For years I have been pulling to and fro about my journey as a person and as a practitioner of the craft. Being solitary is difficult, as you don’t have the familial encouragement, the accountability to return or even a warm place to call home, a place of comfort. All you have is yourself, and this belief that might not even be real. Is magic real? This is a question that has plagued me for the last ten years, and I’ve swung from no to yes with careless abandon. For me today, it is. 

I have openly discussed my constant need for reassurance that I’ve been doing the right thing with Luna’s Grimoire, but now that I have no one around me to guide me, I have found myself, when I’m leaning towards ‘no’ or finding my footing unstable, tucking away the idea into my Pandora’s box, for safekeeping and to revisit when I’m in a better frame of mind. 

Water has traditionally been a conduit for me, as it is for many with a sense of intuition and rumination. And as all my ideas, this confessional arose during a lengthy shower, followed by the realisation that magic has always been a massive part of my life, and I just needed the right stimulus to awaken it. 

For years, I’ve been studying witchcraft, paganism as an umbrella, and the various sects of Wicca, trying to find the parts that made sense to me. Spell casting with candles and casting circles never made sense to me as magic has always been a living breathing in the moment thing. Magic is about intent and focus, at its core. I have pondered this in great detail for years as it challenged everything I was taught. 

About five years ago, I wanted to strike out and start my own sect. Yes, very ambitious of me. Needless to say, the humble side won, and I retreated after carefully thinking about the implications. Then I was set upon a new journey, that would challenge my very existence in ways that still make me shiver. I attempted again, to make witchcraft more simple with the Simple Witch Circle. I’ve found that keeping a group engaged was hard work, and that flame also died. 

But the spirit of that simplicity did not. 

I have no promises, only to look at my own practice with a different light and share it. I shall recategorise the grimoire as I modify elements and make Luna’s Grimoire more my own and less of those who came before me. It is, after all, my grimoire. 

Here are some promises I can make.. Luna’s Grimoire will be as full of arcane topics as my brain. The chatroom shall remain open for those who want to drop a line, the social network will always be a place where pagans of all branches can find a safe space. The spell book shall remain untouched for some time, while I work on the broader aspects and putting together the first volume of the Luna’s Grimoire printed edition. Yes, that is still happening, it’s just a matter of time. 

I love you all, and I am always grateful for the encounters that you have honoured me with. I will try to write more frequently, as long as life does not continue to get in the way, but I am trying to make this more of a priority, because of you. 

May the elements forever move for you. 



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