by Tomekeeper

The Touch of Life

In advanced healing we try to step beyond the the normal cantrips, chants and spells to reach the true mechanics and skill involved in the art of healing. We also attempt to learn how to avoid sacrificing our own energy or aura to heal another. I will explain both the methodology and processes of healing, as well as some of the abilities one can use in this art.

No matter what view one takes on healing most agree that the outer etheric/auric or simply put “non-physical” body takes injury along with the physical body too. It’s believed that when physical damage is incurred, the etheric body becomes misaligned and small fissures begin to open up. These etheric wounds heal much slower and sometimes not at all (often the cause of chronic or reoccurring pain). This is the Healer’s purpose: to realign and bring harmony to this etheric damage so the physical body can heal more efficiently. This can be done through a number of methods including (what I’ve termed) Auric Transference and the more refined art of Auric Healing.

Auric Transference is when the Healer will sacrifice his/her own energy and strength to bind the etheric wound. Most Healer’s start at this level until they learn to channel energy and move on to Auric Healing. This method can be both taxing and dangerous if you don’t know when to stop.

Auric Healing is a much finer, less simple skill. During Auric Healing the caster draws elemental energy into themselves and then expels it to use in the binding process. Once it’s decided which method is to be used (I advise the latter as it is less taxing on your own energy supply), the caster must decide which process to use. My two preferred processes are binding and aligning.

Binding and Aligning are merely two different approaches to achieve the same goal. During a binding, energy (preferably channeled energy) is used to cleanse, close, and then bind or “bandage” the wound. Cleansing is to basically ensure any negative energy is removed from the wound.

Closing of the wound allows the natural energy field of the target to again return to a natural state and cycle. The binding of the wound is visualized much like bandaging a physical wound, and has the same purpose — to ensure the wound doesn’t re-open. Aligning of a wound takes less time but more energy, so this should only be used once you’ve learned to channel energy into yourself. The basics behind aligning is that you create enough energy to cause the other field to become supple and soft (this will actually create a noticeable heat).The relaxed field can then be manipulated back into a normal, healthy state. Because during aligning you actually fuse the field together, no bandage is needed. *NOTE* To efficiently manipulate a field you must allow your field to come into contact with it, and then use your mind to see the movement of the field. Movement of the hands can aid with this.

There are quite a few abilities that invaluable to a Healer. The first is more of a necessity: that is being able to sense the auric field. This can be done either with sight or touch. People who can see the aura will notice marks or “stains” on the field, these appear black, gray, or muddier coloured. These stains are sights of damage to the etheric bodies or sights of physical pain. If you cannot see the aura, despair not! The same way blind people can function by feeling their way through things so can you. The etheric stains often feel like knotted tissue or hard/rough spots and can often make you feel slightly pained or ill. This is the way you will find your wound to work on closing. Other useful abilities can be clairaudiance and the use of a pendulum.

Clairaudiance allows people to clearly hear spirits or etheric entities, these entities will often impart information onto the Healer. Pendulums can be useful in finding damaged areas in the auric field. Another skill the healer can use is converting energy. For example if you just channel white energy and then expel it there is no specialized strength. But if while cleansing a wound (for example) you expel red energy you can more effectively break and dispel negative energy and physical bacteria. The commonly used colours in healing are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. Any questions to the usage of these colours (or anything else) I will gladly answer.

Lastly I reach a section on defense. Just as a healer can channel energy from the elements, so too can they channel energy out of a target. This leaves the target weaker and the caster proportionally stronger. As the skill is not simple to learn, it is best to get as much practice healing and drawing elemental energy before attempting draining the life from a target.

Using the reverse of the aforementioned methods so too can the healer rip and rupture the etheric body. In these days when new diseases seem to spring like wildfire, Healers are probably one of the most needed individuals. Healers often concern themselves with the well being of others before their own, and the principles of truth, life, justice, and harmony.

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