Hello everyone! It’s been a long time since I’ve been back to Luna’s Grimoire and let me say, I have missed all of you! I’m trying to get back into the roll of being here full swing and wanted to start by letting you all know what has been going on in my life that I’ve been unable to visit!

I’ve been very busy, sadly, with my health and moving and adjusting to being unable to work. I’m still fighting with disability to get a positive outcome for my healthcare and my money situation…

However! I am moved into my own home now, enjoying the life off a paid off home and being able to putz around without worrying about others. I can organize and keep as I like to, which is absolutely wonderful.

Little Man and PoppetLittle Man and I are both moved in successfully and we’ve even added a new addition to the pet family, Poppet. She’s a wonderfully sweet little puppy that even gives Little Man a run for his money. Which is a good thing, he needs someone that can fight with him for hours and keep him busy! The photo is of the two of them passed out after behaving like the wild animals they are all day.

I actually want to tell you a rather funny story, one that I live every single day. Little Man has fully embraced the idea that this is our home and that it is job to protect it and me. So, every day, the lady that delivers our mail is a source of his protectiveness.

He barks and growls and runs back and forth, looking out the window at the white mail truck that goes around from house to house… And of course, barks furiously at the strange lady that comes up to our house, every single day, and puts mail in our drop box in the garage.

While that doesn’t sound funny, you don’t see what I see every day. I always glance outside to see what exactly is going on, just to make sure I don’t have an unexpected visitor. I always see the mail lady and it’s come to a habit just to watch her… Because as she gets out and starts up the drive, she’ll hear Little Man in the house, having a crazy fit about the whole situation.

And I watch the mail lady, as she stops, halfway between her truck and the house like she is about to run back to her vehicle, hop inside and not come back. This has been happening for over a week now. I find it amusing because Little Man is always inside and the mail lady outside, well protected from being attacked.

I also find it amusing because this poor woman has no idea that if she actually came into the house and MET Little Man, she’d find the sweetest, most gentle dog of all time who would hop up on the couch so that he could sniff her and give her hugs and snuffles as she walked inside.

The fight between mail man/lady and dog continues!


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