Select wood from a fruit bearing tree, of a branch that has fallen naturally (not cut down) the host tree must still be alive (I used plum tree wood from my backyard after a large snowstorm, lucky me). Pick a branch of the diameter that you want your runes to be (usually between 0.5″ and 1″). Gather several pieces, as some will crack during the drying process or be damaged by bugs.

Let the wood dry for AT LEAST 6 months. 9 months or a year is better. You MUST let the wood dry OUTSIDE, covered by a loose tarp or something to keep rain off of it. You may also want to use a pesticide AROUND, not on the wood to prevent bug damage. Once dry, ensure your runewood has not cracked or been damaged by bugs.

Strip the bark off by hand, using a knife. Also smooth the branch by cutting off bumps and the like. You may sand it smooth or not, depending on personal preference (I don’t like perfectly smooth runes)

Saw the branch into 24-25 (depending on weather you use the blank rune)1/16″-1/8″ flat disks using a HAND SAW (the more effort you put into making the runes, the better they work)

Carve the runic symbols into each disk, so you have a complete rune set. Burn or mark with a permanent marker or paint (doesn’t matter which) the carvings so they can be seen better.

Seal the runes with the natural oil of your choice, as long as it is natural. You may also use a NATURAL wood stain is you wish, it will not affect anything but the appearance if you do.

Cleanse, concencrate and empower the runes for your purpose, depending on your own custom of how you do it. Your rune set is now completed.

Select an appropriate sized drawstring bag made of leather, silk, embroidered soft-linen, etc. This is a matter of personal taste but get a nice one because you will use these runes for the rest of your life, as they grow stronger with age and use. You may wish to select a bag with magical symbols (sigils) if you wish (I did) you are now completed.

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