by Dorothy Morrison

Take Sandalwood incense to the front east wall of the house and light it saying:

“Air with smoke now blow away
Unpleasant energy from this place.”

Travel along every wall in the house, and say the chant with each room you enter. Leave the incense in the centre of the room. Proceeding as described above, take a white candle to the front south wall. Light the candle and say:

“Candle flame that flickers bright,
Burn negative energy with your light.”

Take a dish of water to the west wall. Sprinkle the water along the walls and chant:

” Water wash this house and clean
Away all dirt and negativity.”

Take a bowl of salt to the north wall. Sprinkle the salt as you walk and say:

“Salt of Earth, both fertile and pure,
Against negative energy, this house secure”.

Stand in the centre of the house, spread your legs slightly and open your arms as if to embrace the sky. As you do, say:

“God/dess of the home and hearth,
Bless these walls and give them warmth!
Bless the windows, roof and floor!
Bring joy to those who grace my door!
And grant to all who enter here
Ease of sorrow, pain, and fear.
Bring rest and comfort to the tired.
Bring ease to anger – quench it’s fire.
Imbue this house with love and light
And laughter, joy, and sunshine, bright!
Make this home a happy place
Where all feel welcome in it’s space.
And see that only good befalls
Those who live within these walls.”

Let the candle and incense burn out. It is done.

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