Step One: Desire

What you fervently desire is sure to manifest when you give yourself permission to have it, think about it often and with feeling, consider ways to acquire it, and set in motion the acquisition of it through your intent. Lupe purchased the fake with an abiding hope that one day she would get the real thing.

Step Two: Intent

When you desire something deeply and form an intention to acquire it, you will begin to turn over in your mind ways that you might have the object of your desire. Intent to have something usually triggers strong emotional feelings such as excitement and happiness. You feel motivated to work for it. Although her new watch was a designer knockoff, Lupe wore it with pride. She just knew that someday she would own the real thing. She intended to have it even if she had to work extra shifts. She vowed to work hard to make getting the watch a probability instead of a possibility. She imagined herself as the star of her own movie, wearing it.

Step Three: Belief in Attainment

When desire is coupled with intent and motivation, you begin to believe that you can attain the object you desire. When the fake watch broke, Lupe stopped wearing it. Instead, she kept the watch displayed on the bathroom windowsill in her one-room apartment. She never told herself, “I can’t afford a real diamond watch”; instead, she allowed her mind to wrap around the happiness and pride she would feel when she would finally wear the real thing.

Be ready to receive. Sometimes that means making space in your life, your home, your business, or your jewelry box for the object of your desire. Always be prepared for your desire to come to you.

Step Four: Positive Attitude

Belief that you can have your desire must be sustained because there surely will be a period between dreaming of having it and the physical manifestation of it in your life. Seldom are manifestations instantaneous. In Lupe’s life, several years came and went. Yet she never gave up hope that in the right time and the right way, her watch would arrive. She believed that it was already en route to her, as if she had paid for it and it was simply a matter of waiting until it showed up. She never questioned how or when, but just kept her faith and saved her pennies.

Step Five: Gratitude

Intensify your efforts of deliberately working with the Law of Attraction by feeling and expressing your thankfulness at what you already have. Feel gratitude for the power that is working to bring you the object you fervently desire. In Lupe’s case, she became a little sidetracked. Love and marriage came into her life. She and her husband moved into a new, slightly larger place as her husband anticipated taking over his father’s jewelry business. Lupe finally put the broken watch away in a dresser drawer. Each day as she walked to work, she spent the time thanking God for her many blessings — her new husband, their deep love for each other, and their small but darling apartment only a few blocks from her work. Though there were many things she and her husband needed, she felt grateful for what they already had. She had a list of needs. The watch remained on her list of wants.

Step Six: Receive

From time to time, Lupe took her broken watch from the drawer to look at it. She didn’t buy a new cheap watch or another fake. She trusted that when the time was right, her dream watch would arrive.

On the morning of their second wedding anniversary, her husband gave her a red box. Inside was a diamond-encrusted watch by Cartier. It wasn’t one of the newest designs, but it had been in his father’s store for several years as if waiting for just the right person to claim it. At first glance, Lupe immediately recognized the watch she had been visualizing since the first time she’d seen it at the movies. Through tears of joy, she told her husband that his gift was perfect, just what she had always wanted.

Clarity of Intention

Clarity of intention brings faster and stronger results. Don’t engage in wishful thinking and then forget about what you wanted. Be clear about your intention to have exactly what you want. Hold in your mind the image of your desired object. See the colors, the detailing, the size, the weight, the opacity or clarity, and even the time frame in which you want it in your life. Do whatever you can to mentally see it in its totality. Think of all the ways it might arrive in your possession, how you will enjoy it and use it. Know with certitude that it is already in the universe on its way. Lupe knew precisely what she wanted. Lena, in the earlier example, couldn’t decide on the exact color.

How can intent become energized to achieve greater personal success?
When your thoughts, emotion, and intention are aligned 100 percent on achieving the optimal outcome, you will achieve greater success. Conversely, when you slide into a place of lower expectation and dilute the intention to have the best, then you may fail to achieve your desired goal.

If you don’t like what you are attracting to yourself (negative friends, undesirable business situations or clients, loser boyfriends, and the like), change your energy. Clarify your intention to send out different vibrations and watch how the Law of Attraction will begin to bring you new friends, fantastic business associates and opportunities, even possibly a new romantic partner with the qualities and moral values you desire.

Energize Your Intention

One way to energize intentional thought is by mapping out an action or to-do list. Think about some of the things you might do to set up a powerful magnetic attraction, drawing to you the object of your desire. Clean the garage, for example, to make possible a space to park that new sports car you want. Throw a party and invite single people; ask everyone to bring a friend. Who knows — that new romantic partner you desire might just show up.

Thoughts become more powerful when they are magnetized by your emotion. Intent becomes energized through repetitious thinking of the same thoughts and by clarity of focus. It’s also important to know your reasons for wanting something. Usually, it will have to do, in part, with how it makes you feel. Dare to dream larger than life itself.

In The Fabric of Reality, David Deutsch wrote that the veracity of the external reality of a dream within your mind cannot be disproved. Perhaps all humans are collectively dreaming this dream of existence or are merely actors playing roles in the dream of Divine Mind that spun itself outward from the one into myriad forms and beings.

By allowing your thoughts to frequently visit your desire and by opening your heart to feel the positive emotions of joy and happiness, you are supporting your intention and strengthening the pull of the Law of Attraction. You are drawing toward you that which is already in infinite potentiality. But it bears repeating here that you must be vigilant about your thoughts. Negative situations, people, and objects drift into your life when you worry, are afraid, and feel stressful. But when you are happy, are grateful, and feel empowered, more good things manifest.

Express Desire in the Right Language

When you are asked about your desire, if you say, “I want to stop dating losers,” you are putting yourself in position to continue attracting them. Loser is an emotionally potent word for people. It’s so negative that it is the strongest word in that sentence. Find other words and phrasing to express your desire for a healthy relationship with an emotionally mature individual who is right for you. Think carefully about how you are asking for things. Instead of saying, “I need to get out of this lousy job,” try saying instead, “I am manifesting meaningful work in my field of .”

According to teachers of the Law of Attraction, when you form a strong intentional desire, you shake up the status quo. Even if you aren’t doing things to fulfill your desire, you have initiated a shift in your thinking. That, in turn, sets up a new vibration that opens the way for new objects, opportunities, and individuals to show up in your life.

All about Attitude

Do you believe that most humans are innately good? Do you think each person has an awesome power to have the life he chooses? Do you seek the lesson in every good and bad experience that comes into your life? When you experience a moment of high drama, do you remember to take some deep breaths, try to depersonalize the situation, and see what there is to learn from the way the situation is unfolding? These are all examples of having a positive attitude.

When you have a great attitude, are focused on and energetically pursuing your goal, and always have a bright smile and a kind word for others, who do you think will want to align with you? Who wouldn’t? You will attract everyone on your way up to the top because everyone wants to be around a winner.

Having a good attitude when life is beating up on you can be challenging. When your finances are going south, when your wife has dumped you for her personal trainer, when your car has just been keyed, it’s difficult to see any good. But that is exactly the time to cultivate a positive attitude. When the darkness swirls around you, look for the light.

As the dark gets darker and more powerful, that’s the best time to seek and generate light. Make yourself into a beacon of bright light and optimism. Express positive feelings and a grateful attitude for what’s good in your life and let those feelings extend outward into the lives of all those you know and love. Don’t give much energy to the things that aren’t working for you. Try to be an observer in the drama and, as you seek whatever goodness you can find, watch how the energy begins to shift. At times, it can be positively palpable.

Generosity of Spirit

A generosity of spirit is symbolized by trust, mutual aid, kindness, respect for others, and a commitment to do as little harm as possible and assist others in their journey through life. In short, generosity means giving and is often synonymous with charity. The Buddhists believe that even the smallest act of charity can yield great merit, either the moment it is performed or in the future. For example, King Ashoka reportedly avoided any suffering associated with his death because before dying he had shared a portion of a piece of fruit with the priests who were tending him.

When I was a child, I spake as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child: but when I became a man, I put away childish things. For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known. And now abideth faith, hope, charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity. — 1 Corinthians 13:11–13

Three Great Virtues

Charitable acts, in which the giving is unconditional and self-sacrificing, are often equated with agape, the Greek word translated to mean “love.” In the New Testament, the apostle Paul wrote in his first letter to the Corinthians that of the three great theological virtues — faith, hope, and charity — the last is the greatest.

Show Generosity of Spirit

Cultivate generosity if you want to powerfully express and implement the Law of Attraction in your life. Give generously to receive generously. Be like the Hindu goddess Lakshmi, whose prayer states that the goddess is “generous to everyone.” Her devotees rise early at dawn to chant the thousand names of the goddess with the intention of drawing her blessings of wealth into their lives. Attracting wealth into your life does not mean you are depleting someone else’s reserve.

Law of Attraction teachers and practitioners say that the power that brings something to you out of infinite potential can deliver the same thing to another. There is no corresponding loss to infinite potential. When you give from a place of loving kindness, your gift, some say, returns in a magnified form.


In Chapter 6, Taoism’s concept of not doing, or wu-wei, was introduced. In a discussion of generosity of spirit, wu-wei has a place because of its emphasis on living life from the spirit and expressing harmony and love in all you do. Andrew Carnegie demanded his employees work together in a spirit of harmony because he believed it was a critically important factor in achieving success. The power behind wu-wei’s “action without action” is synchronicity. When you set forth an intent or desire in your mind and are harmoniously aligned with the energy of the Tao, your power, invisible and strong, works with the laws of the universe.


The Impact of Negativity

Perhaps you know the impact of negativity from direct experience. For example, maybe you have had the experience of happily going off to work only to sink into a foul mood an hour later because of a coworkerwho never let a negative thought go unspoken. Negativity is both malignant and infectious. When you are in a negative environment, it is difficult to have the mental clarity and the positive outlook that are so necessary for intentional alignment with the Law of Attraction.

Blockages and Obstacles

The anxious mind can spiral endlessly along in melodramatic fashion, triggered by a single thought that acts as a catalyst for worry. For example, you just returned from the market, where you did a little banking and grocery shopping. Your teenage daughter approaches and asks for cash for a snack before going off to her after-school study group. You reach for your wallet, and it’s missing. Your mind races.

“Where did I leave it … at the store? Oh, no … all that cash … the car payment …. Maybe the checker has it …. Yeah, right. Who’d turn it in? … Why would they? … My cash … my house payment … gone …. Oh no! … They could steal my identity!”

Mulling over a problem in order to come up with creative solutions is one thing, but when fear triggers the emotional part of the brain, worrying takes over, often obsessively. The worrying mind attracts more negative situations to worry about. Experts in behavior and brain science warn that worrying can overshadow and negate reason and logic.

In his book Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More than IQ, author Daniel Goleman asserts that while anxiety weakens the intellect and undercuts all types of mental and academic performances, a positive mood can facilitate flexible and complex thinking.

Your choice of words or use of language differs depending on whether you are in a negative or a positive mood. The brain cannot hold both negative and positive emotions at the same time, say Law of Attraction teachers. You will experience either positive or negative polarity, and it will be reflected in your inner dialogue word choices.

When you are in a bad mood and your mental thought vibration is negative, you use words like no, not, can’t, won’t, don’t, and impossible. But when you feel upbeat and happy, you use positive expressions like yes, can, will, do, and possible. When you say can’t, won’t, don’t, and no, you are focusing your attention on what you do not want because the mind sifts the negative contractions out of the statement and zeroes in on what remains. For example, the statement, “I don’t want any more bills,” brings you more bills.

Try substituting a positively phrased question like “What is my deepest desire?” Then express what you want using positive language and avoiding those negative words. For example, instead of saying, “I can’t get the job of my dreams; I’m not good enough” say instead, “I am excited to be in the process of getting the job of my dreams because I am skilled at what I do and am passionate about doing it.” Give focused attention and energy to your positive affirmation statements.

Some spiritual seekers who regularly spend time chanting a specific mantra each day have been known to awaken from a dream and remember that within the dream they had been chanting the same mantra, suggesting that repetitious verbalization or mental thought can be impressed upon the subconscious and emerge in the dreaming mind.

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