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Thaddeus David Cadwell Mokettoffline

  • February 5
  • Spell working, Divination, Enchanted Items, Psychic Talents (ESP), Kitchen Witchery, Tarot, Dream Interpretation, Herb Magick, Crystal Magick
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February 5

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the reason i really want to be a witch/wiccan, is that i’m attracted to it. im getting into tarot and oracle cards. i’m getting a spiral notebook to start my grimoire/book of shadows. i am norse pagan and wicca, yes i know they are two different worlds, but knowing me i have been drawn to both and i cant chose one over the other i have also heard wicca and norse paganism are very very accepting and i feel safe with this community and the works and books i have read, make me want to be myself and i want to get to know you, and every witch, wiccan, and viking i can. my family are hard core christians and i feel alone in my town and family so im doing all i can with the information i can get and just live my life out of my home, and learn all.


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