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    Hey guys! Well im Leucis. im new to well almost everything still getting my foot in the door and mainly taking a look at the do’s and don’ts. so far i think its going pretty well at the moment i have around 360 pages worth of info which i plan to create a book with at a later date. so a little about myself now 😀
    Im from a small town in Ohio U.S i come from a southern baptist christian family im the youngest of three children in my family and i have to say im the most open minded about almost anything! Ive had a interest in all things magickal and occult since i was little.
    So now a answer for a question im often asked with my decision to pursue this path. Yes i do come from a christian family but for me it just never clicked. i have nothing against it don’t get me wrong but for myself its just not ME. my parents are unaware of this however due to the extreme out bursts they have had with others and they’re religious choices. I hope to learn here and maybe make some new friends along the way.
    Thats about all i have to say to get started though if you have any question or some info that you would like to share please feel to message me! i wont bite i promise!

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    Luna Luna 

    Hello Leucius, lovely to have you here 🙂

    I understand the need to not let your family know of your beliefs. Most people can’t accept something that is not their own truth. It takes a fair share of maturity to do that. But you’re not alone here; many of the members have to hide their beliefs out of fear of persecution (this is why LG exists).

    Feel free to ask us anything in the forums or groups. Connect with members and exchange your experiences. You’ll be surprised how many likeminded people there are here.

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    Hey Leucis, no worries at all and welcome. You posting caught me a bit by surprise, I was debating posting about a religious culture clash I witnessed first hand, not sure LG is ready for it and it did not have a happy ending or any winners.

    You are probably wise in not challenging your family and what they believe. A peaceful family is a valuable thing!

    Early Christianity is a fascinating subject, the first 300 years, when all of the Christians were heretics, magicians, witches, trouble makers and whatever else the controlling powers considered them. After that it was institutionalized and became a control tool of the State… and that is where the real corruption and problems started.

    I do not think that is what Jesus had in mind for his followers. Funny thing Jesus and his followers did not have the “mega churches” Vatican buildings or even a place to organize, they simply met under trees or in like minded people’s homes, not so much different from modern alt religions and many other cross related practices, not far removed from the Ancient practices of Christianity.

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