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  • My favorite is MOLDAVITE. But Daily I use rose quartz and Tiger Eye

  • Anyone have a favorite crystal they would like to talk about? Or a crystal they are using right now?

    • Selenite is my go to. Has been for a number of years 😉

      • My go to is Amethyst. I have been drawn to it for as long as I can remember, but it is my birthstone so go figure lol…Is Selenite associated with the moon?

        • Yes it is! That’s actually how I came up with the name Luna. I realized that I loved Selenite and Rainbow Moonstone more than any other crystals I came across. Couple that with the fact that I love owls, cats, and night (much more than day lol) and BOOM! Luna appeared 😂

          • I thought it was, but wanted to test myself lol…anyway, that is awesome! I also love owls and night. Where I grew up, we had a lot of hoot and screech owls in our woods.

    • My favorite is Smokey quartz and tigers eye. Use a palm stone of amethyst or a wordy stone of a rock and yellow paint. Helps with stress relief and pleasing colors

  • Thank you for the invite Luna <3

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