You will need:

  • Two Pink Candles
  • An egg

Even between the closest people, bad feelings can occur. This spell is designed to bring harmony back into the relationship and the home.

Set up a small altar and place on it two pink candles with an egg in between. Light the candles and say this prayer:

Great spirits, hear my prayer. Let all broken fences be mended and hearts be whole again. May all anger be dispelled and peace reign between (name) and myself. From this moment on, I banish all bad thoughts from my head and instead send only tidings of love and blessings.

Visualize the other person sitting on the opposite side of the altar, between the candles. Hold the egg up at arm’s length and at heart level. Imagine dark clouds coming out from both you and the other person. These represent the bad feelings between the both of you. See the clouds floating towards the egg and being absorbed by it. When you feel the everything has been taken in, put the egg down.

Now “see” a pink mist coming from your heart and enveloping the other person in a cloud of love. Mentally bless them with love, health, and happiness. You will know by the happiness you feel in your own heart when this has been done. Snuff the candles and bury the egg in earth.

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