The most important aspect of your psychic growth is developing the ability to keep yourself grounded or balanced. To do that, you need to let go of your fears and discover the support of your Belief, adivinity or higher power whose existence you believe in, whether because of your religion or personal conviction. At the end of the chapter, you will learn an exercise for surrounding yourself with the protective golden light of the Universe and tethering yourself to the ground with the golden thread.

Letting Go of Your Fears

Opening up to your psychic ability can be overwhelming if you are not prepared. This problem is especially evident in children and teenagers. Their first encounters usually happen without warning, and they are left confused and afraid of the unknown. Many spend the rest of their lives trying to run away from their natural gifts.

When Josh was young, he was given the opportunity to try dowsing with a forked stick. The pull of the stick was so strong that it scared him. He dropped it, and ran away. When he finally tried again as an adult, he had lost his ability to dowse. Many others have had similar experiences with different kinds of psychic talents. Perhaps you are one of them.

It is very easy when you first start developing your psychic gifts to become overwhelmed with what you encounter. If that happens, you need to stop, take a deep breath, and go back to a nonpsychic activity.

Internal Self-Doubt

Opening yourself up to self-doubt can lead to confusion. The doubt begins when you do not have a clear belief that your psychic abilities have been given to you for the good of the Universe. You can create the doubt in yourself, or others can create the doubt in you.

Often, self-doubt is the result of fear. It is in your human nature to try to avoid the unknown, which by nature includes some potentially dangerous situations. But when you run from fear, it follows you and grows in proportion to your retreat. Most often you are afraid without knowing what you are afraid of. It is this fear of the unknown that can paralyze your psychic development.

Fear of the unknown can eat away at your whole being. It can prevent you from moving forward along your life map. It can bring you face to face with old unresolved karma. Fear can rear its ugly head at any moment. It can manifest itself through your unconscious mind.

When you are hit by a fear that comes from psychic intuition, you may feel very alone because you are highly aware of your difference from others and cannot confide in anyone. Many suffer in silence for years, and sometimes they take their secret fear of the unknown to their graves. As you continue through this book, you will have the opportunity to understand and resolve any fear of the psychic that you may have.

The Influence of Others

Equally damaging is advice from well-meaning people who are consumed by their own fears. If you confide in them, these people may tell you that your psychic gifts are weird or even evil. They are quick to advise you about something they do not understand. The fears of others are just as toxic to you as your own — they will contribute to your own fears and may smother your psychic gifts.

A negative reaction can increase your self-doubt. As long as you let yourself be open to the fears of other people, you run the danger of internalizing them. An unbalanced and ungrounded person may absorb another person’s fears instantly, losing self-confidence that is replaced with self-doubt.

As you learn how to ground yourself and find your balance, you will be able to react to fear in a different way. You will learn to move aside and get out of the line of fire of other people’s fears. You can find security in your psychic intuition and learn to trust your personal guidance system. You can replace doubt with trust.

Staying Focused

Have you ever looked at a hologram? A hologram is a picture that contains two (usually contrasting) images. If you stare at the one, you won’t be able to see the other. The key is for you not to focus on what you are looking at until the second image emerges from the first. Some are easy to see as you turn the picture. Others require that you let your eyes go out of focus until you see the images. Some of you may not be able to see two distinct pictures. Inversely, some of you may see two images in a picture that has only one.

Every set of eyes sees differently. Some people are colorblind, some are near-sighted, and some have trouble focusing. Many famous artists paint in distinct styles dictated by the way they see, the way they experience their reality. An art critic seeing the work through his own eyes can’t always understand the artist’s perspective.

Magicians misdirect your attention while they complete their magic tricks. You are seeing only what they want you to see. If you knew how the trick worked, it would be simple to see. You can allow the same thing to happen to you mentally when you misdirect your attention and focus on the wrong image.

Big Picture, Little Picture

There are two ways to focus the mind: the big picture and the little picture. As with a hologram, if you focus on only one, you may fail to see the other. As you have already read, when you focus on fear and self-doubt, you may fail to see love and the strength of the Universe. When you fail to separate your role from that of the whole Universe, you can lose focus of your own life map.

If you can only see the big picture, you are detaching yourself from your inner guidance system. You may be keeping yourself at such a distance that you are unable to take an active role in the work of the Universe. It is possible that you will not take the risk of self-improvement even though you know that is what you need to do. This inaction may cause you to feel paralyzed and unable to get on track with your life map.

When you only see the little picture, you become responsible for all of the Universe’s work. You keep repeating karmic patterns over and over again and fail to see how you have an opportunity to learn, grow, and change. You are weighed down with the responsibility of not only solving your own problems, but everyone else’s too. If you are like this, then you already know that others will constantly bombard you with their problems. They leave feeling better while you are left cleaning up their mess.

Divine Assistance

To help you keep grounded and in balance, you can count on some help. If you participate in an organized religion, you can rely on the divinity or divinities of that belief system. In fact, many psychics belong to an organized religion. Your psychic ability is a part of your very soul, as ancient as any religion. God, as that being is understood by most modern religions, is a part of all that is good. The Divine works for the betterment of mankind — that is, God’s role is that of the Universal Mind.

It is also possible that you cannot define exactly what you believe. It may be that you see God as a part of nature — the oceans, forests, mountains, and all living things on the earth and in the sky. That is okay as long as you believe that there is something, somewhere in the Universe, that is a positive force that watches over you and others. Whoever that being or higher power is, that is your Belief.

Can You Explain It?

If you do not have an organized religion, what or whom do you believe in? Do you believe that there is a Divinity somewhere in the Universe? Do you believe that you have a soul? Do you believe in the powers of good and evil? Do you believe that you have a purpose in life?

Can you define your Belief in your own words ? Take a few moments to consider your answers. How would you explain your Belief to anyone else? How comfortable are you defining your Belief?

Remember that it’s okay not to have definite answers for these questions. This exercise is to help you become aware and work toward identifying your Belief. It is already inside you. You were born with it, and all your actions and thoughts are either in tune with it or not.

Do you believe in miracles? And if you do, how often are you aware of them happening around you? Are you aware of them daily or only occasionally?

Communication with Your Belief

Do you rely on angels, saints, or other beings to work their good? Do you look to something to protect you from both the known and the unknown? Can you turn there when you are faced with an unknown fear?

Do you communicate with your Belief on a daily basis, just when you remember to, or only at times when you are asking for something? Do you feel that you and this higher power are compatible and in tune with each other, or do you feel as if you are in conflict?

An Exercise of Contemplation

Here is an exercise to help you contemplate your Belief. If you choose to try it, take a few moments to get comfortable; then allow yourself to take a deep breath, exhale, and relax. You may count yourself down from five to zero and feel yourself connected to your inner guidance system. (Each time you relax, it is always different — sometimes in a deep focus and sometimes not.)

As you count yourself down, you may suggest that with each count you will feel more and more relaxed and in tune with your inner guidance system. You may allow yourself to feel a connection to your Belief, whether you know exactly what it is or not. If you are still unsure, then allow yourself to be open to the positive flow of the Universe. When you reach zero, give yourself some time to feel a positive connection to your Belief. If you have concerns for yourself or others or for the development of your psychic gifts, you may turn them over to your Belief for resolution and guidance.

After you have spent some time contemplating your Belief, you may take a deep breath, exhale, and count yourself slowly upward to five and the surface of your mind. When you get back to five, take another breath, exhale, and come back to your conscious mind. It is okay to include this communication in your daily relaxation exercises.

Anchor Your Connection

You can give yourself a mental or physical anchor while you are relaxed and connected to your Belief. Put your thumb and finger together and squeeze lightly. As you do this, you may suggest to yourself that whenever you repeat this action, you will feel connected to your Belief. The level of connection will always be at the focus level that is positive and aware. In other words, if you are driving a car, you will always be alert and awake when you trigger your anchor.

The same effect can be obtained if you use a verbal anchor. A verbal anchor may be a specific word as simple as “Believe.” Other types of anchors may be auditory (a specific sound), olfactory (a certain smell), or mental (the memory of a particular smell). It could even be the positive feeling you get when you are in a special place.

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