Supplies needed:

  • Green Candle
  • Quartz and Onyx stones
  • Cinnamon
  • Lavender Oil
  • Alter Oil
  • 4 Pennies.


Carve the name or type of job you desire (for me it was the name of the store I had worked at previously, this spell was to get that job back) consecrate your candle with alter oil and cinnamon. Place candle in candle holder and place in the middle of a dish, now sprinkle the cinnamon on and around the candle, place the Quartz and Onyx stones around dish also, pennies are also placed around the dish. Burn Lavender Oil, now say this spell while visualising having your job, and really feel that you will have this job, do not doubt this spell. let the candle burn all the way down.

At this time and in this hour,
I call upon the ancient powers,
of the Lord and Lady
I light this candle and
say this spell and ask of thee,
please bring my old job back to me,
with harm to none
as you will it
so mote it be!

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