Use a Symbol to Represent Transcendental Consciousness

Symbols have the power to alter consciousness. For example, perhaps you desire to use a symbol to represent a metaphysical truth or a transcendent state of mind. Consider the Hindu symbol for Om as a point of reflection. It is believed to be the sound of the cosmic vibration of the universe. The yin/yang symbol that represents the opposite principles of masculine and feminine in Chinese philosophy means harmony, balance, and universal fellowship. A dragon or bear image suggests strength and fortitude.

There are literally thousands of symbols, from ancient to modern. Some may have obscure meanings while others are universally understood. While certain symbols may be associated with myths and cultural traditions, others hold special meaning only for certain groups. The following list contains a few common symbols with their popular meanings:

  • Bat: darkness, the unknown
  • Blue: sanctity, peace, water
  • Coin: money, wealth, offering
  • Diamond: strength, endurance
  • Dove: the Holy Spirit, peace
  • Full moon: wholeness, completion
  • Grove of trees/forest: the unconscious mind, chaos
  • Heart: compassion, love
  • Lingam: fertility, regeneration
  • Ouroboros (snake swallowing its tail): complete cycle of birth, death, and rebirth in an endless round
  • Pearl: secret knowledge, hidden truth, wisdom
  • Rainbow: a bridge between heaven and earth
  • Red: life force, anger, war, Christ’s passion
  • Snake: deception, sexuality
  • Sun: success
  • Three: the Holy Trinity; birth, life, and death; past, present, and future
  • Two: balance
  • Valley: feminine symbol; also death and the unknown
  • Violet: sorrow, mysticism
  • Volcano/tower: destructive energy
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Some symbols have represented a specific meaning for centuries. Symbols such as a wheel, rose, key, cross, and lotus still represent a mystical entry into transcendental states of consciousness and hidden knowledge or wisdom. However, such symbols may also have other meanings associated with them, depending upon the culture in which they are found. For example, the cross, a sacred symbol for Christians, is also the symbol of earth to the Chinese.

Find a Potent Symbol with Personal Meaning

Perhaps there is some object that has deep personal meaning for you that you wanted long ago and still do not have. Perhaps there is a certain symbol that always reminds you of that object. If, one day, you find yourself cutting out a magazine picture of a red Porsche convertible, just know your subconscious still wants that car. Go for it. The magazine picture will be a good reminder for you to work with the Law of Attraction to manifest it.

The same is true if you have a recurring dream about, say, searching for a key while climbing to the top of a mountain. Such a dream might be pointing to a search for the wisdom key and higher states of consciousness as represented by the mountain. It could also mean the challenges you have faced to reach the top.

You may find a powerful symbol in your dreams to use as a touchstone for your work of consciously manifesting. Working with your dreams can be fun, intriguing, and instructive.

Source, Energy, and Infinity

Humans require love to flourish. Love energizes thoughts, empowers individuals to dream and follow their bliss, and enables their efforts to manifest. In his best-selling book, Think and Grow Rich, NapoleonHill explained that it is by our predominant thoughts that we thrive. Many people might agree that our thoughts of love leave a deep imprint in our psyches and hearts. We become powerful creators when we learn to transmute negative thoughts into positive ones — for example, anger into appreciation — and then magnetize our thoughts with love.

Love as a Magnetizer

Love can serve as a powerful magnetizer for manifesting. Here’s the way it works. Because of the hormones that are released in your body when you are in love, your thoughts become highly magnetized. When you first fall in love, you may feel crazy and even somewhat obsessive. All you can think about is your beloved. The other person may, in fact, be thinking of you at the exact moment that you are thinking of her.

Whether it is altruistic, romantic, or compassionate, love seeks expression. Passionate love is the driving force behind magnificent works of art, architecture, literature, and music as well as procreation. Many of us became the expression of our parents’ love for each other. Love can draw into your life a romantic partner, meaningful work, pets, and friends.

Mexican artist Frida Kahlo depicted her suffering, anger, and loss in her work. At the core of her life was a passion for art and love for muralist Diego Rivera, and her work intimately reflected this. Some of her pieces are difficult to look at, yet her work is well known and collected.

Some artists who have not yet experienced success may feel a love for their craft but do not have the optimism, confidence, and sense of expectancy that they can create something unique and exceptional. Perhaps their love for their craft is not as strong as their sense of defeatism or failure, which can sabotage their efforts. And yet, others use their pain and suffering as images in their work. Love pulls them into their work and passion serves as the catalyst that ignites their vision for what they desire to manifest. Such artists may become highly successful, turning out magnificent and unique works as their gifts to the world.

When you calm your mind, cultivate a positive mood, center your thoughts on the outcome of your desire, and love what you are doing, you are in a position to optimally manifest that which your heart most desires. Wallace Wattles, in his 1910 book The Science of Getting Rich, noted that when you live closer to the source of wealth and abundance and align yourself in harmony with that, you get more of what you seek from the source. Living closer to the source, as Wattles calls it, might prompt thoughts of appreciation, gratitude, and love toward the unnamed, unknowable source. Such emotionally charged thought attracts more of the same to the individual.

How can an artist use love to create?
A passion for mosaics, for example, can lead the mosaicist to learn everything involved in the craft, study classical works, and develop a vision for creating his own masterful and unique works.

Pseudo Versus Scientific Law

Critics assert that the Law of Attraction is not a scientific law that can be observed, quantified, qualified, or otherwise measured or proven using the steps in the scientific method. In nature, some things have been observed to behave in a certain way with regularity over a long period of time and thus laws were formulated to describe those behaviors or actions.

There are many scientific laws. Einstein’s special law of relativity, the law of conservation of energy, Newton’s law of gravity, and the laws of thermodynamics are just a few examples.

Critics say that the Law of Attraction has nothing to do with the physics of attraction but rather represents a metaphysical philosophy. Others say it is little more than esoteric mumbo jumbo. Although Law of Attraction proponents say that the law works every time, people who have tried it with little or no result complain that it doesn’t. When it doesn’t, those people say that they are frequently informed that the fault lies not in the law itself but rather in how the law was applied. In other words, the fault lies with the person trying to manifest a result: the individual wasn’t focused enough, didn’t believe strongly enough, didn’t take the proper action, or neglected making a space in her life for the result she sought.

While some critics shrilly denounce the Law of Attraction as being pure bunk, others temper their remarks with a reminder that positive thinking and instilling hope are good things. If believing in the Law of Attraction inspires one to have a better life, set some goals, and reach for treasured dreams, so much the better. French-born diarist Anaïs Nin once remarked that a life shrinks or expands according to one’s courage. Sometimes it takes courage just to believe in something and allow for its unfolding in your life.

The mind/emotion connection that figures into the Law of Attraction has resonance in spells. Successfully casting a spell means the mind must be sharply focused and the emotions must be appropriate — no love emotion for a banishing spell, for example. All the necessary props or ingredients for the spell must be exact and the words spoken for the spell must be correct.

The Energy of Manifestation

For manifestation to take place, energy must be expended. The process begins with a desire to have something — let’s say, a new friend who will become your romantic partner and possibly your future husband. In a measured and thoughtful manner, you think about what you want as clearly as you can. Eventually, you might develop a mental checklist that could go something like the following:

Criteria for My Ideal Mate

  • Is intelligent and articulate
  • Loves books, dogs, and children
  • Is approximately my age
  • Is athletic and physically healthy
  • Is emotionally available
  • Is fiscally responsible
  • Has sound ethical values and high moral standards
  • Is spontaneous
  • Has a terrific sense of humor
  • Dances like Fred Astaire

Next, your imagination wraps around new qualities, traits, or skills that you hope he will have. The more you think about exactly what you want, the more refined the image of your new mate becomes — he can cook, dance the salsa, and romp with the kids and dog with a wild spontaneity. Imaginative thoughts of interacting with such a person give you pleasure, and your thoughts of him become charged with positive emotion. Now you begin to anticipate meeting him. He’s not in your life yet, but you feel certain that he’s moving toward you — and you feel you deserve him.

Do Things to Bring Him In

You decide to take some action, perhaps type the checklist of your mental image of him and make multiple copies. You post a copy on your bathroom mirror where you imagine him standing near you while you apply lip gloss or comb your hair. You stick the list on your refrigerator and imagine he reaches past you for the dessert he’s preparing to serve with coffee. You walk the dog and imagine he walks beside you, talking about the latest book he read. You almost love this guy already.

Up to this point, you have been using energy in your thinking, imagining, visualizing, and making lists. Now you decide to put yourself into situations where you might actually meet him. You attend a speed-dating event with a friend, sign up for a month on an Internet matchmaking site, frequent bookshops and grocery stores, and take a cooking class. You start taking your dog on extended walks, believing that at any moment he may soon walk toward you. You tell your friends and family members you are ready for him to show up and believe he’s near.

Wait and Have Faith

Using mental, emotional, and physical energy, you have sown the seed of desire. The task of a seed sown in fertile ground is to sprout and grow. Let the universe do the work. It takes time for a seed to germinate and push up so you can actually see it growing. Even though you cannot see the germination and growth process, you must nourish it and have faith that it will spring forth in fullness.

Another parable put he forth unto them, saying, The kingdom of heaven is like to a grain of mustard seed, which a man took, and sowed in his field: Which indeed is the least of all seeds: but when it is grown, it is the greatest among herbs, and becometh a tree, so that the birds of the air come and lodge in the branches thereof. — Matthew 13:31–32

See the Result

According to the Law of Attraction experts, your expectation and anticipation will now pull the mate you seek into your life. A mustard seed at first appears tiny and inconsequential, but once it is sown in nourishing soil it can spring forth to become the greatest herb in the garden. So, too, will the dream in your heart sprout in its fullness. In the New Testament, Jesus explained in the parable of the sower the unseen power of the tiny mustard seed to grow into something great.

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