Some stones are especially powerful one certain days. Knowing which stones are powerful on a specific day can be very useful in making amulets and talismans. Also if you just need a pick me up for that day. It enhances spells or any magick you’re working too.

Sunday: Topaz, sunstone or diamond. Use Pearl if you’re crafting a talisman.

Monday: Pearl, Moonstone or crystal. Wear emerald as an amulet.

Tuesday: Ruby, star sapphire or emerald. Use topaz for any amulets.

Wednesday: Amethyst, star ruby or lodestone. Turquoise for an amulet.

Thursday: Sapphire, cat’s eye or carnelian. Use sapphires in ritual.

Friday: Emerald or cat’s eye. Use ruby for rituals or as an amulet.

Saturday: Turquoise, labradorite or diamond. Use amethyst in ritual.

HOURS: (Daily Planetary Hours)

One – jacinth, morion.

Two – emerald, hematite.

Three – beryl, malachite.

Four – lapis, topaz.

Five – ruby, turquoise.

Six – opal, tourmaline.

Seven – chrysolite, sardonyx.

Eight – amethyst, chalcedony.

Nine – kunzite, jade.

Ten – sapphire, jasper.

Eleven – garnet, lodestone.

Twelve – diamond.Signs and Gemstones

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