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    Andrea posted in the group The Book Club

    My favorite book is Robert McCammon’s Swan Song . It will not disappoint .

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    Andrea posted in the group Herbs Club

    I love using basil on Tuesday to cleanse me . I take the basil , place in a bowl, write my petition out and wave it over the bowl of basil . I then say a short prayer and burn it and add it to my basil . I place the basil in the bath and bathe . Removing and stripping off the negative energies. I always feel lighter afterward wards. I say thank…Read More

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    Hey Everyone , I am here to learn from my magical gifted brothers and sisters . I have known about my gifts since I was 4. I am now 55 years old and I want to master my gifts and manifest them to continue help others and myself

  • Hi! I’m Avery and I am new to the spell working but I do know how to do protection and I know how to ground myself. Any suggestions on what to do next?

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    • hey @averyisalittlewitchy we have a grounding exercise on the website if you type in grounding you’ll find the article and there are LOADS of protection options as well that you can find on the search feature in the menu

  • Does anybody have and tips for a baby green witch?

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  • Merry meet, Im Kyle, and Im looking for some beginner spells. any ideas?

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    • Hey @kylewitchboi as a beginner, I would recommend going through the website and learning how to ground and protect yourself first before doing any form of spell work. Spell work is intense and you need to be at a certain skill level before you begin.

  • I am LOVING this Rosemary smudge stick I made!! Does anyone else like using Rosemary for smudges?

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    • I have always wanted to make my own smudge sticks. I have cedar naturally growing on my property as well as a well stocked herb garden. Any recommendations on what to use and how to make them?

  • Merry meet, I’m Nadia or Aundraya both are my name. I here to learn and improve!

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  • What’s the spell of today everyone? I’m thinking of writing an anti-corona spell to dispel it from our world, not sure if it would work, any ideas?

  • Finished Indistractable by Nir Eyal recently. Not a bad read, but I’m still the most distracted person on the planet LOL

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