By Layla Randle

There is both a secret and a trick to seeing Nature spirits. This type of spirit is one of the easiest to see with the natural clairvoyance that everybody has. It’s in you to see a Faery just as much as it’s in you to appreciate a sunset or smell the fragrant flowers in a garden.

A lot of children see Faeries, but lose the ability as they get older. Nature spirits are perhaps more earthly than other types of spirits, Angels for example. I feel that this is why they are easier for a lot of people to see.

The method seems strange at first, but you only need a little practise to get going. There are other ways to see faeries and Nature spirits, but this is the one I use. I’ve done this for as long as I can remember. I don’t know how I started doing this; it seemed to happen quite naturally when I was on holiday in Wales as a child. My best results were when I lived in a beautiful little village by the sea when I was a teenager. I used to go wandering in the New Forest and on the secluded beach, where all sorts of strange things happened.

There are but three things that you need to see a faerie or nature spirit:

The first and most important is a natural site. This can be anything from a spot beneath a 200-year-old tree in an ancient forest, to the bottom of an ordinary garden. As long as there are trees, flowers or even just grass growing wild there will be faeries.

If you have a lot of space to choose from, for example if you are in a forest, then let your intuition guide you to where the faeries are. Good places to choose are very old trees, ‘fairy rings’ or circles of mushrooms and near to large toadstools, especially the red ones with the white spots. These are very poisonous though so don’t touch them.

Remember – go somewhere good! Some places feel spooky in a good way and some are spooky in a bad way. There’s usually a reason for this. Don’t pick a spot that has a grisly history or anywhere you feel generally uncomfortable. Your imagination will conjure up all sorts of horrible things and every rustle in the bushes will freak you out long before you see a fairy. You need to be able to relax. The kind of place you’re aiming for is one where you could happily throw a rug down and go to sleep for a couple of hours without being mugged, murdered or haunted!

The second thing you will need is some peace and quiet. You need to choose a quiet spot where you won’t be interrupted. If you are distracted then nothing will happen. If you are worried that your next-door neighbour might spot you or that a group of ramblers is going to walk past you then you’re unlikely to see anything at all.

The third requirement for faery spotting is patience. This isn’t something that happens within the first three minutes, unless you’re really lucky. It’s like those magic eye pictures. The first time you see one it’s a total mystery. You stare and stare and scratch your head, and then only when you relax your eyes does the picture appear. Well, this is just like those pictures, only instead of relaxing your eyes you are relaxing your mind.

This is the secret to seeing Faeries:

The faeries are there all along, but that part of your mind that picks up on spirits is probably quite underdeveloped. Imagine a little child’s voice trying to compete with a professional choir. You wouldn’t even know that voice was there. You have to shut the rest of your mind up so that this part can come forwards.

Another thing that you need to remember is that the faery or spirit will most likely appear in your mind rather than in front of you as a solid entity. That is not to say that you will imagine it, or that it isn’t the same as seeing it in ‘real life’, or that it’s any less valid than someone who sees one that appears to be a solid, 3D entity like you & me.

How will you know that you didn’t just imagine it or dream it up? Well, you won’t know 100% for sure. But there is a big difference between dreaming something up yourself, and having it pop unexpectedly into your head in vivid detail, seemingly with a life and personality of its own. That is a very singular experience that can be quite unnerving the first time it happens. When that happens you’ll think ‘Did I imagine that? And your mind will answer ‘No, I saw it!’

Remember the bogeyman from your childhood? Well, you can imagine its steely claws around your cupboard door, or its glowing red eyes, and this would have scared you silly as a child. But can you picture its face or body in detail? Could you say what trousers it wore, or whether it’s ears were pointy or not? Unlikely, because although you may have feared it you never saw it. That’s the essential difference between imagination and a vision. A vision is clear, sharp, detailed. When you merely imagine something without actually putting the details there it’s always hazy and uncertain. When you really see a Faery you’ll be able to see the expression on its face, what it’s wearing, what it’s holding, how it’s stranding, everything. And it’s instant, like a camera flash.

Another way to tell is if your Nature spirit looks different to how you would have imagined or pictured it. There are all kinds and types of Faery, not many of them are mini-supermodels dressed in diaphanous peach with gauzy wings and ballerina slippers. Some of them are much larger than you might expect. Some are beautiful but a great deal are not, in the conventional sense.

A helpful tip to the faery-hunter is to take some kind of gift with you to your chosen spot. A good choice would be an apple, some raisin or nuts or some flower petals. These will of course be eaten by the hedgehogs and mice rather than the faeries. But as the Nature spirits exist as part of a greater whole, your gifts to the animals of the area are most appropriate.

It is also helpful to call the faeries before you begin. You may do this out loud or under your breath or even in your mind. You don’t have to do this, but for a first time Faery spotter I would recommend it. You can be as elaborate or as simple as you like. Make up your own call or greeting, or use and adapt this one:

“Nature spirits, Faeries of this place my name is _________. I come with an open heart and a peaceful mind, and with gifts of food for the animals of this place. Please do not be shy, I would love for you to let me see you,”

The spirits seem appreciate it when you tell them your name. You can use your real name or your magical name here.

That is the secret and here is the trick:

Print out this page and take it with you. You don’t have to learn this off by heart, you can refer to the sheet as often as you like.

Go to your chosen spot and sit down on the floor. Get very comfortable, perhaps leaning against a tree or sitting cross-legged.

If you are using gifts and calling to the faeries, do it now. Put the gifts on the floor a little way to the side of you.

Close your eyes and take some deep breaths and begin to smell the air, listen to the wind, and strain your ears to hear the tiniest little sounds of the place that you have chosen.

Imagine that you are rooted to the floor. Visualise roots coming out from the bottom of you and reaching right down into the ground, anchoring you to the floor.

Do this for a couple of minutes and then open your eyes. What you need to do now is to keep your head fairly still, but use your eyes to really look around you. Have a good look all round first of all, and then choose a spot, such as a branch or clump of grass and really look at it. Then close your eyes and try to imagine it just as it is in real life.

Try to breathe deeply and in a relaxed manner as you do this.

Some people are good at this and some not so good. Some people will be able to see the branch waving in the wind, the sunlight bouncing off the leaves. Some people will only be able to imagine the general shape of the branch, or think of one or two leaves upon it. But this is a skill like any other and it can be learned. You’re learning it right now. It doesn’t matter if you’re crap at first – just try. This is the tensing of your mental muscle. It’s the relaxing of this muscle that enables you to see. So try, be determined, concentrate and do it as best you can.

Keep your head very still (but relaxed, not stiff). Open your eyes and look again at the branch or whatever it is and observe it again. Close your eyes again and see it. You are aiming to see the same thing when you close your eyes as you do when you open them. Do this a few more times but don’t rush it. Just concentrate fully on it.

Now choose another spot and do the same thing. Observe the spot for a minute, close your eyes and imagine. Do this a couple more times.

Now try to do this with the whole of the scene in front of you. This is a bit more tricky, but you’re only trying here, if you don’t conjure up a perfect image, it really doesn’t matter. What you are doing is building up the image of the place in your mind.

Do this with the scene for a few minutes, and then concentrate on another spot again and do the same thing. Once you pick this up it’s very simple and easy to do. Put all other thoughts out of your mind.

Switch from looking at parts of the scene to looking at the whole of the scene. Try to re-create it in your mind as fully as you can, with sounds, smells and movement.

Sooner or later a Faery will appear in the scene. You’ll probably open your eyes in shock at this point, but compose yourself and simply try again. It will appear again. The more you do this, the more detailed it will become. It will move and do other things. More will appear.

A word of caution here. This is an exercise to see Faeries. Don’t try to interact with them! This might sound over-cautious and silly, but these are raw forces of Nature, yes even the really cute ones. Old Fairy tales are full of people that have gone stark-raving mad through dealings with the Faeries. Remember that the Faeries were treated with a lot more respect at one time than they are now. They were in fact more feared than respected, and for good reason. You won’t come to any harm just seeing one, and they are unlikely to come very close to you anyway. Don’t ask them for anything and be very respectful towards them.

Even if you don’t see a Faery the first time, thank them for being there anyway. Remember that they are there all the time, it’s just that we don’t see them all the time. If they’ve kindly hung around waiting for you to see them, they would appreciate a thank-you anyway. In the spirit world as in real life, good manners smooth the way ahead.


Get your head very comfortable! Either lean it against a tree trunk or sit up straight but relaxed.

Breathe deeply and regularly. Don’t strain yourself, do it in a relaxed way.

Relax and enjoy this. Don’t look at your watch; don’t give yourself 10 minutes before you give up, don’t get annoyed if it doesn’t happen right away. Be open and positive about it. It’s natural to have doubts, but don’t let them cloud your mind.

Some people manage this within 10 minutes. Others have to try for days before they get it right. We’re all different, so take things at your own pace.

Remember to use your manners when dealing with the faeries. They really don’t like rudeness. It’s not a good idea to annoy the Faeries, especially if you are in the woods by yourself. One thing that can happen is that you’ll instantly get lost or fall straight into a puddle of mud.

However, if you’re polite and quiet and genuinely interested, sooner or later you should see some Faeries.


Garden fairies are most active in the growing season.

Two good ways to attract them are soft music, or by leaving bits of bread and cheese out for them.

The best way to attract the garden fairies isto plant a fairy garden with plants that have been found for centuries to be their favorites. Tend to your garden with love and care.

Call out to the fairies and make them welcome….and soon you may catch a glimpse of the “wee little folk” dancing merrily around your bushes and trees!

Some favourite plants are:

Apple trees – It is believed that fairies inhabit them and could enchant mortals who lingered beneath them and carry themoffto Fairyland.

Lily of the Valley – The tiny flowers and sweet smell are perfect size for the wee ones.

Rosemary – It is called the elf plant, and fairlore states they are enchanted by the scent.

Thyme – This is their favorite! You may get a glimpse of your fairies playing delightfully amongst it.

Ferns – Grow them near the thyme beds with plenty of soft moss around and the fairies will make their beds in it!

Oak tree – It is believed that holes near the bottom of old trees are the doorway to Fairy Land!

Forget-Me-Nots – Hold the blue flowers and wish….if you are pure and true…the keys of fairy land will come to you.

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