection. (Pause) See a chair or a couple of chairs being placed in front of you. It’s time to initiate forgiveness. It is important to remember you do not have to forgive the act that has been done, you just need to free yourself from any pain it’s caused you.

Call forth anyone whom you need to forgive and ask them to sit in the chair in front of you. If you do not feel safe, ask Archangel Michael to protect you so no harm can come to you. Then say to that person, “I am choosing to forgive you so I can free myself from any pain that you’ve caused me. (Pause) What you did to me hurt me and it’s not okay. (Pause) Yet, it’s time for me to heal, and in order to do that, I need to forgive you. (Pause) I am ready to send you healing so you can choose to act in a positive way in the future. (Pause) Imagine the angels of healing and forgiveness surrounding the other person with a light of compassion and healing. (Pause) Hand them a symbolic rose that signifies your willingness to forgive and shows that you are choosing to practice compassion. (Pause) Then release them completely and ask the angels to complete the healing between you. Affirm, “I am free. You are free. I release you. I release me. I forgive you. I forgive me.” (Pause)

Now ask the angels to heal you heart, mind, body, and spirit so you are freed and healed of any past emotions that hold you back from full forgiveness. (Pause) Imagine Archangel Chamuel filling your heart with a radiant pink light symbolizing love and compassion. (Pause) Then imagine every cell and thought being illuminated in this beautiful healing pink light. (Pause)

Close the meditation affirming, “I am free. I forgive myself and (state the names of anyone you forgave). We are all free to move forward in healing, compassion, and love.

Angels of forgiveness, please help me move forward with the gifts and lessons from this experience and help me remember the wisdom learned. Thank you for this healing, the gifts of forgiveness, and your loving assistance.”

Take some nice deep breaths and imagine yourself illuminated in the pink light. Breathe in gratitude and the peace you feel. Ask the angels to continue to guide you and embrace you in their love. Slowly and gently come back into the present moment knowing it’s a new beginning.

When you choose to forgive you make the decision to heal your past. Forgiveness takes courage because you are dealing with the raw emotions of pain and hurt. It’s not easy to forgive when you’ve been hurt by someone you’ve loved or trusted. This is why you need help from the angels of forgiveness. When you invoke the divine you invite healing into your life. You free yourself from the pain of your past so you can experience the gifts of peace, compassion, and healthy relationships. So ask these loving helpers for the courage you need to forgive yourself or others so you can live a life of peace and happiness.

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