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    • Jesus in Revelation 21:8 condemns “pharmekia” or the practice of sorcery ( it can mean drug use and idolatry as well) and lumps in the judgement with the other detestable sins…the reality is validated by the judgement yet the power held in other “holy and spiritual” actions is more empowering and trumps the previous. To put your actions in this realm simply, a holy spiritual act is bringing life in and fostering the growth of love, one is fostering darkness or the lack of life/light which are one in the same. Black magic, like drug addiction, depends on the negative resonances to manifest the intent, the soul of light we have inside us becomes nothing more than an addict dependent on a parasitic force that cannot create it’s own energy since chaos opposes order. Sin simply put, is nothing more than chaos and equally true, light is birthplace for order in the universe; if that helps how you look at this topic from a responsible objective perspective. I hope this helps…I cannot reference the old testament as it’s maligned info is disconcerting, but Jesus’ agenda is consistently proven in his amount of sacrifice and approach in love.


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