totem_spirits_by_animalartist16-d4cm05bA Power Animal can offer wisdom, protection and guidance to an individual and – it is believed – will stay with you for life.

Many people want their Power Animal to be something regal or glamorous – such as a Wolf, Tiger or Dragon, but there are hundreds of animals, and yours could be anything from an ant to an elephant, a bee to a whale.

Every animal brings it’s own special special characteristics or “talents” if you like, so please be open to discovering that the identity of yours may not be what you hoped for!
If you are not sure what your Power Animal may be, try asking yourself the following questions:

1. Does a certain kind of animal keep featuring in your outdoor life? It could be any animal, bird or insect that you notice on a regular basis when out and about. For instance, you might find that you always notice butterflies around you when others are totally unaware of them.

2. Do you have recurring dreams about a certain animal or remember a vivid dream from your past, or even back as far as your childhood?

3. Are you drawn to collect ornaments or artwork of a particular animal?

4. Do you keep coming across images of a certain animal in your daily life – in books, television, magazines and other ways?

5. Is there a particular animal/ bird/ insect that you are particularly drawn to when out in nature, or visiting a zoo or wildlife sanctuary? One that makes you feel relaxed or secure?

6. If you are feeling down, have problems or are feeling afraid in any way, does a particular animal come into your mind, or do you actually see one passing by or hovering near you (such as a bird or butterfly).

7. When asking yourself what your Power Animal may be, did a particular animal come to mind – although you don’t know why? This could be because an animal has come to you in your dreams, although you may not consciously remember them, or maybe the animal is simply answering your questioning thought of what they are!

Remember too, that it is possible to have more than one Power Animal – The one who is there with you for life and one or two others who keep popping into your consciousness to give you messages, remind you of something, or simply give you some reassurance when you are in need.


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