Blueberry: burn to keep unwanted influences from coming to your house

Blue Roses: specially crafted to honour the Goddess in all aspects

Carnations: sweet floral scent traditionally used in healing

Cedar: used for purification, protection, spiritual growth and prosperity

Cherry: sacred to Venus; will attract and stimulate love

Cinnamon: used to gain wealth and success

Coconut: burn for protection and purification

Copal: burn to honour the Gods

Dragon’s Blood: used for lust, courage, sexuality

Frangipani: burn to brighten your home with friendship and love

Frankincense: use to draw energy of the sun to create sacred space, consecrate objects, stimulate positive vibrations

Honeysuckle: burn for good health, luck and psychic power

Jasmine: used for luck in general, and matters relating to love

Lotus: used for inner peace and outer harmony; aids in meditation and opening the mind’s eye

Musk: burn for courage and vitality, or to heighten sexual position

Myrrh: an ancient incense for protection, healing, purification and spirituality

Passionflower: used for peace of mind; this sweet scent will soothe troubles and aid in sleep problems

Patchouli: an earthly scent used in money an attraction spells

Pine: burn for strength, and to reverse negative energies

Rose: used in love magic, and to return calm energies to the house

Sage: used for spiritual growth, healing, purification of the home and ritual space

Sandalwood: a delicious all-purpose scent used to heal and protect, also for purification

Spice: a firey scent used for any magic workings

Spirit: use to raise your personal vibration, attract spirit guides and honour your personal deity

Strawberry: used for love, luck and friendship

Tangerine: a solar aroma used to attract prosperity

Vanilla: used to stimulate amorous appetites and enhance memory

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