To get people to move away and/or simply get out of your vicinity

You will need:

  • Black Household Candle
  • “Hot Foot” or “Get Away” oil & Powder
  • A rusty nail
  • 7 pins or needles
  • parchment paper

Inscribe the targets name on the candle with the nail and dress with oil. Insert the pins or needles at equal intervals through the candle and sprinkle the candle with powder.

On the paper write the targets name 7 times in red ink. Across their name write what you want them to do. (Move away, stay away, get a new job etc…). Place the paper under the candle and light the candle. Burn the candle until the first needle falls, all the while concentrating on what you want to happen to this person and then extinquish the candle.

Take the needle and place in the paper in the shape of a cross. By the end of the ritual you should have three crosses in the paper with the middle one “doubled” or using 3 needles like this one.

Repeat this ritual every night using more oil and more powder until the candle has burned down completely and all the pins have been used. On the last night, before it has burned down completely, use it’s last flickering light to burn the parchment, needles and all. Place the ashes in a piece of paper and mix with a bit more oil and powder then sprinkle in the front yard of the person you are trying to drive away.

I have also used a variation where I place the mixture in a dram bottle and bury it where I know the person is going to be crossing. I have also placed the oil on doorknobs and/or car handles that I know the target will come in contact with while the job is being done as well with good results.

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  1. Nimerith 7 years ago

    Can this be altered to work on someone that is currently staying with you in your house? My family has taken in someone who promised to do several things in return for staying at our home for a short amount of time. Well, needless to say that never happened and the short amount of time is now longer. We are all at our limits and I’m looking into several spells to help give them a nudge out the door. This one is promising, but I was wondering how it could be adapted for my situation. I’ve been practicing and studying for almost 14 years now and still have a little trouble adapting spells, charms, and so on to fit my needs.

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