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    I have a question and is unusual. While my husband was in the hospitals awaiting his surgery, did the usual once a week ride no home. So after all was done, put a travel protection necklace on my rear view mirror and started off. While I was talking and praying….heard alit if voices in my car. Couldn’t understand what was being said and I was only one in car. Eventually stopped when said was driving and heard them….never heard them in my car since. Really weird so why did it happen, what does it mean and will it come back at some point. Just thought would ask…..only me….lol

    • It’s not quite unusual. Sometimes we’re just picking up on a specific frequency and you only heard it because you weren’t focused on that, but you were focused on driving. It’s nothing to be too worried about.

      • Ok thanks…didn’t mind just wished could of had just one not a few talking. Was due to stress I guess…can it happen again? Is there a reason other than non focus that causes it? Am I unconscious tapping into something magical?

        • It sounds like you might have tapped into another realm/frequency. It may or may not happen again. Sometimes if you try too hard, you’ll fail. Just relax and if it were for you, you’ll hear it again; if not, it wasn’t meant to be.


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